Wednesday, 13 April 2016

The CFC will be loving this

A non aggression pact is where you agree not to shoot each other.

A defense pact is where you agree to share enemies. has an incomplete list of alliances in drone walkers, who ... are now apparently at war with Shadow of xXDeathXx.

Day of the revolution

Revolution Day +2

Understanding is a three edged sword: Your side, their side and the truth (whatever that is).

I am confused about why this conflict came into being, but this is my poor understanding.

Once upon a time there was a B0tlrd agreement between the CFC and PL (pandemic legion).  The CFC and PL could provide protection for all, PL under the Brothers of Tangra (B0t) banner.

Fozziesov was announced, and Xxdeath took over many of the PL (Bot) systems, and 'ownership' of the renters.

Fozziesov dropped and the renters largely stopped paying rent, but still existed at the pleasure of PL and Xxdeath.

The CFC and their allies have been needled by the goblin for a while, showing that the CFC were not all powerful, and resistance was not entirely futile.  The Casino War happened (now also called World War Bee) CFC space from the south burned.

The Ex-Renters formed Drone Walkers and with a rumor of acknowledgement from Xxdeath, and took Tenal, previously controlled by the CFC.

Xxdeath even joined the party and took G-LOIT and E-SCTX from Lawn (affiliated with the CFC).

Drone Walkers have visions of independence but were (at least at a line level) focused on CFC territories.

Something got up Xxdeath's nose.  Was it one of the sov transfers going to the 'wrong/right' group? Was it CFC saying please explain to Xxdeath?  Is it Xxdeath wanting dreams of servant renters paying oodles of ISK again? Was it really Xxdeath complaining about Drone Walkers taking space ... when Xxdeath was also taking space?  Maybe all it takes is Drone Walkers not following Xxdeath orders.

This has split the Drone Walkers to a degree, with especially BlackNova Mercenaries and Southern Syndicate declaring for Xxdeath.

As of writing this post, Tenal is Drone walkers, with a few timers to defend.  Cobalt Edge has Xxdeath systems still in flames.  Oasa is kinda quiet, and for the first time ever, I have seen sov space unclaimed.  Peregrin Falls has Drone Walkers systems in flames with some defensive operations to come. In Malpais,  Phonix Company  ( part of Drone Walkers) is taking heat from

I am a slow blogger.  Each post can take me days to write.  I start off with a 1/2 baked idea, and try to work on it with research.  I have posts that are simply not keeping up with the whiplash of events.  Who knows, by tomorrow, this is probably out of date

I have a grr bias, and support the smaller group, especially when the larger groups show weakness.  I do not understand why any small group is actively supporting either Xxdeath or the CFC.  Bending the knee and quietly docking up makes some sense.  Deciding to be part of something epic (and on the winning side) makes sense, even if I don't like it.

As a (would be) independant, actively being in the front lines fighting for those that only want you to bend the knee makes no sense.

I have my eye on the prize, and anything else is a distraction.

There are plenty of groups that want to fight the slumlords that have outlasted their usefulness.  Contact DoToo Foo in game, see the Drone Walkers forum ad, I hear Spectre Fleet is taking pilots.  Reddit's eve jobs has lots of adds at the moment.

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