Tuesday, 5 January 2016

AL3XAND3R. Alliance is recruiting

AL3XAND3R. alliance is a sov holding alliance in the Oasa region of null sec. We are part of the Pebble Pact Coalition.

We hold sov in 2 systems :  QYT-X8 and V0-H4L.  ( We also have a wormhole presence. )

We have people from all time zones - so there is always someone around.

We are committed to upgrading the systems to the max.

We have a market based buying program, and believe in keeping the market well stocked.

Different corporations in Alexand3r. have different focuses, so we can find a home for you.

We are looking for:

  • Players with mature attitudes.
  • Players who can work independently AND as part of a team as needed.
  • Players who can join in chat discussions / general conversations / jokes etc.
  • Players who want to have fun while working towards a goal.
  • Players who understand the best defense is the willingness to use an offensive ship.

The majority of our people are English speakers - but we also have German / Norwegian / Estonian / Dutch / Bulgarians so we are a pretty mixed bunch.

We use Discord as our main comms system.

We require a full API Key with any application.
Corps applying will need to supply a full API Key for each member

If you need further info or want a chat please contact Head Teach or DoToo Foo.

Ps.  For readers of this blog, Al3xand3r. is the nullsec group that I stock my market with.


  1. I really don't get that annoying full api stuff. it is a reason I never found a corp to join the last 5 years. I dont want anyone to know all my assets I dont want anyone to view all my transactions or READ MY EVEMAILS
    Especially not if I at least dont get a full key back of every one with power in the corp/alliance it is the LEADERS that should be subject to scrutiny...
    So you can get my skills and corp history, but not the rest...

    1. Then join pandemic horde, they dont have any requirements.

    2. Join 117b, they don't have any requirements either, and no taxes.

    3. PH is a no go. I prefer smaller corporations with less focus on gudfights.
      117b I don;t know about. could look into them to see what kind of corp/alliance they are.

    4. ehm... 117b has 2 members?
      117b [117B]
      Tax Rate 0.00 % Thera XIV - The Sanctuary Fullerene Loom
      Shares 1000 Member Count 2
      (taken from eve gate)

  2. @Trenjeska, possibly another group might be best for you. Some alternatives have been suggested.

    There is some flexibility on API key. For nullsec, skills are interesting (a miner that only has skills for gank catalysts is curious, a gate camper with the same skills less so).

    A full kill history (not just kills on zkillboard), and any medals (used by some corps to mark awoxers, but can be hidden) are far more interesting.

    Different groups have different requirement. Awoxers are a worry for primarily industry focused groups.

    If you would like to join the alliance but need to discuss API requirements, please evemail DoToo Foo.

    Alternatively, for those wanting to be WH Pi Bears, the foocorps have a skills/kills based API key check at http://foo-eve.blogspot.com.au/p/recruiting.html

    1. I am mainly interested in exploration, construction, PI and mining. So PH is a no go. In large groups, you tend to get lost or singled out; both are undesirable. If API key access is discussable as opposed to ALL or leave, then I might consider it. Especially since my gf thinks about joining me to try out and she likes trading and spreadsheets. It is about the only thing, besides plushies, she still enjoys in ArcehAge.

    2. A class 1 wormhole with a highsec exit is a good place for the solo explorer/PI/construction pilot.

      Nullsec corp take a risk on by bringing you into their corp, primarily that they are responsible for any awoxing you might do. As such they use what tools they have to minimise this.

      Some PVP heavy corps use the F1 key as their tool of choice. Most industry minded corps use API keys. An isk bond of some kind would also work but ... eve has a history of scamming so is not used as much.

      In my wormholes, I risk my ships, infrastructure and the contents of the POS. I also expect the unknown to shoot at me. As such I have a wormhole corp with a lesser API requirement, but WH PI and c1 sites are a solo activity.

      Nullsec is more of a group activity, supporting more active players together.

    3. Trenjeska, "Athena Rising" (a corp within Al3xander) is accepting apps. Foo has been very helpful to us over the last several months within the corp. Just listening to him and others go over things in voice has been a major boon for our corp. The API can be worked with, but we would want to get to know you first. If you would like to talk, please just look up the CEO on the corp page and evemail him. If we can't find you a spot with us, we have good contacts that may be interested in you!

  3. Null sec miner here: What kind of boosts can you provide for mining and during which time zones? How well is transport to HS organized? Do you provide Intel channels?

    1. Pebble pact provides a good intel channel.

      I currently have a shortage of minerals in null (especially pyerite)

      The alliance has ad-hoc JF run back to highsec via contract. I haul ad-hoc via wormholes.

      Boosts are based on who is on. They range from full Rorqual boosts to t1 Orca boosts.


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