Monday 6 June 2016

Citadels and access control lists

Citadel control using Access Lists is a new idea for Eve.

It uses access control lists, which are a powerful if sometimes not the most straightforward thing to set up.  For those used to POS setup, you already know that we need a more powerful tool.

There are two parts to set up.  One or more access control lists, then assigning these to citadels.

For this post, my goal is to set up 3 lists.

  • Director level people who can do everything on my behalf. This includes the trusted few and alts.  These pilots will be given destructive abilities.
  • Gunners who will be given access to Citadel guns.  These pilots will be able to cause mischief. They will be able to engage friendlies on grid and generally waste ammunition/fighters (even steal them), but not decommission the citadel itself.
  • General access will give permissions to dock and use infrastructure.
There are two other groups that you may like to set up.
  • Public.  You may wish to freeport your citadel.
  • Blacklist.  Especially if you have freeported your citadel, you may decide there are some trouble you wish to exclude.

There will be lots of ways to set up controls. This is how I am planning on setting up controls.

Note: with all screenshots you can click on to expand.

Access Lists

The first part is the Access List.  To do this, open your This is available from Neocom > Business > Access List.

Add a 'New Access List'.  In the below screenshot, I have added 2 new lists already (BlogDirectors and BlogGunners, and am in the process of adding BlogGeneral).

I am then going to populate the 3 lists.  Firstly for the BlogGeneral list, I am going to add an alliance, a corporation and a pilot.  This brings up a standard search box.

There are 4 Levels:

  • Admin (Can add / remove members from any level - including Admin)
  • Manager (can add pilots, corporations and alliances to member, can add pilots to blocked)
  • Member 
  • Blocked
You can drag any pilot into the Admin or Manager icons.  Corporations and Alliances can only be members or 'blocked'.  You would use blocked if you allow public to use your citadel but want to block a specific pilot, or maybe you sent some members of a corp to the 'sin bin'.

In the above screenshot, DoToo is an admin, Padecain is a manager.  For the sake of example only, I have allowed 'Public' (you are unlikely to see this in one of my wormholes), and banned another Foo wormhole corp.

Remembering my goals:

  • BlogGeneral would be my friendlies list.  For the NPSI crowd, this would include your fleet mates.  In first life, I would walk down the street with these people.
  • BlogGunner would be those I reasonably trust. In first life, I would lend these people the car keys.
  • BlogDirectors are those I explicitly trust.  In first life, I would share a bank account with these people. ( I did not use this list ) has a little more information about Access lists.   The most specific permissions will override the least specific, that is DoToo's role as Admin takes precedence over his role as corp or alliance member.

Admins and Managers can the member lists, and also also see a history of changes.


Profiles are available from Neocom > Business > Structure Browser

In this instance I am adding a new profile 'BlogProfile'.
Open the profile and go to profile settings.  Under that window I have obscured the reinforcement timer.  There is also a 'fuel remaining' option to cover services.

There are several items to configure.

Docking Rights

I have added the General group to the docking rights.

Corporate Offices

For the corp offices, I want anyone corp that can dock to be able to rent offices and pay ISK.  There however is the option to charge close friends (alliance members, personal alt corps) different rates. Alternatively you could (if you wanted) to charge 'nearly friends' even more isk by creating another access list with higher rates.


This is the one I am tightening down.  I am granting BlogGunners to the defense group.

Clone Bay

For those citadels with Clone bays work out who you want to use them.  Please note that a clone bay in a wormhole is for swapping implant sets only, and not for jumping into and out of.  Citadels in known space are more 'regular' allowing clone jumping but can also be used (I think) for implant swapping.

Similar to office rental, different access lists can have different costs for clones


If I had a market (and I don't) I would want to set it up so that everyone can use it with a reasonable tax.  For my wormholes I already provide a cheaper tax for a fixed fee, so would be tempted to do again for markets.  Again, a new access control list is how I would set this up.


Reprocessing looks a lot like market in setup.

Again CCP has for more information on profiles

Citadel profile

Now you have set up the profile, it is time to set one or more citadels to use that profile.

From the structure browser - My Structures choose 'Any Profile'.

Right click on a structure and set profile to your desired profile.

Other Information

Other useful reading :

PS All screen shots are taken from Singularity.  Feedback - especially anything I have missed is welcome.

There are new structures coming soon (tm)

I like access lists as a method to control structures, but they do take a bit of getting used to.  The primary advantage is you can set up the access list and profile once, then use it on any later structures.

If you want to modify your citadel access lists, again, change once and apply everywhere.

This is still new in Eve and not necessarily well understood (though no one ever really understood how to set up POS).  While all posts welcome comments, I especially welcome any corrections or other citadel guides that you can find.


  1. Nice writeup - thanks!

  2. Thank you.

    There is now 'strike through' the director access control list. I did not use it in the setting up of the citadel.

  3. Hey Foo,
    I once used a citadel in WH space to punk someone and the killmail was attributed to the citadel owners corp and not me (I wasn't a corp member). Do you or anyone know if hi-sec wardecs will allow a non-wardec pilot to shoot war targets of the citadel owner? Is the "aggressor" considered the pilot or the citadels owner corp?

    1. Sorry, I know little about highsec mechanics and citadels.

      To practice,hop over to singularity and have a play there maybe.


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