Tuesday 9 August 2016

Sometimes Eve just says 'login' - it is time to do things.

I have been quiet in game lately.

There was a recent blog banter asking the same question that has been asked of games since I can remember.  'Doctor! Am I going to die?'  The answer usually is 'Yes, but not today'.

I did a little too much during the recent war.  Our Alliance CEO was critically ill in hospital for months, and I stepped in.  A small amount of drama, and a large amount of 'If you don't join the war - we will stomp you', followed by other so called friendlies saying 'You joined the war - we will stomp you'.  I made some choices - to join the attack on those who would ruin my game, and to not immediately bend the knee to those who would rather have me as cattle to be farmed.

These choices were right for some (including me) but not for all, but they came at a personal cost.   Herding cats was the most difficult part of my time in that other very large MMO.  It is not much different in Eve.  I provide infrastructure and a framework, but encourage others to do what they will with that .

So ... I am spending a little time out of our game.

As part of this time out  - the worst happened in our C5.  The POS ran out of fuel. Yes it was found fuelless, and the appropriate response happened.  It's arrays got popped.  For the record : Ship maintenance arrays drop loot and appear on killboards.  Assembly and corporate / personal hanger arrays do not, but they do lose all their contents beyond recovery.

Shrug.  If we really were paying attention, the POS would have been kept fueled. ( Who's job was it? )

'Today' however, (and this post has a mild delay), Eve said 'login'.

I have to replace stuff in the C5 and that was a hauling task.

This means I want a highsec wormhole.  This never happens.  Highsec wormholes come just as you are loging out for the night, spending hours scanning.  They come with gate campers or in highsec islands, or are already end of life.  They come when you are competing with first life deadlines.

Log in and scan.  Very first scan shows 3 stronger signatures.  Second scan says 1 is wormhole and 2 are gas.  Third scan is a 100% on the wormhole.  Warp to wormhole and it is a K162 to highsec. Sobaseki . My DST and Jita is only one jump away.

Normally I don't like Jita so close, as it is not just easy for me but it is also easy for others.  But ... Sobaseki is quiet - Jita might have thousands and Perimiter hundreds .. but Sobaseki - 22 in local.

This is not to say you don't take care.   A bait iteron, borderline gankable in it's own right precedes a more expensive DST.

Sometimes we get distracted from this maddening and engaging game we play. Sometime Eve just says 'get off your sorry backside and do something'.