Monday 2 March 2015

Market spreadsheets in space

Eve is sometimes known by another name : Spreadsheets in space.

I have one spreadsheet in particular that is 'way too big', yet at the same time I want more.

I use this spreadsheet to primarily work out what is not being sold by anyone, then provide a suggestion as to where I might buy it in turn.

Screenshot of spreadsheet
It shows the buy/sell price in 5 trade hub systems (Jita, Amarr, Dodixie, Hek, Rens), and 1 region (The Forge).  It then shows the full set of data as available from the Eve Central API for yet another system.  I have chosen Sujarento, Sugar Kyle's hub

The item choices are based on what can be used (rather than items consumed in manufacture).  It (tries to) list T1, best named meta, and T2 modules, plus faction ammo.  The item list is a little out of date, and is missing the most recent changes.  I used the static data (in turn downloaded from ) and some SQL to build this list.

Use either Chrome or Firefox.  It will break the in game browser, Internet Explorer and occasionally Opera.

Restart your browser may help.  It takes minutes to load, and then I added additional delays to avoid google docs crashing.

When you first open it, it will complain that it is breaking, and then slowly populate data.  At first, some fields populate "#NAME?" and then "Loading..."  and then you wait a few minutes and data will start to appear in sets

I am also playing 'whack-a-mole' with google, working around limitations that google add to their services.  The latest of which is to add a 1 second delay to the googlescript, for every 50 prices in a 'set'.  Sometimes, it fails to load, even for me.  As such, the second tab is snapshot of values in case it chooses to decline to load.
Now that I have given the caveats, the spreadsheet itself is

Please feel free to make a copy of this spreadsheet and tweak to your hearts content.

I will be watching for both comments and pageviews on this post.  If it is 'interesting' I intend to delve into some of the technicalities of how I put this together.

Edit: this is continued in


  1. Would love to know more on how you have put it together, been trying to work out how to put something simular together.

  2. So fill in the system names in the yellow and go. Let's see how Chrome holds up.

    But I'm actually most interested in your commentary on how you use the tool, in terms of comparing volume to potential profit margin for instance. How much art and how much science? :)

  3. Whack-a-mole has returned. It seems I have pushed a little hard on the Google service and my scripts are now calling UrlFetchApp too often.

    As such, I will put some additional caching back in, and see if that resolves my issues.

  4. @Jakob, I have a rough idea of what you might be interested. I am not blugging regularly at the moment, but will get something togehter

    @Anonymous ( or anyone else), can you narrow the question down a little. Letting me know what your current spreadheets do/don't do, and what pain you currently have will be useful


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