Wednesday 14 November 2012

Blogging community

It's the end of the world as we know it; and I feel fine.

I am a relative newbie to the Eve bloggosphere.  I have been reading about how the Eve blogging community is failing, consolidating, or may be just changing.  Been there done that. 

Before I joined Eve, I ran a blog for that other game for several years.  I did so because I wanted to share my views and opinions.  Some players found it useful (200,000+ page views since starting tracking - pity my eve blog is not even in the same order of magnitude).

I have been reading about blogs failing since before I started that other blog.  A few big names move on, a few new names change and new players come onto the scene in a big way.  Sometimes a blogger hits the scene hard and makes a large splash.  Other times bloggers fade away.

One thing to remember about blog tracking is that most of us are using google analytics (or similar) in one form or another; that is a javascript based tracking tool.  People reading via feed readers or simply blocking javascript (like me) tend not to be counted.

I am not a daily blogger.  I have mild aspirations to be one; but often I would rather play than blog, and have never managed to do both at the same time.

To the Eve community; you have changes.  There are strengths and weaknesses to Eve.  You will be down when long term members leave or cut back; and not always realise the strengths you have or gain.

Your blogs also have things that surpass that other game.  Your blog packs ease of use are superior.  You have a choice of consolidation sites, and are publicly discussing their relative strengths.  These are good things to have.

You have a game provider that encourages you, rather than discourages you.  Your games owners make posts like this one.  One of that other game's bloggers Matticus has previously expressed that the owners of the game he wrote about both knew and disliked him.

My wish for improvement?  My old game had a recent RSS consolidating website that hooked in information by area of interest.  I would love to see a Eve-news type website with something that hooked into the larger blog lists (say the list at  That would be easier for those without RSS readers to track.

Some want the good old days; when things were new, exciting and fresh.  Back when you were young and naive.

That is the place I am now; and I am quite enjoying it.


  1. It's interesting to read how the EVE blogosphere compares to that of other games and how they are treated by the developers.

    CCP are certainly very encouraging of and enthusiastic about player contributions and community effort. It's nice to know they notice and listen to our input. The player-dev relationship is certainly one of CCP's strong points.

    I believe any perceived community shake-up by an entity like can only be a good thing. It makes others step up or find a different angle. There's certainly room for everyone.

  2. there used to be a rss blog aggregation site for eve
    however it seems down atm, i already contacted the owner to see whats going on.


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