CSM 10 candidate questions

To all CSM candidates:
  1. Why should my readers vote for you (TLDR version)?
  2. What one thing do you realistically want to fix in Eve?  
    1. For existing CSM members, what one thing was the best fix you achieved?
  3. What is your solution to this one thing?
  4. What URL has more information about you?
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  1. I intend to be a CSM that remains available to player comments and concerns during my appointment. I also want to work on growing EVE's smaller communities, while also opening up new oppertunities for established EVE players to mix things up from time to time. tl;dr I want to keep making EVE fun.
  2. I'd really like to see more options made available for harrassment of the established powers. (Edited to become one thing)
  3. One solution to this that I have is making IHUB upgrades like station services. For those that don't know this, station services in sovnull can be shot at, and disabled (with a little time, things cant be too easy afterall) without triggering a timer. By making IHUB upgrades similar, small groups would be able to repeatedly harrass and attack sovnull powers without triggering "OHDEARGODWHY" level CTA's.
  4. https://forums.eveonline.com/default.aspx?g=posts&m=5475290#post5475290

Bam Stroker

  1. My platform isn't about representing one particular area of space nor predicated on a few specific issues but I'm not a generalist either. I'm the only candidate with a holistic view of community-related matters, both in- and out-of-game. Among a council of 14 members there should be room for at least one person like me given the importance of the community to the ecosystem of New Eden.
  2. I think the idea that the CSM is there to take a shopping list of problems to CCP for fixing is an outmoded concept. Sorry but that's not what I expect to achieve on the CSM if elected.
  3. Rather than offer nothing helpful at all let me say this: in this next term I think one of the most important discussions we can have amongst the CSM and with CCP and the players is what the CSM is for, enshrine that in the new whitepaper and then set about communicating it to the community. I think the CSM will more respected by the players if expectations are reset to a realistic level rather than having a situation where candidates overpromise during the campaign and then underdeliver during their term.
  4. https://forums.eveonline.com/default.aspx?g=posts&t=398447

Erika Mizune

  1. I am very passionate about Eve and it's community. I feel that I would be able to help make a difference by being able to be a voice for the community and share our ideas and concerns with CCP directly.
  2. I would like to fix is make aspects of the [null-sec] industrial side more interesting.  (Edited to become one thing)
  3. I would like to see certain, if not all, aspect of the industry field more interesting and fun, compared to how a lot of people see it as "dull" and "boring" - What I would like to see is to make it more fun and exciting. For instance, Mining - I touch on this quite a bit because it is one of the aspects that hasn't really been changed in years. It's always been the same, you just sit there and shoot a rock until your hold is full. What I would like to see is, even something small, like if an asteroid is mined out, we can have the particles scatter and have a possible "drop" of a more small dense ore that will yield a little bit more minerals. That would give you something to look forward to. Or possibly making T2 strip miners that you "adjust" to get the max ore per cycle. It would add something new that hasn't been seen with mining in quite some time.
  4. I have started up a blog that you can read here: http://eve.icefaerie.org/ which also has a variety of ways you can contact me. I am pretty open to any questions so please ask away!


  1. Some of the larger aspects of eve indeed break gameplay for a lot of people. But a much larger gameplay related problem in eve is the smaller niggly things that eat away at the overall experience daily. A large part of my intention is to get these sorted out along with my headline issues.
  2. New player retention, the learning curve is such that only a small handful of trials are successful. The majority of these happen to be associated with other players (ie their friends play, and/or they played before and are returning) and not actually new players.
  3. What is your solution to this one thing? Cotton wool. There are two suggestions that spring directly to mind, the first is increase the free trial to allow the players to play to around in eve for as long as it takes for them to get the required knowledge, skills and experience they need to actually feel they are doing something other than being lost. This would allow players to get comfortable without the imposition of payment for something they don’t understand. The restrictions imposed on trial accounts would obviously have to be scrutinized suitably.  The second is a specific starter area, not the “noob” systems as such, but more restricted to other players. They would fly around in this, again for as long as they feel it took , to get familiar with controls and gameplay. At which point they could do a quest to be “sent” to the real eve-online, with a bit of a golden hello dependant on how long you have stayed in the
  4. https://forums.eveonline.com/default.aspx?g=posts&t=402796&find=unread


  1. Your voters should vote for me because I have been watching and commenting on this game for a very long time. My track record is proven, and I would like to bring the players will and test future development against that and provide feedback to CCP. I am not dilutional about the role of the CSM, I want to serve the people.
  2. PI minigame. You could make the PI system not totally terrible with a few small tweaks.
  3. Drag and dropable interactions, factories autobuilding based on inputs, more feedback when something isn't configured correctly.
  4. http://thelemicascension.blogspot.com/ http://hydrostaticpodcast.blogspot.com/ https://highdrag.wordpress.com/


  1. I care about the broken parts of the game that affect THEM/all of us and not just the things in nullsec that I want to see changed.
  2. Corp management/roles
  3. Put pressure on CCP to invest the time/code work into re-writing it, ask all EVE players to put pressure on CCP for them to change it..... It's a big change and it's something that needs public pressure to ensure action rather than advice on 'how' to fix it. Once they commit to a timeline for updating it, then I'd certainly give my advice and experience on problems dealing with roles and corp management mechanics.
  4. https://forums.eveonline.com/default.aspx?g=posts&m=5419729

2015-02-11 Answers

Trinkets friend

  1. #YOLO? More content creation opportunities for PVP, and for PVE. More ability to fix old decisions (-6.5 amarr standings? fix it with tags, explore Amarr missions, eg).
  2. Realistically? Sovereignty.
  3. To moderate, provide feedback and input, to CCP while CCP does what it wants to do anyway. let's be honest, if the CSM is just a bunch of puppets/placeholders/figureheads we won't generate any change. But we can possibly provide real feedback to the devs to assist them in avoiding the Jita Riots situation again. And that takes analytical people, not bought nullsec shitstains.
  4. You already know about my blog, so go there. http://localectomy.blogspot.com/

2014-12-09 Answers

Mike Azariah

  1. I have a proven record of representing the players and keeping lines of communication open.
  2. New player experience. The better it is, the more trial players we will keep.
    1. Moving fitted ships
  3. The Bowhead.
  4. https://forums.eveonline.com/default.aspx?g=posts&m=5273206#post5273206

Lorelei Ierendi

  1. High Sec needs loving.
  2. New Player Experience.
  3. Updated tutorial missions, maybe even with a bit of story. Having new Players try out some more of the "professions" that are advertised on the EVE web page... see my Forum thread for more discussion...
  4. https://forums.eveonline.com/default.aspx?g=posts&t=386664


  1. I've been one of the hardest working csm this year, managed to get a huge amount of change sorted for w-space and hope to continue this in to next year.
  2. For existing CSM members, what one thing was the best fix you achieved?
    Increase in income in C1 to C4 (also a little in C5 and C6) which came after all the PvE research I did. 
  3. What is your solution to this one thing?
    not applicable.
  4. What URL has more information about you?
    Twitter is @Corbexx_NOHO


  1. Wormholes = fix pos related stuff -> make sure wh's is not the new way of transport therefore causing over activity for those who actually live in wh space
    PI farmers: I personally don't see issues maybe make it a bit more user friendly
    Market Players = Mass sell has been great, Maybe bit more tools to track market more detailed. Continue work on improving UI
  2. I want to look at how [jump fatigue] changes effect individual players and not a group of people
    Individual players are what makes the game turn around, not the groups.
  3. I would changing up the systems, make a ''jump button'' allowing you to jump, have a timer of 10 mins cooldown and continue
    Possibly this button could have affects on the ship (make it weaker or so) and make it like a rig, so you can strip it but then you lose the mod.
  4. https://forums.eveonline.com/default.aspx?g=posts&t=388887&find=unread

Steve Ronuken

  1. Third party development is very important for Eve. There are few players who don't use /something/ that we put together. Evemon. EFT. Pyfa. zkill. Evekill. Eve-central. And on and on. While CCP has been doing great work this year in this regards, there's still lots to do. And then there's industry. We won't get another big expansion like we had in Crius, but there are still a bunch of tweaks needed to make it work right.
  2. Narrowing it down to a single thing is very difficult thing to do, because Eve is very interconnected. However, as you're twisting my arm, I'd have to focus on structures [FooNote: no cheating] Structures are key to industry, and I want to see them being scalable, with similar principles from things like mobile depots, all the way up to Outposts.
    1. CREST actually getting released (with Rhea)/ Foxour being tasked with interacting with 3rd party devs. CREST has been sitting for a long time, and now we're finally getting it. In part because the API is no longer a 20% project, but an 80% main job.
  3. oops. Kind of answered this in my answer to 2.
  4. https://forums.eveonline.com/default.aspx?g=posts&t=387353&find=unread  https://www.fuzzwork.co.uk/

2014-12-10 Answers


  1. I am unyielding in my values and cannot be bribed, threatened, manipulated or coerced.
  2. The CSM and it's process
  3. Comprehensive reform of the csm white paper.
  4. Google.com

Jenshae Chiroptera

  1. I do or have done most everything in EVE (except low sec pirating). I am a rabid carebear.
  2. I won't be limited to just one goal. If you aim really high and fall short you still land higher than most who set their sights low.
  3. Make as much noise as the vocal minority. The group that seem to keep getting the game more in their favour to be as annoying as possible and have easier kills.
  4. I am currently consolidating my ideas into http://everrant.blogspot.co.uk

Sion Kumitomo

  1. Because I'm a goon.
  2. The perception that the CSM are junior game designers who can fix EVE. I'm not sure that's realistic perception to shift though since it seems to be so persistent.
    1. Nothing. I'm not so full of hubris or need for self-validation to take credit for CCP's work.
  3. My solution is to sigh dejectedly when people ask this question and, time permitting, launch into an extended monologue as to what the CSM actually is.
  4. https://forums.eveonline.com/default.aspx?g=posts&m=5235773#post5235773

Angrod Losshelin

  1. I live in wormhole space and have for 2 years +. I currently run a C5 WH corp but have had experience in everything from C1's to C6's where I ran my alliance for about 6 months. At one point I was making over 4 bil a month doing PI on 9 characters (3 accounts). As far as market goes, I am a spreadsheet junkie, I love the market in eve, but sadly have had little time to invest in it.
  2. Realistically my top goal is to get Wormholes added to the new player experience.
  3. Simply impress on CCP and help new player organizations show CCP how beneficial this should be to the new player experience.
  4. http://www.bobinmyhole.com/ is my blog and will have larger CSM platform page added shortly.

Tora Bushido

  1. I listen to all kind of players in Eve and will try to find common grounds to make our Eve get better. Even if that's not good for me personal. The best ideas to improve Eve are made by the entire community, not just the players with the biggest mouth or most alliance members.
  2. Might sound strange as the number one damage dealer in war decs in High-sec, but I want new corps to be protected just a bit more, so we do not destroy them before they even had the chance to grow a bit.
  3. Social corps and increasing the minimum war dec fee for smaller corps.
  4. http://evedarklord.blogspot.ca/2014/11/tora-bushido-player-profile.html https://forums.eveonline.com/default.aspx?g=posts&m=5283034

Dradis Aulmais

  1. I'm a New Player who loves the complexity of eve, which will help CCP create a new player experience while keeping EVE. I am an experienced IT professional, and I have some great idea on upgrading CCP Legacy code to fix the technical issues EVE has.
  2. .EVE's core code is out of date. This keeps CCP from handling load issues and will eventually bog down new features (not to mention keeping Jita open)
  3. One solution to this issue is the JANUS STUDIO ( http://www.tsri.com/about-us/tsri-services.html) to upgrade  EVE Legacy to a modern coding system. This will allow CCP to use their servers effectively (TIDI and Load Balancing), produce more products ( bug killing, new features) and hopefully eliminate Downtime.
  4. I don't have a blog, but if elected I would start one.


  1. People shouldn't vote for me, but vote in general, else you loose the right to bitch. A csm achieves stuff and is involved in alot of things, like rig change on freighters, changes, fatigue, industry, crisis like blink, crunching, testing. A csm is always a chance, so vote. If u then vote for me as i represent a niche in null sec, then awesome, but plz vote. Provi is a unique voice in null sec, besides the major blocks where the emperor is more important then its empire and the people that live in it, nrds is a believe in the good in players, and smaller scale warfare on a regular base, where isk flows bottom up, versus renter based down, making people reliant
  2. Occupancy sov is a focus, the fatigue being part 1, so much more to come
  3. I am proud for example of a simple thing, pi access in null for everyone, not just the sov holder. Watch my evesterdam presentation, link in candidacy post for much more on me, if u can bare watching a dutch guy speaking English
  4. https://forums.eveonline.com/default.aspx?g=posts&t=388996&find=unread

Sugar Kyle

  1. I’ve a proven track record of working, listening, and getting things done. I do it because I care about the game, the players, and what I can accomplish during my time on the CSM.
  2. One of the best fixes has been escalations and general exploration fixes. During this process escalations as a whole have been revamped. Anomalies now escalate with greater frequency. Spawns have been increased, fleet warp to expedition was added, gates and keys corrected and redundancies removed, a new notification popup to assist with site completion added, and numerous quality of life fixes and after launch bug corrections done.
  3. My solution was to sit down and start collecting focused problems in PvE. PvE is an area that affects a large portion of the game. Some of the lowest hanging fruit were all attached to exploration sites. I asked for assistance in locating problems as exactly as I could and gathered together a neat and precise list of problems for the PvE team.
  4. My Weekly CSM Updates. Here I list what is going on as well as what I am involved in and my opinions and thoughts. I’ve been keeping track of my CSM adventures since I started to campaign for CSM9. http://www.lowseclifestyle.com/p/csm9_4.html and http://forums.eveonline.com/default.aspx?g=posts&t=389222&find=unread

Borat Guereen

  1. Your voters should vote for me to send a strong signal to CCP that CSM members should have a one year only tenure, then leave their seat to others. I do not believe the CSM should be a tool for the existing power players to advance their agenda for the game year after year.  It won't remove representation of the largest groups, as they still have a lot of voting power, but they will have  to find new candidates each year. I also believe that to apply to the CSM you need to have at least one full year of playing Eve to qualify.
  2. The one thing I want to fix is the bounty hunting system. Many players come to the game attracted by this profession. Currently it is used as a glorified ISK ranking system.
  3. My current general approach to fix the bounty hunting system is as follows:- Make sure older players can't grief younger players by placing bounties on them - Have a negative effect from having a bounty, in the form of some kind of ISK sink - Allow anyone to get rid of a bounty by spending more ISK than the value of the bounty set on them. - Create a Hunter contract which will allow a player to effectively work as a bounty hunter.
  4. My platform and my ideas are discussed on the Eve Forums at https://forums.eveonline.com/default.aspx?g=posts&m=5234662#post5234662

Sabriz Adoudel

  1. The last several years have seen increased barriers added to initiating combat in highsec, and these impact the whole game. Increased safety in highsec decreases incentives to combat elsewhere. I want to see changes made that will promote more combat in highsec.
  2. Improve incentives and decrease barriers to initiating combat in highsec, and make initiating combat more newbie friendly, while still protecting highsec's core identity as a place where most neutrals are indeed neutral, diligence will make you safe, and police will get revenge for crimes and in doing so make genuine newbie ships not worth anyone attacking.
  3. I elaborate further in my CSM thread, but looking just at wardecs and 'canflipping', I would: Change the cost of initiating war to scale with the size of the aggressor entity, not the defender entity. Provide incentives to actively defend a wardec.  Provide more information to rookies about wardecs. Reverse the overwhelming advantages that the defender has in a loot theft situation, so that new players feel more confident to probe down mission runners to try to provoke fights without the prospect of neutrals jumping in to ally with the defender.
  4. www.minerbumping.com is the website of the New Order and although I've only occasionally written for the site, I agree with 85-90% of the content on it and the philosophy behind it.  https://forums.eveonline.com/default.aspx?g=posts&t=387461 is my CSM thread.  https://soundcloud.com/sabriz-adoudel/recording-dotoo-foo-questions

2014-12-13 Answers


  1. The reader should vote for me because I have extensive experience in helping new players get into PvP as well as plenty of small gang pvp experience and having tried many different aspects of this game.
  2. Contracts. There are many things I would like to fix, but I will take one that a new CSM member could realistically have an input on.
  3. One change I would add is the ability to set a kill contract on A person for X amount of isk, once fulfilled, B party receives Y amount of Isk. Variables A and B could be pilots, Corporations, or Alliances, while X and Y could for example be ship hulls, isk, or items. This simple change would open up bounty hunting for Wormhole, 0.0, Low-Sec and High-Sec space. Giving all pilots more sand and more ways to play with this sand is very important in a sandbox game.
  4. If you would like more info on my campaign then see my CSM thread on the Eve O forums or join my in game channel 'PvP and piracy help' to talk with a friendly pirate like myself.

2014-12-14 Answers


  1. I will advocate increased involvement and cooperation between the community content providers and CCP. There should be more meet-ups, podcast, radio-shows and in-game CCP sponsored or supported events. I also bring a positive attitude toward the game, the players and the company that creates it.
  2. I will try to see the Criminal and Bounty system finished. CCP made great strides, but left it a little short of being done.
  3. Criminals (-5 and lower) should not be allowed to dock in Hig-hsec, never understood why Concord or the Faction Police suddenly can't find the criminal they were just chasing in the vastness of space now that he has docked in a station. Along with that I will push for changes to make Bounty Hunter a viable path for ISK making, by creating a purchasable warrant system. Players should be able to purchase warrants for any player with a -5 to -10 security status or a player who has over 1 billion ISK in bounty rewards. The warrant could give the bounty hunter 1 week of kill rights on the criminal and the use of Concord location agents. 
  4. More details for my idea concerning this can be found on my blog.
    http://cluelessspacenerds.com/  http://domanark.cluelessspacenerds.com/

2014.12.17 Answers

June Ting

  1. My fulltime game focus is on new players. No other running candidate works as much day to day with newbies as I do, except maaaaybe Sugar.
  2. The corp finder needs to be more useful. There is no middle ground between the recruitment forum/chat channel cesspit and the austerity of the corp finder.
  3. Add more filters to the corp finder, as well as explanations of what each filter category actually means. Give players longer blurbs to sell new players on their corps instead of meaningless one liners.
  4. https://forums.eveonline.com/default.aspx?g=posts&t=392374&find=unread

CCP Leeloo will take candidates starting January 30th. Elections will be February 25th and the announcement during the Keynote at Fanfest in March. (according to Sugar Kyle here)

Candidate threads can be found here . 
Other resources that I have found for CSM 10 can be found here.

My recommendations will be published closer to the date.

My brief to the candidates is that many of my readers fall into a few groups: those living in wormholes;  PI farmers;  Market players.

I am granting candidates enough rope, but shorter answers will be put further up this list.  Candidates are permitted to change their answer (especially looking at those down the list due to length)

Some editing for punctuation and spelling, as well as for format have been applied.  Some candidates find the 'one item' question item a challenge.  Where it has been clearly 2 items, I have taken their first one and truncated remaining answers.  If you feel I have been too lenient, let me know.


  1. 1.) I will advocate increased involvement and cooperation between the community content providers and CCP. There should be more meet-ups, podcast, radio-shows and in-game CCP sponsored or supported events. I also bring a positive attitude toward the game, the players and the company that creates it.

    2.) I will try to see the Criminal and Bounty system finished. CCP made great strides, but left it a little short of being done.

    3.) Criminals (-5 and lower) should not be allowed to dock in Hig-hsec, never understood why Concord or the Faction Police suddenly can't find the criminal they were just chasing in the vastness of space now that he has docked in a station. Along with that I will push for changes to make Bounty Hunter a viable path for ISK making, by creating a purchasable warrant system. Players should be able to purchase warrants for any player with a -5 to -10 security status or a player who has over 1 billion ISK in bounty rewards. The warrant could give the bounty hunter 1 week of kill rights on the criminal and the use of Concord location agents. More details for my idea concerning this can be found on my blog.

    4.) http://cluelessspacenerds.com/

  2. 1. I'll work my tail off.
    I am incredibly passionate about Eve Online and want to see to more new players sticking with us.
    I will be available to anyone who wishes to have a dialogue. I want to hear from people and interact with people so i can get voices heard.

    2&3 I would put as much effort as possible into the New Player Experience. I would propose to give meaning to action and pull the player through a short narrative introducing mechanics along the way.

    4. https://forums.eveonline.com/default.aspx?g=posts&t=392917&find=unread


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