Sunday 20 March 2016

PI prices have gone a little nuts

I blame citadel speculation but PI prices are a little out of normal.

Normally P1 ranges from 80 - 700 isk per unit.  Today Bacteria (normally 60-80 isk/unit is sitting at 380 isk).  Proteins are up to 1100 isk/unit.

P2 normally ranges from 4k isk/unit to 11k isk/unit.  today ... Polyaramids are up to 20k isk/unit.  (Water Cooled CPU are still aweful)

P3 likewise is now up to 160k isk/unit for High-tech transmitters.

P4, with integrity response drones is up to 3M ISK/unit .  Well above the normal 1.3M ISK/unit.

Citadels are coming.  The apparent destruction of 120 highsec Poco's from Eve Uni vs Pirat Alts won't help prices come down either.

To see at a glance what is profitable to make at todays prices, use the manufacture tab my Eve PI google doc 

To see at a glance what is profitable to extract, use the main tab from the same spreadsheet

I don't often speculate on upcoming patches and still can not tell you if the market is overreacting.  What I do know is that I didn't see this price spike for highsec customs offices.


  1. And the best part about PI prices is that it should go higher than this when Citadels hit TQ.

    Don't forget about salvage prices ;)

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  3. I just extracted all my PI skills from all but one character.


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