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Foo PI spreadsheet : My PI spreadsheet, with pricing from eve central. It also includes costings based on different PI configurations (Extract P1 + import, single planet PI, manufacture planets). Handy PI chart for what you want to make, and how much precursor mats you need. : What planets do you have, what do you need, what can you make? (and the same for other systems) : information on systems - including wormholes, and including what PI can be made.

Berial's PI bible : a longer guide. : Planetary interaction for beginners

Market Prices for most things in most spaces.  Is delayed by a few hours and is missing some NPC items

Foo PI spreadsheet (again).  Take a copy, change the systems and item id's (and names), and track your own items  Up to date market viewer (First request per item/region immediate, cached up to 15 minutes for subsequent similar requests)

Wormholes : list of regions including wormhole space down the bottom (and the same for other systems) : information on systems - including wormholes, and including what PI can be made. Provides basic intel : who is loosing stuff, when are they active, have capitals been seen, and who has lost a tower
What does that wormhole text mean?
Capital Escalations

use google search on this site works better eg tritanium
( use pulldown on top right corner)

Fitting : Pyfa has nicer downloading options that EFT.   : a web based common shared fitting place

Character maintenance

Evemon : Have a PC and play Eve?  Then use this. : Eve assets, wallet, journal

Blog lists / News sites



Evanova : a little out of date but still good for tracking pilots and evemails
PI Timer
POS fuel tracker

Development : CCP provided and Fuzzy Steve redistributed/reformatted static eve data. : Fuzzy Steve's github repo : New Eden development : a MySQL equivalent database, the one that I use. : The MySQL/MariaDB client I use.


I use the SaraShawa-Overview
In game chat channe SaraShawa-Overview
Or you can join the mailing list : Overview4 (or maybe later even Overview5 or Overview6 if the earlier ones fill up) is another place to look for overview settings

Other pilots 'what they use' pages.


This list is a living document, and I will try to maintain what I use.  Feel free to add a comment stating what you use, or links to a page containing what you use.

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