Monday 29 December 2014

PI Spreadsheet working again

I use a google doc's spreadsheet for tracking PI prices, and what I should or should not be making.

My biggest personal need is to set prices for our in-wormhole PI buying program.

Google Docs spreadsheets have been upgraded lately, and importxml, which is the basis of how I have been pulling prices from eve-central is broken.  So my old PI spreadsheet, as well as the one Wyke Mossari are now both also broken.

However Steve Ronuken came to the rescue with some google docs scripts.  I have tweaked them to my desires and now have my new version.

Not only can I import data from Eve Central again, it is much faster, and I can now combine my buy and sell spreadsheets.

The spreadsheet is at

You are welcome to make your own copy and tweak.

Main Tab

Main Tab

The first 'Main' tab lists the PI products, what level they are, and max buy/min sell prices from Eve Central for several systems. It also includes a few other items for POS fuel and WH gas clouds.

Columns P and Q have the average prices from Jita, Amarr, Dodixie and Hek.

If you make your own copy, you can change the system names in row 2 and everything else will work.

Make Import Tab

Make Import Tab

This tab assumes you have one PI item being manufactured, on planet and you are looking for something to pair it with.  The Earnings% column is a quick guide, colour coded.  Red is a loss; white, yellow, green in that order show what is worth making.  If you are color blind you are welcome to just use % values (or make a copy and colour it to your liking)

All values try to take into account the effects of import and export taxes, assuming you are making the value of 'Manufacture 1' on planet.

The tax rate by default is 4%, which is the standard in Foo corps.

Manufacture Tab

This tab assumes you have a pure factory planet, importing everything.  This also uses the tax rate from the Make Import Tab.

SelectedTypes Tab

This contains the Eve TypeId's, item names and a grouping code.  The TypeId's can be determined from various sources.

If you make a copy of the spreadsheet and change a TypeId then it will be reflected on the main tab.  At the moment the Items are hard coded.

If you have a specific item you want to find the type id, look for it's price on eve-central.  Eg search for Tritanium on there, and you will get as the URL.  This URL tells you that the typeid for Tritanium is 34

Various websites contain the static data from eve, including

Buying Tab

This tab is what I use to run my wormhole buying program.  It will occasionally (often?) be filtered to the products that I have most recently purchased from someone.

Credits and License tab

This tab is where I have various credits to where I have used other people's work.

Caveat Emptor

I have taken some care, but take no responsibility for any ISK you may earn or lose as a result of using this spreadsheet

PS. Steve has also set up his own version of the PI manufacture calculator at

PPS.  To see the scripts used by my spreadsheet above, make a copy of the google doc spreadsheet, and  use Tools -> Script Editor.


  1. Trading is the way to get rich in EVE, it can be as passive income source as PI.

  2. Trading is more profitable, but there's a lot of isk to be made with 5 minutes of PI work every day.

    And then there's the fun of collecting the products in wormholes and other dangerous space - I actually think that's what keeps me in PI maybe more than the isk...

  3. I have just started PI (again). Not the extracting given i operate in Highsec - instead i am setting up Factory Planets. So far it is promising - earned 770m in the first month. Makes for good spreadsheets as well - infact, in many ways, the spreadsheets are more helpful than trading spreadsheets.


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