Sunday 24 January 2016

Contact details

In game evemail : DoToo Foo

Public in game channel : FooPub

Skype : Foo Downunder (please mention eve in any contact request)


Skype contact

As part of my CSM campaign, I am publishing my Skype contact : Foo Downunder.

Please mention Eve in any contact requests.  Especially if your skype profile is for a 20 something of the opposite gender.

Friday 22 January 2016

Missing an alliance logo?

In a very recent patch, the nullsec alliance that I am with recently lost it's logo, reverting to a circle of stars.  From our flying around, it was not just our alliance that lost it's logo

If that has happened, you may need to resubmit a logo, per

If you don't have an alliance logo and want one, please see the above link.  It is a wall of text but has CCP's requirements.

If you don't meet the requirements for a logo requirements but previously had one, CCP are apparently allowing some leniency.  Age and size of alliance were explicitly called out for previous logo owners.

Wednesday 20 January 2016

CCP Update Jan 2016

CCP have just announced an update at

Skill trading is coming.

As shown by the recent Blood Raider event, many players love the idea of faster skills.   I have also read that CCP are committed to this.  The current proposal is for the diminishing returns is not going to be as sharp a falloff for the better skilled pilot.

My feedback to CCP would be to consider a few things.
  • The bonus should be provided in the form of a blood raider style skill boost rather than a one off injection.
  • I would prefer that future skillpoints forgone is more valuable that existing skillpoints reprocessed.  That is, the 'seller' of these packets applying skill training to a new packet is my preferred method.
  • You should not be able to unlearn starter skills.  

Other feedback I had that has already been addressed.
  • You will not be able to unlearn required per-requisites for other skills a pilot currently has.

Some like this idea.  Others loathe it. For me, Eve is not about instant gratification.  It is something we towards, and when that magic moment comes (different moments for different players), it is all the more sweeter because of it.  I like that skill training takes time.  How much time?  There I see room for flexibility.

My proposals are there to keep those training mistakes, those regretted choices with our characters forever, while still keeping the ability for that player to get that chance to get up to speed faster than they currently do.

Citadels are coming soon

I have a love / hate relationship with POS.  For me, citadels can't come soon enough.

For those that like getting their name on in game monuments, citadels provide an opportunity, as per

Friday 15 January 2016

The Gankers Prayer

Oh CCP who art in in Iceland
Hallowed by thy game.
Our Fleets will come, Our Ganks be done
In game and on the forums
Give us this day our green killboard
And forgive us our blobbing
Though we will not forgive those that blob against us.
Lead us not into gate camps
And deliver us no bears with stabs (or ECM)
For the Game, the Nerfbat and the Servers are yours.
Now and forever.

Monday 11 January 2016

DoToo Foo for CSM 11

I am a wormhole PI bear, a nullsec market trader and the hunted. 

I belong to and help make the small group.  I have no love for the largest player groups.

I believe in the circle of gank.  The good PVP pilot will defeat the Ganker.  The good Ganker will catch the Evasion pilot, The good Evasion pilot will evade the PVP pilot.

Once on the CSM, I will encourage CCP to consider gameplay compatible with 'us'. ('They' will already be represented)

Eve is already one to the strongest 'market' games.  Real destruction leads to real construction.  I have some little things I would like to fix (Selling below buy orders, buying above sell orders for one)

For some controversy:
  • I think warp core stabs encourage hunter pilots to differentiate between being a PVPer or a ganker.
  • I think NPC's should do less, and players should do more (whether it is market seeding, or even player faction militia having the rights of NPC faction police)
  • I like the fragmentation of nullsec created by Fozzie Sov

I have a series of labeled posts for those interested in the CSM

My CSM thread is at

Saturday 9 January 2016

Should you set up in a wormhole to do P4 planetary interaction?

I recently received an evemail.

Hi there.
I've been following your blog with interest for the last few weeks and was wondering if I could ask for some feedback on a PI setup?
I'm considering setting up 4 toons doing PI in a wormhole, hopefully producing p4 products. 
I know this is going to set me back anything from 500m to 1b in startup costs, but I'd like to know if you think it's a feasible option for me to look into?

If you would like to try out wormhole PI, you could join one of our wormholes. They are setup and ready to go.

If you want to create your own wormhole setup, the following points are worth considering.

Getting a suitable wormhole

It can cost 500m to buy an entrance to suitable empty wormhole. is a good place to look. looks interesting but I have never used their services.

Make sure it has sufficient planets of the correct kind to support your PI, or to make sure you have the ability to import your local shortages. can show what any given wormhole can produce,

If you want to find a suitable wormhole (it will take you quite a while), find any wormhole with a static that is suitable, and learn how to roll wormholes ( is a possible starting point.    Rolling wormholes is a topic all on it's own)

Grinding out your customs offices

I have both bought and destroyed existing customs offices.  Buying is faster and potentially cheaper (especially if you use the replacement tanked afk laser myrmidon). However buying means that you need to give 'them' an entrance to your wormhole, something that I am loath to do if they have managed to lose it.

Each customs office you grind out will require : 24M damage done, with a 500 hps peak shield regeneration.  A couple of replacement tanked afk laser myrmidon can do it (empty clone, come back the following day with a 50% chance of a dead poco, 50% chance of brand new shiny clones back in empire space).

My budget of a customs office replacement is 100M/customs office (gantry plus upgrade mats).  The spot price is currently closer to 120M/customs office.

Ongoing costs.  

If you are going to do PI for 4 pilots, you will need a lot of storage.  You can go cheap and use a system's other customs offices, but it will be painful to manage.

An orca isnt big enough.  A freighter does not have a cloak.  This means you need to think about a POS.

A small POS (roughly 250m setup, 125m/month for fuel) is an invitation for casual bored passers by to take potshots.

A medium POS (roughly 500m setup, 250m/month for fuel) will keep away casual passers buy, but those looking for a rumble can take out your pos.  Have a method to easily extract your value (possibly freighter, or just keeping your POS 'lean')

A large POS (roughly 1B setup, 500m/month for fuel) in a low class wormhole will keep all but the most dedicated away.

Please note: Citadels are coming, and will replace all the above.  My crystal ball is cloudy, but my gut feel says a medium citadel will have roughly the costs of a large POS (though possibly less fuel ... maybe).

Do you want to take time off the game?  Your POS will still consume fuel, or be blown up if it runs out.

Supporting P4 PI with 4 pilots.

If you build from scratch, with 4 pilots, it will be difficult to make enough raw material to support a single 'hard' P4 factory (eg integrity response drones).  (Yes, P4 factory, not planet of P4 factories).

It might be more feasible to make supply an 'easy' P4 like sterile conduits (requiring 2xP3 and 1xP1).

As an alternative, especially for P3 and P4, consider 'Make 2, Import 1'.  It takes Gel-Matrix Biopaste (very profitable), Hazmat Detection Systems (marginally profitable) and Planetary Vehicles (incredibly loss making).  Consider making the profitable parts, and importing the rest.

The same applies to most levels.

Possibly you could look at the component costs on manufacture tab of my PI spreadsheet.

Why P4?

No PI is used directly by capsuleers shooting each other, red crosses or giant rocks.  It is used by other industrialists.  These industrialists will often want to move rather than make stuff where it is. P3 has better ISK/m3 than P4.


The setup costs of a wormhole PI exceeds the costs of just the customs office.

1K+ DPS recommended for AFK POCO bashing.  3K+ DPS recommended for at keyboard bashing. without more than 500DPS, you cant beat the passive tank.

POS fuel costs (at least 250m month, 500m/month recommended - will change come citadels but I dont know what way yet).

100-120m per customs office.

I hope this helps


[Myrmidon, replacement tanked afk laser]

Drone Damage Amplifier I
Drone Damage Amplifier I
Drone Damage Amplifier I
Drone Damage Amplifier I
Heat Sink I
Heat Sink I

Cap Recharger I
Medium Shield Extender I
Medium Shield Extender I
Medium Shield Extender I
Medium Shield Extender I

Heavy Modulated Pulse Energy Beam I, Multifrequency M
Heavy Modulated Pulse Energy Beam I, Multifrequency M
Heavy Modulated Pulse Energy Beam I, Multifrequency M
Heavy Modulated Pulse Energy Beam I, Multifrequency M
Heavy Modulated Pulse Energy Beam I, Multifrequency M

Medium Energy Burst Aerator I
[Empty Rig slot]
Medium Energy Collision Accelerator I

Ogre I x4

Cost 60m, most of that in the hull.  Unless you are doing your last afk bash, it is worth insuring.  An all 5's pilot will pull (according to Pyfa) 671 DPS.  Approach your poco and stay entirely stationary and you may do a litte more with your guns.  A pair of these are sufficient with 1/2 way decent skills.

The shield tank is there only because you may actually be at keyboard if (when?) a gank happens.   So far, I have about a 60% chance of completing an afk poco bash and waking up the following morning with the ship intact.  (These days, I have other, more intensive methods - but the afk bash is how I first started).  Tech 1 laser ammo does not need to be reloaded nor do drones.

Any laser or drone boat can fulfil this role, chose one according to your skills.  (If you are using cruisers or below, you may wish to 'phone a friend/bring an alt')

Tuesday 5 January 2016

AL3XAND3R. Alliance is recruiting

AL3XAND3R. alliance is a sov holding alliance in the Oasa region of null sec. We are part of the Pebble Pact Coalition.

We hold sov in 2 systems :  QYT-X8 and V0-H4L.  ( We also have a wormhole presence. )

We have people from all time zones - so there is always someone around.

We are committed to upgrading the systems to the max.

We have a market based buying program, and believe in keeping the market well stocked.

Different corporations in Alexand3r. have different focuses, so we can find a home for you.

We are looking for:

  • Players with mature attitudes.
  • Players who can work independently AND as part of a team as needed.
  • Players who can join in chat discussions / general conversations / jokes etc.
  • Players who want to have fun while working towards a goal.
  • Players who understand the best defense is the willingness to use an offensive ship.

The majority of our people are English speakers - but we also have German / Norwegian / Estonian / Dutch / Bulgarians so we are a pretty mixed bunch.

We use Discord as our main comms system.

We require a full API Key with any application.
Corps applying will need to supply a full API Key for each member

If you need further info or want a chat please contact Head Teach or DoToo Foo.

Ps.  For readers of this blog, Al3xand3r. is the nullsec group that I stock my market with.

Sunday 3 January 2016

Bombs and cloaks

I was under the (apparently mistaken) impression that bombs will decloak you with damage.

Earlier today, I was rolling a critical wh in a Higs anchor fit Nereus, on an alt pilot (because I mistakenly thought a Hic pilot was unavailable - oh well).

As such things go, I managed to get shut on the wrong side of the wh.  So ... I cloaked up and did other things.

Later I was startled by the sounds of combat.  (Combat sounds always startle me, even when I initiate it)

My shields have since regenerated and I went on to run sites with mains and not alts.  My cloak is still engaged.  I must say I was somewhat surprised.

TLDR; don't rely on bombs to decloak someone.