Thursday, 15 August 2013

A manufacturing business on the side

Apart from my wormhole PI and research, I have a started a little manufacturing business on the side.

I am building up my collection of blueprints. I am limited:
  • in my personal research ( is *this* blueprint worth making?  No?  well what about that one?), 
  • In research slots.  I have a lot of available research; but even after I cut down the research I put into each blueprint, I still have as many incompletely researched BP's as I have researched ones.
  • in ISK. A set of racial destroyer blueprints worth 8M each is OK, cruiser blueprints cost 80M each, and battlecruiser blueprints are more than a plex each; yet I keep growing my collection.  Some blueprints down the line are horrendously expensive.
R.A.M. parts, construction components generally have good returns, and ok margins, but I am often sitting on these even when I am cheapest on the local market; or I buy out all the source material and it becomes unprofitable to make.

Small T1 ammunition has good % returns; but at 50 ISK/hour profit, is only something to be done if I have nothing else better to do.  It's advantage is very low entry and resource requirements.

T2 rigs are even worse.  I have some blueprints that looked OK to build while inventing them (apparent 40% profit, Millions of Isk/hour making them); until I bought up all the supplies, until they start to make small T1 ammo look good.

But there is one blueprint that I have that keeps itself very busy.  I know what it manufactures will be receiving a comparative nerf real soon now, so I keep promising myself; 'this batch will be my last'.

It has easy to supply mats, the demand outstrips my ability to supply, and the profits, while not stellar are still solid.  Evehq based on eve-central Sinq Laison pricing says Unit cost: 1.63M; Unit sales price : 2.35M.  Profit per hour : 310K; though I have been a little sharper in my pricing.  Most importantly, I am selling them faster than I can make them on my (so far single) blueprint.  Customers come to my system rather than having to haul product to market.

I have been making Iteron Mark V's.  Simple, yet effective.  Often destroyed (oh how I know that), yet still a solid work horse.  Received a significant 'implied buff' recently with the reduction in skills required to fly it.  14 days of research in a POS to get the blueprint to 6ME, 2PE (which is my current BP).

Caveat venditor. This ship is going to receive a significant 'implied nerf' very soon.  The ship itself will be untouched; but all the competing ships will be superior for specific cases.  Whether the other ships have more cargo, faster yet better tanked, or get special cargo holds, everything will be better at something. 

I will probably still fly some Iteron Mark V's.  They still will be a good general purpose t1 industrial, but Eve is not a game for general purpose.  While I am not one normally given for market patch speculation, I do not see great days ahead for this ship's prices.

But then, there are other ships in this category that will be buffed soon.  I think I mentioned that I am currently research limited?

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