Thursday 8 January 2015

Packaged vs Unpackaged volumes

This is just a minor post about some spreadsheets about space work I have been doing in Eve, primarily regarding volume. If you are not involved in spreadsheets in space (either as spreadsheets or applications), please move along as there will be nothing to see.

In Eve, it is possible to have a 'packed' volume different to the 'unpacked' volume.  For most items these are the same.  For ships and containers at least, they are different.

After perusing the Eve static data, web searching, and finally asking Steve Ronuken, it appears that while the unpacked volumes are available in the static data, there is no available source of packed volumes apart from the Eve software itself.

There is a very old forum post with partially incorrect values.

So I have created a new google doc to share with my investigation :

This contains 4 tabs:
  • Volumes by type id and type name for containers.  It appears that there is some groupings according to container size but even then there are exceptions
  • Volumes by group id and group name for ships.  It appears that there are groupings according to ship class (frigate through super capital). 
  • MySQL compatible sql to create tables with this data and then join it back to the eve static data
  • Attributions
It is entirely possible that I have gotten items incorrect, and/or missed classes of items.  Eventually this data will become stale.

Regardless, I am hauling to null (not always personally), and this has attached a cost to it, I want to know if it is worth hauling completed items or hauling component parts.  Outside highsec, each trip's risk and cost are based on number of trips more than what is inside a hauler.   Of course, one day, one of our haulers will make someone a glorious killmail.