Tuesday 9 August 2016

Sometimes Eve just says 'login' - it is time to do things.

I have been quiet in game lately.

There was a recent blog banter asking the same question that has been asked of games since I can remember.  'Doctor! Am I going to die?'  The answer usually is 'Yes, but not today'.

I did a little too much during the recent war.  Our Alliance CEO was critically ill in hospital for months, and I stepped in.  A small amount of drama, and a large amount of 'If you don't join the war - we will stomp you', followed by other so called friendlies saying 'You joined the war - we will stomp you'.  I made some choices - to join the attack on those who would ruin my game, and to not immediately bend the knee to those who would rather have me as cattle to be farmed.

These choices were right for some (including me) but not for all, but they came at a personal cost.   Herding cats was the most difficult part of my time in that other very large MMO.  It is not much different in Eve.  I provide infrastructure and a framework, but encourage others to do what they will with that .

So ... I am spending a little time out of our game.

As part of this time out  - the worst happened in our C5.  The POS ran out of fuel. Yes it was found fuelless, and the appropriate response happened.  It's arrays got popped.  For the record : Ship maintenance arrays drop loot and appear on killboards.  Assembly and corporate / personal hanger arrays do not, but they do lose all their contents beyond recovery.

Shrug.  If we really were paying attention, the POS would have been kept fueled. ( Who's job was it? )

'Today' however, (and this post has a mild delay), Eve said 'login'.

I have to replace stuff in the C5 and that was a hauling task.

This means I want a highsec wormhole.  This never happens.  Highsec wormholes come just as you are loging out for the night, spending hours scanning.  They come with gate campers or in highsec islands, or are already end of life.  They come when you are competing with first life deadlines.

Log in and scan.  Very first scan shows 3 stronger signatures.  Second scan says 1 is wormhole and 2 are gas.  Third scan is a 100% on the wormhole.  Warp to wormhole and it is a K162 to highsec. Sobaseki . My DST and Jita is only one jump away.

Normally I don't like Jita so close, as it is not just easy for me but it is also easy for others.  But ... Sobaseki is quiet - Jita might have thousands and Perimiter hundreds .. but Sobaseki - 22 in local.

This is not to say you don't take care.   A bait iteron, borderline gankable in it's own right precedes a more expensive DST.

Sometimes we get distracted from this maddening and engaging game we play. Sometime Eve just says 'get off your sorry backside and do something'.

Monday 6 June 2016

Citadels and access control lists

Citadel control using Access Lists is a new idea for Eve.

It uses access control lists, which are a powerful if sometimes not the most straightforward thing to set up.  For those used to POS setup, you already know that we need a more powerful tool.

There are two parts to set up.  One or more access control lists, then assigning these to citadels.

For this post, my goal is to set up 3 lists.

  • Director level people who can do everything on my behalf. This includes the trusted few and alts.  These pilots will be given destructive abilities.
  • Gunners who will be given access to Citadel guns.  These pilots will be able to cause mischief. They will be able to engage friendlies on grid and generally waste ammunition/fighters (even steal them), but not decommission the citadel itself.
  • General access will give permissions to dock and use infrastructure.
There are two other groups that you may like to set up.
  • Public.  You may wish to freeport your citadel.
  • Blacklist.  Especially if you have freeported your citadel, you may decide there are some trouble you wish to exclude.

There will be lots of ways to set up controls. This is how I am planning on setting up controls.

Note: with all screenshots you can click on to expand.

Access Lists

The first part is the Access List.  To do this, open your This is available from Neocom > Business > Access List.

Add a 'New Access List'.  In the below screenshot, I have added 2 new lists already (BlogDirectors and BlogGunners, and am in the process of adding BlogGeneral).

I am then going to populate the 3 lists.  Firstly for the BlogGeneral list, I am going to add an alliance, a corporation and a pilot.  This brings up a standard search box.

There are 4 Levels:

  • Admin (Can add / remove members from any level - including Admin)
  • Manager (can add pilots, corporations and alliances to member, can add pilots to blocked)
  • Member 
  • Blocked
You can drag any pilot into the Admin or Manager icons.  Corporations and Alliances can only be members or 'blocked'.  You would use blocked if you allow public to use your citadel but want to block a specific pilot, or maybe you sent some members of a corp to the 'sin bin'.

In the above screenshot, DoToo is an admin, Padecain is a manager.  For the sake of example only, I have allowed 'Public' (you are unlikely to see this in one of my wormholes), and banned another Foo wormhole corp.

Remembering my goals:

  • BlogGeneral would be my friendlies list.  For the NPSI crowd, this would include your fleet mates.  In first life, I would walk down the street with these people.
  • BlogGunner would be those I reasonably trust. In first life, I would lend these people the car keys.
  • BlogDirectors are those I explicitly trust.  In first life, I would share a bank account with these people. ( I did not use this list )

https://support.eveonline.com/hc/en-us/articles/208289645-Access-Lists has a little more information about Access lists.   The most specific permissions will override the least specific, that is DoToo's role as Admin takes precedence over his role as corp or alliance member.

Admins and Managers can the member lists, and also also see a history of changes.


Profiles are available from Neocom > Business > Structure Browser

In this instance I am adding a new profile 'BlogProfile'.
Open the profile and go to profile settings.  Under that window I have obscured the reinforcement timer.  There is also a 'fuel remaining' option to cover services.

There are several items to configure.

Docking Rights

I have added the General group to the docking rights.

Corporate Offices

For the corp offices, I want anyone corp that can dock to be able to rent offices and pay ISK.  There however is the option to charge close friends (alliance members, personal alt corps) different rates. Alternatively you could (if you wanted) to charge 'nearly friends' even more isk by creating another access list with higher rates.


This is the one I am tightening down.  I am granting BlogGunners to the defense group.

Clone Bay

For those citadels with Clone bays work out who you want to use them.  Please note that a clone bay in a wormhole is for swapping implant sets only, and not for jumping into and out of.  Citadels in known space are more 'regular' allowing clone jumping but can also be used (I think) for implant swapping.

Similar to office rental, different access lists can have different costs for clones


If I had a market (and I don't) I would want to set it up so that everyone can use it with a reasonable tax.  For my wormholes I already provide a cheaper tax for a fixed fee, so would be tempted to do again for markets.  Again, a new access control list is how I would set this up.


Reprocessing looks a lot like market in setup.

Again CCP has for more information on profiles https://support.eveonline.com/hc/en-us/articles/208289635

Citadel profile

Now you have set up the profile, it is time to set one or more citadels to use that profile.

From the structure browser - My Structures choose 'Any Profile'.

Right click on a structure and set profile to your desired profile.

Other Information

Other useful reading : http://eve-guides.fr/index.php?article=132

PS All screen shots are taken from Singularity.  Feedback - especially anything I have missed is welcome.

There are new structures coming soon (tm)

I like access lists as a method to control structures, but they do take a bit of getting used to.  The primary advantage is you can set up the access list and profile once, then use it on any later structures.

If you want to modify your citadel access lists, again, change once and apply everywhere.

This is still new in Eve and not necessarily well understood (though no one ever really understood how to set up POS).  While all posts welcome comments, I especially welcome any corrections or other citadel guides that you can find.

Tuesday 31 May 2016

What can die to 50 man gangs?

Like just about every corp that has ever based out of a POS, I am trying to work out if a citadel is defend-able.

I have been involved in POS bashes before, both as aggressor and defender.  At one point I had a medium POS reinforced by a 10 man gang in a C1.  I learned the benefits of multiple POS gunners and what you can do in the event of an eviction attempt.  Evacuate the expensive non-pvp ready assets and find some more guns.

If you can make a 50 man fleet that is partly competent against an unsupported tower, you can reinforce a large tower, come back 42 hours later and finish the job.

I have little surprise that even in wormhole space, you can make a 50 man fleet that is partly competent to reinforce an unsupported medium citadel, repeat in 24 hours, then repeat in another 24 hours.

The time commitment (DPS grind) is less on a medium citadel, but there is a requirement to show up in a much smaller window 3 times.  A successful defender is not left with the 'joy' of repairing guns while feeling incredibly skittish.

Looking at the current page of zkillboard for Astrahus : https://zkillboard.com/ship/35832/

Of all of these citadels, one had a reasonable shot of being defended.  The rest?  Unless you have a defense fleet, don't deploy a citadel with someone in local, or with open wormholes in Jspace.  When I previously read zkillboard I was seeing similar ratios.

If you are ganking with 101 moderately competant pilots without a significant number of experienced defenders, I don't expect either a citadel or a POS to have much luck.

As a potential defender, I am somewhat concerned about loot drops out of citadels.  I did however support the call that wormholes should not have the full known space safety rules (and a small part of me thinks that they should not in known space either).  I do want better mechanisms for citadel owners to forcibly clean wormhole citadels occasionally.  If, as a citadel owner, I am pro-active about keeping loot limited, I want the tools to do so.  I have not checked what is visible outside the citadel during any citadel shutdown timer, but would want this to not be a call to loot for a full 7 days.

So far, ganking of empty citadels looks like 'content' rather than 'loot' motivation.  Sufficient numbers are being generally brought so that it probably does not matter what structure is being lived in.

(ninja edit  on first line : like every corp that has based out of a POS )

Friday 20 May 2016

The citadels are coming ... and not just for me

PI prices right now are in an interesting place.

A lot of PI is very expensive compared to historical prices.

I prefer to trade mostly in 'P2' , easy to make, with good compression (not as good as P3, but certainly easier).  P2 'refines' being the first of Foo's Eve PI spreadsheet - Manufacture Tab

Fuel block based PI  (Coolant, oxygen, mechanical parts) have mostly depressed pricing. Enriched Enriched Uranium is ok but even that is down from it's peak.  POS fuel is more expensive but that is due to the addition of strontium clathrates (now being 14% of the cost), and is not caught up in the PI demand for citadels.


Some 'P2' is crazy expensive.  Microfibre shielding, Polyaramids, Silicate Glass and Test cultures are all sitting above 30k.  These normally are at the 10k mark.


On that note, I have changed (again) the cache setting on my pricing spreadsheet. Possibly less stable, but definitely more up to date.

I also have been trying my hand at twitter,   For someone as verbose as I can be, the 140 character limit is an interesting challenge.  I have already found that there are some ideas worth expressing but not worth a full blog post.

Wednesday 11 May 2016

Moving slowly to citadels

At some stage soon, the Foo wormhole corps will be moving to citadels.

Our large Minmatar POS are currently costing approx 700M/month to fuel, and citadels don't have ongoing fuel costs just to exist.

Astrahus - the medium citadels is what we will set up in our C1 and C2 wormholes.  The C1 is for those that prefer the comfort of highsec nearby, and our C2 is for those that prefer to remain in wormholes with a little better PI.

The first citadels of are built in POS, with a significant time efficiency bonus.  (Well maybe not the Palentine Keepstar - but that is a 'unique' proposition.)

Just because I have my eye on the 700M/month prize, does not stop me from keeping an eye out on citadel prices.  When they first came out, the medium citadels were costing 9B, and are currently fairly rapidly.  I expect that the mediums will settle around the 1.5 Bil mark for a while and I will be looking for a few more days of stabilised prices before I go on a spending spree.

From Fuzzworks - my current preferred market history site


I am also after a Fortizar for our C5.  Yes ... the lure of capital escalations exists for some of us, and we will get around to it again one day ... honest (Nullsec is keeping me very busy, and Bob only knows what I am even training at the moment.  All I know is something random I set up quite a while ago).

Unsurprisingly the Fortizar's are not heavily stocked.  At roughly 10 times the cost price, and (I believe an even longer research time), they will be slower.  Where there are a lot of mediums on market, there are precious few of these large citadels.  I would like to spend 15B but I might be pushing it somewhat.  Until now the Fortizars will be POS built, with the station based large citadels starting to come out very soon.  I expect that will drop the prices somewhat once station based citadels come out ... maybe.


The Keepstars are not even available yet.  30 days for the first citadel off an unresearched blueprint, so the first off the factory lines that are POS based will be approximately 19 May, with the station based builds ones coming out roughly 28 May.

Saturday 7 May 2016

Oops playing with twitter a little too much

I have been playing with twitter blogger intergration.

It seems like I may have been too successful and need to not write new posts just because of tweets.

Looking to fix now.

Tuesday 3 May 2016

Democracy is the worst form of selecting player representatives, except for all the others.

I have a plan.
  • I love the idea of player representation bringing ideas, thoughts and fears to CCP.  
  • We know in huge groups there is a low 'signal to noise' ratio.  Somewhere between 10 and 20 people still make a very large group on a day to day basis, but we probably need this many pilots to represent diverse groups
  • CCP should talk to this group 'in confidence'.  Nothing earth shattering if it gets leaked, but still sanctionable if someone should step too far out of line.  It doesn't matter the game, there is always the 'but you promised me a pony' crowd to upset.  Making a pony is hard, and not all attempts work out.
  • The largest groups in the game should have people stand up to represent them.  Some of these groups are called 'bears', others have less savoury names.
  • Democracy is a the worst way to elect representatives, except for all the others.  (Well, you could vote me in as benevolent dictator, but I am not entirely sure I would return the favour)
If other players see the value in such an organisation, they should support it, and support the candidates.  I know that such an event will be work, and tempers will be exposed, and sometimes people will get inappropriately passionate about this game.  I still support such a body.

Some are even asking that the 85% be represented on such a body.

I might even call this body the Council of Stellar Management.  However the name is unimportant. The number of seats or length of service are also less important than giving the feedback.

I ran for CSM.  Other very worthy highsec and lowsec candidates of various stripes spring to mind. Steve of course who was elected.  I thought other candidates here were also worthy; ranging from bear though lowsec pirate, all the way to highsec wardeccer.

High and lowsec had an opportunity to have more voices.  My initial response to seeing this year's representation was ... to use an eve phrase: salty.  I would love to see a wider representation this year's CSM, and I suspect CCP would too.  If you want a better representation, promote the best candidate you see, or even better run for yourself.

Sorry Rixx, if you read this, reserving votes for some sections of the game won't work.  I might prefer different results for the CSM, but highsec has 85% of the population, and lowsec has been well represented in the past.  Carving off quota's either ends up where 3% of the voters get 30% of the representatives, or it ends up being meta-gamed into pointlessness.  I do endorse one thing though:
In addition CCP needs to help bring the election to the game itself. An active and participatory player base is good for everyone. So I'd like to see more log-in screen support, in-game notifications, billboard and hangar ads, etc., next year.  I want voting for player representing groups to be an 'in game' activity.

Highsec, lowsec and even WH groups can be motivated, and it is up to the bloggers, the FC's, alliance leads and redditors, even the forum posters.  This is a sandbox.  Go build a castle and put 'eve is great' advertising on it.

I want contstructive criticism of the CSM and CCP.  Shine a light on interesting decisions.  There is a however a difference between 'this group can't be all things to all people' and 'all player representation is evil'.  I don't even care if commentators on EVE get it right, as usually even the worst critic's have an element of truth.  If you claim that someone/something will get an unreasonable nerf or buff, you may be right.  If you claim that the sky is going to fall because of it, I want to see compelling evidence.

Where the opportunity exists for me to affect the game in a positive way in the future, I will endeavour to take it.  This includes my blog, and my time, and using the contacts I have made through this CSM attempt.

As usual, I will do what I can, with what I have, where I am.

P.S.  The last few years, CSM released the STV results themselves.  I have not seen them this year.  I would like to peruse those particular tea leaves if anyone has the link.

Wednesday 27 April 2016

You got stuck out of your wormhole?

If you live in a wormhole, one day, that shifting door will shut down behind you.

It is embarrassing but it happens.  A little preparation goes a long way towards fixing this.

If you are flying in a wormhole, you have a probe launcher and 16 core scanner probes with you.  16 because sometimes the first 8 get lost.

Before you enter a wormhole, do a 'show info', and compare the text with this page.

Having access to probes and a launcher is even more important if you see any of :
  • This wormhole is reaching the end of its natural lifetime
  • This wormhole is on the verge of dissipating into the ether (I have never seen this message)
  • This wormhole has had its stability critically disrupted by the mass of numerous ships passing through and is on the verge of collapse
  • (or if you are in a capital, an orca, or a higgs rigged battleship: This wormhole has had its stability reduced by ships passing through it, but not to a critical degree yet
Please remember to make sure you have bookmarks for both sides of any wormhole you fly through.  

How to have probes regardless of what ship you fly

On a combat ship, a mobile depot and probes + launcher in the hold works well.

On my Epithals, my probe launchers are offline as I don't have the fitting for shields, stabs and launcher.  If I ever get stuck I can offline a shield, online a launcher and get back to empire space. Some ships have so called 'utility slots' that are unused for weapons

There is also the alt account.  Every Eve account has 3 pilots. Send in an alt with a T1 scanning frigate, prototype cloak, scanning mids, nanofibre lows and gravimetric rigs before you send in you pricey combat ship.

I have some 'recruit a friend' trial accounts for scanning alts.  21 days of training gives plenty of time for training astrometrics 4, astrometrics rangefinding/pinpointing/acquisition at 3 on 3 pilots.  Grab the same scanning frigate as above, but put the cloaking skillbook into the cargo hold.  Log off two of these pilots in any wormhole you may need (either defensive for getting home - or offensive for invading someone later).  When it comes time to activate your emergency pilot, you will get either a month of gametime or a plex on your main, essentially making your emergency alt very close to free.  You still need to pay approximately 10M ISK for skillbooks and a basic scanning frigate.

Note: you can not be logged into a trial account and a real account on the same computer at the same time, but you can create your alt, swap accounts and send ISK then log back in again.

If you are stuck in wormhole space

So, for better or worse the above advice is not followed.  Maybe your scanner had an encounter with slightly used ammunition.  Maybe the wormhole was collapsed by your scanning pilot returning home.

Are you truly stuck?  Did a corp member already scan down other exits?  Check your corporation and personal bookmarks.

If you get really stuck in a wormhole without a scanner, your options become limited. If you are in a cheap ship with a cheap set of implants (or even no implants), self destruct your ship for the insurance, then self destruct your pod.  This will be painful but may save you a lot of time.

If you are in a ship or pod too expensive to do this with, you are permitted to break the golden wormhole rule, and ask for help in local.  You are already in trouble, and maybe someone will help, or maybe they will help for a price.

http://www.torpedodelivery.com/wormhole-location/ may be worth a look.  I have never used their service, but would not rule it out either.

Look at the owners of any Customs Offices or POS (or even citadels?) in system and contact their CEO's or diplomats (from corp or alliance descriptions).

Watch the system in Zkillboard (eg https://zkillboard.com/system/31000477/ - just a random wormhole) looking for kills.  If someone is in there, you might be able to get bookmarks from them.

If you end up in a bad place in known space

If you get back to known space and are in an expensive ship, but are in a horrible place, pirates all around or hostiles between you and highsec, then note what system you are in and logout.

Grab another pilot, corp member, alt, or even a activate an emergency 'recruit a friend' alt.  There are some options for ships : A Yacht (Stats , Pricing ) - ideal for a brand new alt, an interceptor with scanner and cloak, ideally a T3 cruiser interdiction nullified and covert with plenty of stabs; and escort your main home.  This escort may be flying +1 system checking for camps or bubbles, or it might be scanning down wormholes or both. It might even be with an extra mobile depot in the hold and a set of warp core stabs (See also http://foo-eve.blogspot.com.au/2013/12/how-to-transfer-mobile-depot-in-deep.html )

Getting stuck without a scanner in a wormhole is something I try to avoid, but these are some tips to recover from disaster.

Saturday 23 April 2016

Drone Walkers Recruitment

Greetings and salutations!

I'm  Achaeus Amellion CEO of  Requiem Eternal and member of the Drone Walkers and I have an offer for you.

Let's look at what you do right now. You pay rent. BILLIONS of isk per month. To play the game. You spend your ingame money to make money.

What do you get for that? Systems to play in. Do you get defense? Do they protect your systems? Do they fight for you? No. They do not.

What happens, if you can't make a payment? Well they'll be bros and give you credit right? Wrong. They'll be lenient, but they expect that money on the next payment. If you don't pay? You get kicked, with all your assets locked up.

For the billions of isk you spend, are you getting access to all of the moons in the system?  No. You're not. They're keeping the moons, and collecting money FROM YOU, to help THEM keep their space safe.

Are you free? No. You're nothing but a slave. You work the fields, and they profit.


Why should you make isk, only to hand it someone else?

Why should you pay isk, to someone who doesn't defend you?


Drone Walkers has conquered the region of Tenal, and has a large amount of space in Cobalt Edge and Oasa already.

The war for the Drone Lands is underway.

Join us, and help us win.

If you join up with us, you can rat in Tenal, mine in Tenal, and not pay a single month's rent.



We are a coalition of former pvp alliances from the Drone Federation. We decided we were going to fight the CFC, whether we lost our space or not. THEN, the manager of the dronelands gathered us together, and talked to XIX, and they gave us PERMISSION to fight. We would NOT BE LOSING OUR SPACE for fighting the CFC. There was only one stipulation. We were told that when the CFC Won the War, we could not ask XIX for help to protect our space for them.We were told that whatever we conquered... We could decide what would happen.

So we decided, we would make Tenal a place to live, RENT FREE. Where NEIGHBORS, PROTECT NEIGHBORS. We would use R64 moons, to pay ihub bills, and purchase upgrades, all around the region.

They found out about this, and were PISSED. They wanted to consider Tenal part of their "Renter Empire." They wanted those R64s for themselves. Then the CFC started getting it's ass KICKED. They thought we would get broken on the CFC, and we'd be weaker and easier for them to manage. Then they saw how many people we were fielding in fleets. The manager of the dronelands, got us MONEY to fight the CFC. We didn't ask for it, but hey, isk is isk right?

Then the XIX Rentershitlords put out a statement, saying we were breaking the NIP. (CFC invaded Cobalt Edge two years ago, HELLO?!) They said we were taking isk, to break NIP. (Their manager is the one who gave it to us.) They said we broke an agreement by holding R64 moons. (They didn't fight for Tenal, why should they get them?)

Why do you align with this group? They're the worst! Come join us! Have a say in your future. Don't pay rent to the machine!

If you are interested in joining, please send me a mail or join this channel:  01100110 01110010 01100101 01100101

Regards, Achaeus Amellion

This is a mail I received from Achaeus to keep us informed.  If you are interested, evemail Achaeus Amellion or DoToo Foo

Thursday 21 April 2016

Entosis work

Stabs as a write up of enstosis work in CFC space at http://stabbedup.blogspot.com.au/2016/04/a-quick-mbc-entosis-primer.html .  I have a slightly different view.

I first flew entosis as part of a friendly land grant in Peregrin Falls, then in Tenal with Drone Walkers, and then attempting to defend that land grant.

I agree with Stab's that you really want 5 pilots in Entosis ships for a capture/defense event, and maybe a scout or two.  On top of this having a defense fleet nearby is a nice bonus but not necessary.

Either as an attacker or as a defender, make them commit to every node.  A single entosis griffon makes them attend.  As a defender, every minute you spend entossing you have a multiplier effect on them.

In my opinion, the reason that Drone walkers took Tenal so quickly the CFC simply did not show up.  People may have a shot at sewerfleet/swordfleet, but they slow down the advance.  Nothing fell as quickly as Tenal did.

An Entosis blackbird (or griffin), says bring friends or go home.  Or it should at least.  Instead, 20 AFK entosis nodes on that boat.

Eventually, we lost that space in Peregrin Falls (not everything goes Walker's way), but ... I kept the fighting 'over there' instead of at home.  We only had 4 pilots on to defend that station, and yes I would have preferred more.  We did tie up 40 pilots running around trying to pin us down.  More importantly the fighting was kept out there for another 4 days rather than at home.  4 Days is a lot of time to move things.

Peregrin falls and Oasa are not Tenal where CFC alliances evaporated without the ability to move goods.

I wanted our nullsec group to have the space in Peregrin Falls.  Not having it bothers me.  Our killboard is so red, it can be used as afood warmer.  We have too much bulky stuff to move quickly, and rumours of a huge volume of tritanium and P1 planetary interaction goo.

Good news though, all the P2 is safe.  The tech 2 ships, the modules, the compressed minerals, the middle value stuff are all moved.  Not as far as I would like, but good enough.  I have a trading alt in with my low value goo sitting in station.

Drone Walkers have Tenal.  CFC ... have parts of lowsec, at least until they form against Voltron.

Sunday 17 April 2016

Dotlan summary of the war

Dotlan has a few nice tools to watch the ebb and flow of the war.

http://evemaps.dotlan.net/sovereignty/live shows the systems that have fallen in the last 2 days in a 'Flag waving' perspective.  For all the talk that 'who wants to own sov?', the answer is plenty.  Player groups like their flag on the map.  Now some systems temporarily are missing Territorial claim units but I think that is because given a choice of importing ships or flags, players are moving ships.

Sov changes are actually a trailing indicator of power as sometimes the battles leading up to sov transfer have already been decided, and the flag planting is the formality coming later. Think 'Tenal' falling to Drone Walkers.

http://evemaps.dotlan.net/outposts/freeports shows the number of Free ports.  Any time an outpost is taken, it undergoes 2 days of being in freeport mode.  That there are currently 31 freeport outposts is remarkable.  By the time you have read this post it will change but there is still a lot of activity.

http://evemaps.dotlan.net/corp/movements shows the player movements.  Obviously, a large positive movement is a healthy sign, and vice versa.  Alliances, especially PVE ones, are under stress, and alliances are feeling the stress.  From what I have seen a large drop is either because the alliance has been smashed, or that there is a change in direction within the alliance and some are unhappy.  This especially applies to alliances on the front lines or have been swept over by the war.

Coalitions are being made and remade on a daily basis.  In my opinion, this war will set boundaries and the style of game we will be playing over the next 2 years.

Some players will flock to the strong, supporting a renter style arrangement for years to come.

Some players will take advantage to break out on their own.  Groups will say 'no more', and burn down the old renter space.

Some groups are obviously looking 'post war', at what the landscape will be with a lowsec based Goonswarm and no CFC.  They want to make sure peasants do not become too revolting. All some of those groups need to do is deny access to jump routes.  Shadow of XXdeath / Brothers of Tangra spring to mind, with the most to lose if renters decide they don't need to rent anymore.

Some will thrive on the stress.  Some (like me) will log on because internet pixels are important. Some will log off and wait for the wind to blow over.    Eve however is very much alive. Online Player count is up.

As pilots you have a choice.  There are boundaries to break and remake.  For me, I have taken a liking to the semi-AFK Entosis Blackbird.

Saturday 16 April 2016

War fire sales

Just a short note.

If there is war near you, you have docking rights and an exit to 'safe' (whatever that is - maybe a thera wormhole?) , then now is the time to pick up fire sales.

Lots of people being evicted, and looking to recover anything from their isk.

Me?  I have been making sure I can remote trade on my pilots for those items I can't move.  Visibility, Marketting, Tycoon, and an astero with a covert ops are all useful skills.  I don't need to be in station to trade, (though there are things owners can do to be painful).

A little bit of diplomacy would not go astray either.  Just because your alliance is red with someone, does not mean that is the only way to move things.  Black Frog Freight (business is booming), even public freighter contracts with collateral will all help.

Wednesday 13 April 2016

The CFC will be loving this

A non aggression pact is where you agree not to shoot each other.

A defense pact is where you agree to share enemies.

http://evenews24.com/2016/03/28/drone-walkers-invade-northern-imperium-space/ has an incomplete list of alliances in drone walkers, who ... are now apparently at war with Shadow of xXDeathXx.  https://www.reddit.com/r/Eve/comments/4e7c74/legion_of_xxdeathxx_declaration_of_war_against/

Day of the revolution

Revolution Day +2

Understanding is a three edged sword: Your side, their side and the truth (whatever that is).

I am confused about why this conflict came into being, but this is my poor understanding.

Once upon a time there was a B0tlrd agreement between the CFC and PL (pandemic legion).  The CFC and PL could provide protection for all, PL under the Brothers of Tangra (B0t) banner.

Fozziesov was announced, and Xxdeath took over many of the PL (Bot) systems, and 'ownership' of the renters.

Fozziesov dropped and the renters largely stopped paying rent, but still existed at the pleasure of PL and Xxdeath.

The CFC and their allies have been needled by the goblin for a while, showing that the CFC were not all powerful, and resistance was not entirely futile.  The Casino War happened (now also called World War Bee) CFC space from the south burned.

The Ex-Renters formed Drone Walkers and with a rumor of acknowledgement from Xxdeath, and took Tenal, previously controlled by the CFC.

Xxdeath even joined the party and took G-LOIT and E-SCTX from Lawn (affiliated with the CFC).

Drone Walkers have visions of independence but were (at least at a line level) focused on CFC territories.

Something got up Xxdeath's nose.  Was it one of the sov transfers going to the 'wrong/right' group? Was it CFC saying please explain to Xxdeath?  Is it Xxdeath wanting dreams of servant renters paying oodles of ISK again? Was it really Xxdeath complaining about Drone Walkers taking space ... when Xxdeath was also taking space?  Maybe all it takes is Drone Walkers not following Xxdeath orders.

This has split the Drone Walkers to a degree, with especially BlackNova Mercenaries and Southern Syndicate declaring for Xxdeath.

As of writing this post, Tenal is Drone walkers, with a few timers to defend.  Cobalt Edge has Xxdeath systems still in flames.  Oasa is kinda quiet, and for the first time ever, I have seen sov space unclaimed.  Peregrin Falls has Drone Walkers systems in flames with some defensive operations to come. In Malpais,  Phonix Company  ( part of Drone Walkers) is taking heat from

I am a slow blogger.  Each post can take me days to write.  I start off with a 1/2 baked idea, and try to work on it with research.  I have posts that are simply not keeping up with the whiplash of events.  Who knows, by tomorrow, this is probably out of date

I have a grr bias, and support the smaller group, especially when the larger groups show weakness.  I do not understand why any small group is actively supporting either Xxdeath or the CFC.  Bending the knee and quietly docking up makes some sense.  Deciding to be part of something epic (and on the winning side) makes sense, even if I don't like it.

As a (would be) independant, actively being in the front lines fighting for those that only want you to bend the knee makes no sense.

I have my eye on the prize, and anything else is a distraction.

There are plenty of groups that want to fight the slumlords that have outlasted their usefulness.  Contact DoToo Foo in game, see the Drone Walkers forum ad, I hear Spectre Fleet is taking pilots.  Reddit's eve jobs has lots of adds at the moment.

Tuesday 5 April 2016

Do you want a place in nullsec?

With the Casino War / World War Bee happening, there is nullsec space to be taken.

http://evemaps.dotlan.net/sovereignty/campaigns/upcoming shows 331 timers vulnerable systems.   https://timerboard.net/ is struggling to keep up.

If you look at dotlan, border Imperium alliances are under reinforcement, and anti Imperium space is not (or at least not too much).  As of this post (and things are changing rapidly ) the regions with more than 10 timers are

Under the current war, even small gangs can dogpile in.  Have a look at the current map, find a place just behind the lines, and have at it..

Bonus points if you dogpile into a constellation over from a timer that is currently being fought over. The special of the day is grr goon, but if you are so inclined, the denizens of nullsec are all busy so choose the target of your choice

This is the first war under Fozzie/Aegis sov, and many players have not taken entosis systems before.  http://wiki.eveuniversity.org/Sovereignty_Mechanics_(Aegis/Fozziesov) is a more detaied read.

The too long, didn't read (it all) version of Aegis mechanics:

  • Put an entosis link (highslot) onto a hull (not interceptor - wont fit, not capital - takes too long), and strontium clathrates in the hull - fuel.

Optional pre-work.

  • Look up Find a vulnerable Outpost (think nullsec station), Infrastructure hub ('IHub'  - expensive system upgrades), or territorial claim unit ('TCU' - flag waving plus limited intel), that is 'vulnerable'.
  • If the system is too well used (has an Active Defense Multiplier or ADM) above 3, AFK cloak, roam, or otherwise harass the locals.  The attacker's goal in this phase is to stop the defenders from ratting or mining as much as possible.

Initial stage

  • Apply the Entosis link for one cycle (warmup) and then 10 minutes times the 'Activity Defense multiplier'  - 10 minutes for an unused system, 60 minutes for a well lived in system.  Don't lose your hull, don't have someone else apply an entosis link.  
  • You are 'pointed' while your entosis link is up, and you can't receive remote repairs.
  • If you succeed come back in a couple of days.
Using dotlan to work out the numbers. http://evemaps.dotlan.net/system/MZPH-W

This system has TCU that will need to be entosised for 37 minutes with an entosis link I or 34 minutes with an entosis link 2 to become vulnerable (32 minutes plus a warm up cycle).  Each cycle uses 1 strontium clathrates (5 minutes tech 1, 2 minutes tech 2).

The Infrastructure Hub has already fallen to the 'initial stage'.  

Round two

This time you have to play 'whack a mole' with nodes in the constellation.  Our example target system has the constellation as listed in http://evemaps.dotlan.net/map/Tenal/O-EOI9

There will be 5 nodes active at any time.  Attackers capture 10 nodes with no defenders? Then the defenders TCU (400m) or IHUB (starting at 600m) is destroyed, or the Outpost (a trader's fortune) is put into freeport.  The defenders take 10 minutes plus warmup cycle per node to defend.  The attackers take the adjusted time (between 10 minutes and 60 minutes plus warmup cycle) to capture.

Stations Round three

While an outpost is in freeport mode, anyone can use it.  Another vulnerability window and the station can be captured.  The would be station owners corp has to capture 20 nodes.  (Rumour has it that one corp has to do all, and we listened to rumour).  The good news is that these nodes are only 10 minutes (plus warmup each).

TCU/Ihub round three

If there are no TCU's in sov nullsec, launch a TCU, give it 2 entosis cycles, and you have your own banner in space (plus warning if anyone drops a POS in system ?)

If there are no infrastructure hubs in sov nullsec, you can drop an ihub and do the same.

Hopefully coming soon are posts about how you can use wormholes to invade your choice of nullsec system, or what alliances are recruiting (hint ... lots and lots, including ours.)  Out in nullsec, I am looking for small PVP groups with a ratting / mining bent, or ratting / mining groups willing to bear arms (and an update of my recruiting page is required)

Tuesday 29 March 2016

CSM XI campaign retrospective

Now that CSM voting is over, here are some of my thoughts about what I did and didn't do during the campaign.

I probably have more freedom to speak now than I do at any other stage.  Voting is complete so I dont need to worry about picking up or even losing votes.  Results are not in so less accusations of vindictive victory or bitter loss.


I had formally applied applied to join CSM at the start of the official nominations period, but the submission form didn't 'feel right'.  I was expecting some form of confirmation that my candidacy had been received but I got nothing.  I reached out to a couple of existing CSM reps but was told that this was normal not to know.  You are only 'allowed' to apply once.

When I sent my passport photo in, I reapplied, and sent an explanatory note to the csm contact email that was published.  I evemailed CCP Leeloo I still did not get any feedback.

Towards the end of the nomination period, I sent a copy of my application to the contact email address.

When the nomination period closed, I got an email from CCP saying ... you application has been accepted, but can you re-apply on the website.  There was apparently a timeout issue on the website where if you took too long to fill in details

Doing the chase up work that I did was the difference between being accepted and not being accepted.


I jumped on the  Cap Stable CSM Watch interviews very early, getting a time that suited.  I listened to some of their earlier podcasts to get an idea of what questions they were asking.  This research worked well for me, and my interview received good reviews.

I contacted Nosy Gamer about  https://sites.google.com/site/csmwire  and ensured my spot was up to date.

I answered the Eve NT http://www.eve-nt.uk/tag/csmxi/ questions.

I contacted (very late in the piece) Eve Guardian http://www.eve-guardian.net/article/22/csm-behind-the-platforms-dotoo-foo

Due to some confusion about my application (see above), I chased up Eve-Match http://match.eve-csm.com/  Eve Match is not available to be updated until the nomination period is finished, and put aside a couple of hours to fill in their questionnaire.

I did not chase up enough interview options.  I should have sorted out months in advance for various podcasts and bloggers for blog posts and nominations.

There was one prolific and somewhat caustic blogger that I spent too long trying to persuade to change his stance.  Hopefully I persuaded some undecided readers on that blog to vote for CSM.  I should have spent this time elsewhere.

Getting my name out there to friendly audiences

Before the CSM period started, I made sure I had more blog posts.  People come to blogs to read new material.  Hopefully it is good reading (daily posts are even better).  With lots of postings, players get a feel for what type of player I am, and if you are reading regularly, you can not help but have some empathy for the writer, even those you disagree with.

I re-titled my PI spreadsheet to ... beg for votes (no other word for it really)

My POS were renamed to something along the line of Vote for DoToo Foo.  The nullsec output that I had naming rights on, we renamed.  However, you can not use the words CSM in an outpost name so we used the word elections instead.

I spammed alliance and the Foo corps.

I even manually grabbed pilot names from zkillboard in wormhole space. ( eg https://zkillboard.com/api/kills/w-space/page/2/xml for the second page of kills) and spammed them.  This got some interesting responses to the effect of:
  • Hey man, I already voted for you.  Love your PI spreadsheet.
  • I can not vote for someone who's name sounds like a sneeze
  • I am less likey to vote for you now (from a serious hunter corp that was not likely to vote for me anyway)
  • Who are you, what is CSM, and why should I care?
I contacted some no longer actively playing alt-a-lots to vote for me.  Hopefully I got some votes there.

Our nullsec alliance leader spam friendly alliances.

I should have spent more time going through my email and conversation histories, and spamming everyone that I have ever spoken to.

I should have spent more time finding out the names of groups that play similarly to myself.  Zkillboard Epithal losses would be a great place to start.

I should have contacted every blogger on my blog role, active and inactive.

I finally got onto tweetfleet slack as well as on anoikis.slack.com for wormhole groups.

Cross endorsement

I spent some time blogging about the importance of this before the official nominatio period, and did some work, but should have spent more time teaching the other candidates about it's importance, and getting their official endorsements.

Slack was a good place to catch up with other candidates, where we sought cross-endorsement.


I did well by handing over most wormhole responsibilities to other corp members.  I probably did not give enough support one one or two members but I only have so much time.

I picked up too many responsibilities in nullsec, but when first life illness intervenes with existing leadership, someone has to step up.

I also know that other candidates were feeling a little election weary by the time the period ended.

I only have so much time to go around.  The karma of this is that if I feel I should have spent more time campaigning, then I probably will feel I should spend more time on CSM.  I still spent more effort than many others.

So will I get in and when do we find out?

To be honest, I feel I am an outside chance for this run, and in at least Australian political terms, I am claiming underdog.  This is politician speech for 'I really hope I will get in but don't allows me to save face if I don't'.

I have laid the groundwork for next year's run and some pilots that didn't know me before now do.

In many ways however, CSM is a loud voice for taking our concerns to CCP, but it is only one (well 14) of many different voices.  I am still going to blog, sometimes more than others.  I now lurk where I know at least some devs also lurk, so will be able to poke and prod.

For now, situation normal (all fouled up?).  Some other blogs to write - especially about citadels and what I will and won't use them for (hint : not highsec or nullsec markets), Apparently some wars to fight (and if you want space in null, now is the time.  Recruiting for both PVE and PVP, in both wormholes and null.)

The big reveal is 21 April 2016 at Fanfest.  Then we can all find out together.

Tuesday 22 March 2016

Three boxes of Eve Liberty

There are three boxes of Eve liberty:  Ammo, Soap, and Ballot.

Login to the ballot box above, then Vote #1 DoToo Foo for CSM 

Voting ends March 25th, 2016.

Sunday 20 March 2016

PI prices have gone a little nuts

I blame citadel speculation but PI prices are a little out of normal.

Normally P1 ranges from 80 - 700 isk per unit.  Today Bacteria (normally 60-80 isk/unit is sitting at 380 isk).  Proteins are up to 1100 isk/unit.

P2 normally ranges from 4k isk/unit to 11k isk/unit.  today ... Polyaramids are up to 20k isk/unit.  (Water Cooled CPU are still aweful)

P3 likewise is now up to 160k isk/unit for High-tech transmitters.

P4, with integrity response drones is up to 3M ISK/unit .  Well above the normal 1.3M ISK/unit.

Citadels are coming.  The apparent destruction of 120 highsec Poco's from Eve Uni vs Pirat Alts won't help prices come down either.

To see at a glance what is profitable to make at todays prices, use the manufacture tab my Eve PI google doc 

To see at a glance what is profitable to extract, use the main tab from the same spreadsheet

I don't often speculate on upcoming patches and still can not tell you if the market is overreacting.  What I do know is that I didn't see this price spike for highsec customs offices.

Tuesday 15 March 2016

Speculation: Why strontium clathrates are not my biggest worry

I don't normally speculate on future changes. 

Across 2 different market games, I have found that when a community gets on board with a speculation, they go overboard and overcompensate.

Today's topic is triggered by 'Bitter's comment'

Strontium Clathrates will become the bottleneck for ice that goes into Highsec POS fuel.  Ok, this is something to see despite my earlier brushing off.

The numbers

Glacial Mass: http://games.chruker.dk/eve_online/item.php?type_id=16263
  • 69 Heavy Water
  • 414 Hydrogen Isotopes
  • 35 Liquid Ozone
  • 1 Strontium Clathrates
The equivalent in a Minmatar fuel block run  http://games.chruker.dk/eve_online/item.php?type_id=4316 with ME 10% (ignoring PI)
  • 151 Heavy Water @ 200 ISK , 0.4m3 / unit  : 30K ISK, 60 m3 total
  • 400 Hydrogen Isotopes @ 745 ISK, 0.1m3 / unit : 300K ISK, 40m3 total
  • 151 Liquid Ozone @ 350 ISK, 0.4m3 / unit : 53K ISK, 60m3 total
  • (new) 18 Strontium Clathrates @ 4,000 ISK, 2m3 / unit, 80K ISK, 40m3 total
  • roughly 60% isk is ice, the rest is PI

Yea, we will notice.  I will yearn for the days of POS fuel being 16k/unit.  At today's prices, Stront will be adding 9% to the cost of blocks.  https://www.fuzzwork.co.uk/blueprint/?typeid=4246

Current Stockpiles

He also asked "Do you think that there's a large, previously unwanted, hoard of Stront out there somewhere?"  There will be oodles of it out there.

This was a waste product of refining.  Historically 500 ISK per unit, taking up 3 m3.  (has become 2m3)

I just pulled down a C5 POS (currently for sale, we swapped a c5->c5 for a c5->c3)   The strontium was the last thing to be pulled from the site, mostly because I was bored waiting for the tower to come down.  We nearly left it behind, though in retrospective, maybe was worth hauling now.

It costs me 500 ISK/m3 for hauling out to my nullsec area, meaning it was not worth hauling.

Yes, there are large stockpiles out there, but even the largest stockpile wont last forever.

But ... who uses POS?

Wormholes do.  Large towers, sometimes multiple towers.  Citadels are coming, with a fitted medium citadel costing roughly the same as a fitted large POS, but with the ability to define when I am vulnerable, and no inherit fuel requirement.  (No more CEO's stuffing up and letting the POS forcefield down)

Staging towers where there are no usable stations, especially in lowsec and null.  These too will be a thing of the past.

Compression, refining, research and manufacture towers are OK for now, but we know that citadels are going to replace these soon.  I don't know how much fuel will be required when that happens.

Eventually even moon mining towers will be replaced (possibly by something else requiring an equivalent fuel bill).

Vanity towers will also be replaced with citadels.

I see the net demand for fuel blocks going down instead of up. 

PI demand will be fine as huge quantities of citadels are created and probably more than a few will be destroyed.

I am not sure of where the demand for ice is going to come from long term.

What happens next?

I have a broken crystal ball.  Anything said here will be over-analyzed and send market speculation into wild over-corrections (or I will be ignored by the common consensus).  I will say it anyway.

Many pilots sitting on their strontium stockpiles don't even realise it.  There will be a temporary shortage of strontium and those places with cheap stront will be bought out.  Stront will go higher than it is today.

Many Highsec manufacturers will probably hold onto their stront for a while in hopes of a bubble.

Nullsec will realise that junk called strontium they have in their hangars is actually worth something, and they will start exporting it to highsec, at least for otherwise empty return trips (it will still cost 1k isk / unit for my region in null to export stront, for a sale of 4k isk/unit)

Eventually we will reach a balance where more ice miners seek stront rather than Liquid Ozone as the bottle-neck.  I am no miner, but looking at ice compositions, anything that drops stront, drops even more ozone. 

A drop in liquid ozone prices should be a leading indicator for stabilizing stront prices.  (This may come from lowsec / nullsec mining of strontium rich ice)

Then citadels will hit, and then there will be a significant reduction in fuel usage.  It depends on whether speculators have over stockpiled as to how hard that crash is.

A good easy to use source of historical prices is at eve market data:

Before relying on any material contained on this site, users should independently verify its accuracy, currency, completeness and relevance for their purposes. The material contained on this site is not made available for the purpose of rendering professional advice. Users should seek independent professional advice in relation to their particular circumstances. https://www.afsa.gov.au/about-us/corporate-information/about-this-site-1/disclaimer-and-copyright

Monday 7 March 2016

Singularity : POS ship repackaging coming soon.

I have just been on singularity test server because of the recent patch notes (Release on Tuesday, March 8th, 2016)


  • Starbases can now repackage the same type of items as Stations.
This means I can, in my POS, assemble then repackage a ship.  Given the surplus T1 hulls I tend to collect in the corp POS, this will help. 

We still can not assemble a T3 cruiser in space.  Citadels are coming soon.

You will be able to get battleship hulls out of a C1 wormhole (repackage in POS and put the hull into a DST)
  • Change distribution of Minerals and items from Planetary Interaction (PI) of all structure components.

I have not been following closely enough, but this will cause a spike in PI demand.  My crystal ball based on the highsec POCO replacements a while ago suggests a short lived and muted spike but still worth watching.

  • Add 20 units of Strontium to manufacturing requirements all fuel block types.
  • Changed name of fuel block and blueprints from racial to isotype type
Just things to watch for but nothing too serious

Added 4 new Structure skills to the market under the category Structure Management:
  • Structure Defensive Systems
    Basic operation of structure defensive modules. 2% reduction in capacitor consumption of all structure defensive modules per level.
    Prereqs: Mechanics 1, shield ops 1
  • Structure Electronic Systems
    Basic operation of structure electronic modules. 2% reduction in capacitor consumption of all structure electronic modules per level.
  • Prereqs: CPU management 1
  • Structure Engineering Systems
    Basic operation of structure engineering modules. 2% reduction in capacitor consumption of all structure engineering modules per level.
    PreReqs: Power Grid Management 1
  • Structure Missile Systems
    Basic operation of structure missile launchers. 2% bonus to all structure missile damage per level.
    PreReqs: Drones 1, Missile Launcher Operation 1
Skills are Charisma/Willpower with a 2x training multiplier.

The old starbase defense management skill will end up going away once POS are removed, but a few 2x skills are going to take its place on citadels.  It will mean some cross training but pilots no longer need anchoring 4 as a prerequisite.

Ship repacking in POS.  Thank you CCP.

Tuesday 1 March 2016

Probably final recommendation for CSMXI

Finally I have my recommendation list.
The easiest way to use my recommendation list is to log into https://community.eveonline.com

Then click  this sorted list of candidates

If you have done this in order, you will get my recommendations at the top of your list.

This list contains:
  • DoToo Foo,
  • Steve Ronuken,
  • Lorelei Ierendi,
  • Erika Mizune,
  • Diana Olympos,
  • Joffy aulx-gao,
  • Borat Guereen,
  • Tora Bushido,
  • Niko Lorenzio,
  • Commander Aze,
  • Viceran Phaedra,
  • Brodit,
  • Apothne,
  • Petrified
I encourage you to vote once for every active eve account that you have.

I have updated yesterday's post with my final 4 recommendations.

If you want to do some of your own research, look at the last couple of posts and look at http://foo-eve.blogspot.com.au/p/csm-xi.html for a list of resources I have used.

Vote early.
Vote often.

Edit: I have changed one of my lower ranked recommendations due to a reach out from some other wormhole residents.

CSM recommendations

Firstly, there are a set of resources at http://foo-eve.blogspot.com.au/p/csm-xi.html for you to do your own research.

There are other lists out there, and I will add them to my page above as I find them.

Most of my candidates will be listed the same resources that I read.

Here is my candidate shortlist, biases included.  It is nearly completed, but I have another pass to do.

DoToo Foo
Who else could be at the top of this list?

Steve Ronuken.
Third party apps specialist

Lorelei Ierendi
Highsec bear asking but acknowledging ganking.  Asking for a chance to get away (rather than binary every time / none of the time that most highsec ask for)

Erika Mizune
Nullsec industrialist.  Just found her blog and the first post was about PI.  What isn't to like?

Diana Olympos
Previously Phoebe Freeport Republic and now nullsec mercenary.

Joffy Aulx-Gao
Lowsec PVP

Tora Bushido
Yes, marmites.  Keep your friends close and your enemies closer.  Tora is aware of the problems with highsec wardecs and ganking and ... just maybe the pilot to make wardecs and ganking less one sided in nature.

Niko Lorenzio
Long term player, long enough to have lived in many spaces.

Commander Aze

Borat Guereen
Solo PVP

And this makes 10.

For those eager to vote now, feel free to follow these recommendations.

There are worthy candidates not on my list.
If a candidate are not on both CSM wire and Eve match with a profile then it is harder for me to recommend them.
If a candidate is a joke candidate, or belongs to a group that exists to make others bend the knee, then it is also harder for me to recommend them.

You will also note that I have recommended candidates not commonly known for any support of the placid bear lifestyle.  (I prefer my bears with teeth and claws and a defensive reflex).

These restrictions will mean I have missed otherwise good candidates.  If you are sympathetic to Pandemic Legion, then some of their candidates are getting good recommendations elsewhere.

I will be looking again at CSM match  (plus reading Mike Azariah and Jackob  for the remainder of their analysis) to fill out to 14.  I will especially be having another look for more WH candidates.
For the audio inclined, http://csmwatch.com/csm11-interviews/ is also a good place.

Edit: updated with the final 4
Viceran Phaedra
http://match.eve-csm.com/candidate.php?id=164 but is empty  Did do a CSM match interview.

Wormhole (C5/C6 Hard knocks) 

On the back of Jeff Kione's and Mike Azariah's recommendations

Null (now lowsec?) independent group.

Sunday 28 February 2016

CSM Match

http://match.eve-csm.com/candidates.php is a website listing who the CSM candidates are going to be ( I think ).

I know that CCP passed my candidacy onto Eve match directly (a story in itself for another day)

So, I think there are 51 candidates for 14 positions.

Just cross referencing that list with Nosy Gamer's https://sites.google.com/site/csmwire/

I can not find Capri Sun Kraftfoods on CSM match though that campaign thread is still open.

Neither can I find a CSM match page for Rivver and her thread is still open.

Sapporo Jones is on CSM match however and I can't find his name on CSM wire yet

I have poked Nosy with this information to do as he sees fit.

Most pilots have added some information to CSM the match website.  To fill in all the details was more time consuming than I expected. Some 70 questions to answer, and most of them.  If a pilot has not answered any questions on CSM watch, I assume they are already very confident of their election result and may not need any more promotion by me either.

I am further behind in where I want to be for my own research on candidates (first life and eve life combining to create even less sleep opportunities), but do what you can with what you have.

I have moved some pilots from the previous post's consider list to a new 'not on CSM wire or CSM match' section.

In addition to Steve Ronuken I will also be endorsing Borat Gureen http://match.eve-csm.com/candidate.php?id=184 , and Joffy Alux-Gao ( https://forums.eveonline.com/default.aspx?g=posts&t=448664&find=unread ).  I will produce a 14 candidate list very soon, but wanted to call these 2 additional pilots out as I both respect their platforms (even if I do not 100% agree) and they have been kind enough to let me know I am on their recommended pilots list.

I expect my full list Tuesday or Wednesday downtime - later than it should be but I hear there is another downtime tomorrow when I would otherwise be on.

Wednesday 24 February 2016

CSM candidate investigation part 1

Like almost everyone out there, I know about me and my group, and far less about others.  I am further behind in this than I would like to be, and I am running as a candidate.

With the CSM voting, in order to make the best I can of my vote, I would like to have 13 other candidates I would like to endorse (because I obviously am going to recommend myself for first spot).

Initially I want a site to make life easier for me. https://sites.google.com/site/csmwire/csm-11-election has done a lot of the work.  It is missing some pilots and updates, and that is entirely OK. My research will also miss pilots as well.

If you want me to consider a candidate sooner than later, leave a comment, or as always, evemail DoToo Foo.

I have a blacklist approach to the candidates

  • Do not obviously target smaller organisations for not bending the knee.  Indiscriminate targeting is OK.  Deliberately taking territory for own use is also OK. Large block candidates will already be well represented.
  • Do not be a 'joke candidate'.  Reform agendas are ok.  Having a bit of fun is OK, but I want candidates to work for how they think Eve should be

Then I have a whitelist.
  • Be both passionate and intelligent about how you want Eve to look.  I do not need to agree with the view point ( I like warp core stabs but will support gankers and PVP candidates )

I am looking for something to show some effort.  http://foo-eve.blogspot.com.au/p/csm-xi.html lists some CSM resources.  I want to see that a candidate is somewhere out there.

I will have made mistakes below, and surely have missed or mis-categorised someone.  I need to cross reference the CSM wire list to the candidate list.

This is a living document, and will change as I do my investigation. 


To be advised

If you use any third party apps, Evemon, Pyfa, Eve Central, Pirates little helper, Tripwire, siggy, then you want Steve on the CSM.

Worth a second look

I need to cut this list down soon.

Diana Olympos
Phoebe Freeport Republic.
Lone wolf / small group hunter ?

Maybe. Not on Eve Match.





Lowsec, endorsed by Eveoganda. 

Asking for a chance to survive a gank.  Wants tutorials to include dscan skills.

Solo PVPer


Faction warfare

c5 pilot is good
PL ... not so much.  Hard Knocks has been accused of being a renter empire.  I need to investigate more.


Circle of two ... I need to do more research






Pass on these - Large bloc


Northern Army is a self described NCDot sister corp and a large coalition.


Pandemic Legion.

PL, but also therabois / small gang PVP.  CSM XI rep so some continuity.  Almost made it to the second look list

http://evewho.com/pilot/Bilbert+lashlily says Northern Coalition.

EN24 editor, and I know the effort that goes into it (I was part of it for a while).  Still Pandemic Legion


While not an official large bloc candidate, his candidacy post encourages you to be a member of a large bloc

Mittani Editor


Pandemic Legion


Insufficient effort

Where is the link to more information?  I have no links to more information.

Just no

Trolls not required


Locked threads.  




Has asked for his candidacy thread to be locked.

Has withdrawn his candidacy

Edit: crossed out a couple of players no longer appearing on csm wire or eve match.

CSM wire has no information.

Wormhole, merc contracts, NPSI, public fleets in WSpace.  Previous candidate re-running.