Sunday, 3 January 2016

Bombs and cloaks

I was under the (apparently mistaken) impression that bombs will decloak you with damage.

Earlier today, I was rolling a critical wh in a Higs anchor fit Nereus, on an alt pilot (because I mistakenly thought a Hic pilot was unavailable - oh well).

As such things go, I managed to get shut on the wrong side of the wh.  So ... I cloaked up and did other things.

Later I was startled by the sounds of combat.  (Combat sounds always startle me, even when I initiate it)

My shields have since regenerated and I went on to run sites with mains and not alts.  My cloak is still engaged.  I must say I was somewhat surprised.

TLDR; don't rely on bombs to decloak someone.

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  1. As the pilot that shot the bomb, here are the logs from around the same time; the logs never registered hitting his Nereus. Should have fired more bombs with my gut feeling!

    [ 2016.01.03 01:50:50 ] (combat) Sleepless Guardian - Concussion Bomb - Hits
    [ 2016.01.03 02:12:48 ] (notify) Loading the Bomb into the Missile Launcher Bomb; this will take approximately 10 seconds.
    [ 2016.01.03 02:21:36 ] (notify) The Bomb Launcher I cannot be manually deactivated in the middle of an operation, it will deactivate without repeating in 9 seconds (its activation duration is 10 seconds).


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