Thursday 28 November 2013

Reminder about Epithal flying

The Foo paranoid method of flying Epithals in wormhole space to and from Customs offices.

Do you really need to warp to every planet every PI cycle?  Customs offices hold a lot of PI.  You are vulnerable at the customs office.  Consider deferring some planets until next cycle.
  • Dscan
  • Warp to Static Safe Spot.
  • Warp to Tactical Bookmark (or Tac) off Customs office.
  • Warp to customs office.  Transfer goods.  Warp out.  A bookmark in your current tac to customs office line is best (similar to an insta-undock but from space) good enough is POS or safe spot.
  • If you still get caught then empty hauler back into customs office; and align to a warpout to get pod clear.
  • Mix order up.  If you have just completed PI on planets 1, leave planet 2 until later.
Fit includes: DCU; stabs, alignment rigs; cloak; offline probe lancher; shield extenders, adaptive rigs.
I have mildly edited the evemail exchange below, with commonly used terms, and removing names and fits to protect the guilty.  If you really care, zkillboard and eve-kill exist.

Epithal kill ...
Saissore Foo
Sent: 2013.11....
To: yyyy, xxxx (where yyyy is hunter, xxxx is hunted)

You caught one of our so called perfect fit Epithals the other day, I assume at a customs office.
Loot fairy was mean; the only thing you got of any value appears to be the T2 invuln field.

Congrats; If our pilots get caught, its our pilots fault.

Secondly, what were you fit with?

Thirdly, did he warp directly from POS to Customs Office?

Fly well


Re: Epithal kill ...
From: yyyy

Sent: 2013.11....
Saissore Foo,  xxxx

It actually was quite tough.

I expected the epithal to have more stabs so i tackled him with three short points.

I hard a hard time following the pilot but it was when I realized he was running the planets in order so I was able to get ahead of him.

As well, I'd recommend your pilots fly to a safe above or below the POCO prior to starting their PI run.

No hard feelings, Hope to you see you out there.

Fly safe


Re: Epithal kill ...
Sent: 2013.11....
To: yyyy, 
Saissore Foo

Good to know information. I'll mix it up more. Safe -> Random POCO  -> Safe -> Random POCO, instead of in order. Isn't it funny how the mantra of when you get lazy you lose your ship holds true still? Right Foo ;) ?

I had 3 stabs on it. Would 4 of made a difference? I thought for a SB that is fit for catching Epithal (like I think yours was), then it doesn't matter.

When you mean above or below having a tac at a POCO, do you mean on grid or off grid? I take it this is for someone who might be following? They uncloak on the POCO, while I would uncloak 150+ km and then warp to safe to play with my goo another day.

Thanks for the feedback! Fly Safe!


Final comments.

An on grid tac at roughly 200k makes it even harder for hunters.  If they decloak too soon (to shed recalibration delays), then you can see and be somewhere else instead.

Our Pilot had 3 stabs.  The hunter had 6 points.  No stabbed fit Epithal can escape from 6 points by themselves.  Potentially an Epithal gun/damage mod fit might have saved the day in this instance?  Maybe.  Another friendly pilot with ECM may also have assisted.  I think it is worth the very occasional loss of between 5M & 10M ISK rather than tie up another pilot for guard duty.

PS.  I agree with some other bloggers that these structures should be called COCO's (corporation owned customs offices); or maybe even PCOCO (player corporation owned customs offices); but I will get more google hits using the common terminology, regardless of technical correctness or otherwise.

Saturday 23 November 2013

Goon defense of POCO's in Perimeter

The Goons own customs offices in Perimeter.  They are wardecced by D A R K Homeworld.  Many of the customs offices are re-inforced.  Perimeter is 1 jump from Jita.

It looks like RVB are coming to the Goons defence, as assistance against D A R K. (from viewing the war in-game).  Rumour has it that Goons and RVB are forming a cartel, and now it looks like mutual assistance pact.

I am an observer, not a participant (at least not yet anyway).

I missed one CO repair effort.

The second had a lot of suspect repairers on field; with opportunistic ganking of those ships.  A few went down.

 The third CO had only one ship with a suspect flag.  Given the number of ships on field, the single suspect lasted seconds.  A few more ships were involved.

Friday 22 November 2013

So, you want to set up in a wormhole?

A wormhole has the following characteristics that you look at:

  • Class of wormhole.
  • Wormhole effects.
  • Class of static(s).
  • Planetary Interaction.
  • Current Occupants.
The bigger the class of wormhole; the bigger the ships that fit (c1 is BC and below; c2-4 is Battleship; c5/6 is Capital); and the more ships that can fit in.  Site difficulty matches as well.

Wormhole effects determine how well your ship performs.  Black Holes are disliked by site runners (penalties to almost everything useful - apart from speed), Cataclysmic variables lend them selves to remote repair instead of self repair; and there are other possible effects.  The higher the class, the more profound the effects.  NPC's are not affected by wormhole effects.

The class of static is important for two reasons.
  • You will want access to markets (or icefields if you want to mine your own) to bring in ice products for POS fuel if nothing else.  A direct highsec, then c1 to c3 all make this easier; but then you get more day trippers based on the same rules.   Our C1 with highsec static has far more visitors than our higher class wormholes.
  • Your static is an obvious place of alternative activity.  PVP groups might like a c2 with null/c5 statics;  A well equipped PVE group might like a C5 or C6 with a C3 or C4 static for solo/dual box solo play.
Planetary interaction is a source of ISK by itself.  If you make your own PI for fuel blocks, then it reduces the required hauling for fuel.

Current occupants are also important.  Whether it is a previous corporation with cheap (or expensive) customs offices; or a currently active tower for those PVP inclined, or even a clean system.  All these things change your first interaction with your new environment.

Further reading

Saturday 16 November 2013

Singularity Highsec Poco placed

So my afk Dominix did the job; bashed down an interbus customs office.

I bought the gantries, and upgrades.

Launching and anchoring the gantry,taking 3 seconds.   Placed the upgrades in and hit the upgrade, probably taking another 2 seconds.

Upgrading the gantry is quick; taking 30 seconds to become a full customs office.

Note about ninja customs office placement : in about 5 seconds, you have decloaked, launched and put upgrades in, and clicked the upgrade button.  Your customs office gantry has far more HP than can be bashed in 30 seconds in highsec, and even then you can place it 100k away; enough to be on grid, not enough to warp to.

So, for the effort of keeping an eye unexplained BS in your systems (or fleets of other afk bashing ships), you might get your customs offices placed. 

For the attacking corp to return the favour, it will cost them 24 hours to apply the wardec, finish a timer that you have specified; come back when the timer expires, and is favorable to you, some 24-48 hours later.

The default player corp customs office is 10% player, 10% NPC (on untrained pilot), making a total effective tax rate 20%. Many corporations will start out with the default.

Customs code expertise does not appear subject to diminishing returns. My pilot currently has this skill at 3 and learning more, and is reducing tax by 3%.  My reading suggested this, but it is better to see the numbers in game.

Even with customs code expertise 3; I have no reduction in interbus tax rates from 17%.  The same as my Singularity pilot without any customs This surprised me.

Given the prevalence of 0.1 isk undercutting nature of many Eve players, I expect there to be many 11.9% taxed player corp customs offices, especially if any cartel or 'protection' groups form.  11.9% + max skilled customs code expertise makes for 16.9% effective tax; cheaper than NPC, but only just.

There will be a limit to the number of groups capable of bashing out regions of customs offices. 
  • customs office gantries are limited by concord LP.
  • DPS to quickly kill a customs office.  500dps to break tank; 700dps to get there eventually; 2000 dps to do so in a several hours.
  • ISK to buy gantries and upgrades; This will cost very roughly 1B/system.  Some of us are comfortable buying a system or 2 of upgrades;  Only a few have the ISK for buying a region of customs offices; 

Whether it the 7 Marauder pilot years or the 2,500 billion ISK (using planet numbers and DPS from greedy goblin's post) ; this is multi 'alliance' level task to take on all customs offices.

Much less of an issue to bash out 'high value' customs offices in preferred regions.

Dominix poco bash fits

I am no EFT warrior.  Some generally laugh at my fits, but I can cope.  My ships are to do a job, not to fit someone else's idea of what a good fit should be.

With current skills, DPS is 1019.

[Dominix, poco bash laser]
Damage Control II
Drone Damage Amplifier II
Drone Damage Amplifier II
Drone Damage Amplifier II
Heat Sink II
Heat Sink II
Inertia Stabilizers II

Large Micro Jump Drive
Prototype 100MN Microwarpdrive I
Large Shield Extender II
Large Shield Extender II
Adaptive Invulnerability Field II

Dual Heavy Modulated Pulse Energy Beam I, Imperial Navy Multifrequency L
Dual Heavy Modulated Pulse Energy Beam I, Imperial Navy Multifrequency L
Dual Heavy Modulated Pulse Energy Beam I, Imperial Navy Multifrequency L
Dual Heavy Modulated Pulse Energy Beam I, Imperial Navy Multifrequency L
Mega Modulated Pulse Energy Beam I, Imperial Navy Multifrequency L
Improved Cloaking Device II

Large Energy Burst Aerator I
Large Sentry Damage Augmentor I
[empty rig slot]

Garde II x5
Wasp EC-900 x5
Vespa EC-600 x5
Hornet EC-300 x5
Hammerhead II x5

Notes: if EFT says not cap stable, turn the microwarp drive 'off'.  if still not cap stable remove it, looking at afterburners, then looking at cap rechargers.

With current skills, DPS is 1138.
[Dominix, poco bash laser highsec afk]
Drone Damage Amplifier II
Drone Damage Amplifier II
Drone Damage Amplifier II
Drone Damage Amplifier II
Heat Sink II
Heat Sink II
Heat Sink II

Cap Recharger II
Cap Recharger II
Large Shield Extender II
Large Shield Extender II
Large Shield Extender II

Mega Modulated Pulse Energy Beam I, Imperial Navy Multifrequency L
Mega Modulated Pulse Energy Beam I, Imperial Navy Multifrequency L
Dual Heavy Modulated Pulse Energy Beam I, Imperial Navy Multifrequency L
Dual Heavy Modulated Pulse Energy Beam I, Imperial Navy Multifrequency L
Dual Heavy Modulated Pulse Energy Beam I, Imperial Navy Multifrequency L
Dual Heavy Modulated Pulse Energy Beam I, Imperial Navy Multifrequency L

Large Energy Burst Aerator I
Large Sentry Damage Augmentor I
[empty rig slot]

Garde II x5
Wasp EC-900 x5
Vespa EC-600 x5
Hornet EC-300 x5
Hammerhead II x5

Notes: improve the guns according to your skills.  While mega modulated pulse energy beam has slightly higher DPS, dropping out a low slot damage module for additional power to drive it has a worse outcome.

With my skills I am better off with more drone damage mods than energy mods; this choice depends on your particular skills.

Friday 15 November 2013

Singularity CO bash

As of writing this post, I have couple of ships, on singularity; Avele V customs office,   doing a bash.  Friends, enemies welcome.  Over the next few days, I will be poking in ad out of Avele, mostly around downtime bashing AFK.

Well, I finally have my singularity installer working.

Log into wormhole space.  When the copy was taken, I was sitting in a battleship and battlecruiser, in wormhole space, without any probe launchers on those pilots.

So ... I self destruct; telling myself that it's only the backup server, and I can buy everything for 100ISK each.  And yes, that includes navy issue battleships.  Clones are still full price. But my isk is play isk on test.

Why am I bothering? Well I want to know now what will happen next week, in a disposable environment.

I expect Highsec battleships on extended afk bashes will become a familiar site over the next few months.

I can confirm that highsec interbus customs offices are 17%.  This, by itself, even with the reduced tax rates, means that for the first few weeks, there will be increased taxes for highsec PI pilots.  (Reminder to self; update corp advertisements).

I will put up a singularity customs office tomorrow.

Is it profitable to suicide gank glass cannon fit meta gun dominix?

Thursday 14 November 2013

In praise of Warp Core Stabiliser fit Epithals, and their counters

I have been reading about some recent ... strong feelings towards warp core stabilisers, and about how evil they are.

You know, how an Epithal fully fit with them might actually survive a gank in wormhole space.

Or maybe how a they are a blight on faction warfare plexers.

Well I am a proud user of warp core stabilisers, on my Epithals.

I also want you to know that they are not the last word when it comes to surviving.  We have been caught by well setup warp disruption bubbles. 

The Interdictor or Heavy Interdictor is still our nemesis.  Sure, you might need to know where we are going; but there are clever hunters out there.  The interdictor currently has a warp speed of 9au/s; our Epithals travel at 4.5au/s.  If you guess where we are going, in the right ship, you have us well and truly caught.

But you want to run a covops cloak fit ship, and still want to catch us? Nothing stopping you fitting 3 Warp Scramblers on a Recon, Covops or or Stealth bomber ship.  A terrible fit you cry?  Well if that terrible fit catches us, and a 'proper' fit lets us go, maybe it's time to re-evaluate 'terrible' and 'proper'.

Previously, industrials had evasion tanking.  i.e. Don't be where the gankers were.  If caught then dead.  Now we (temporarily) appear to have choices.  I expect this to change in the future; whether due to small gangs, or 'terrible fit' covops cloak ships.  Now, in wormhole space (and I assume null), we are relying on hunters not having 4-5 points of warp disruption.  This too, shall pass.

I have not done faction war, but I know a certain corp member who is going to have a minor fit (*cough* DJ *cough*) when I say that Warp Core Stablisers are good for the game.  It means that hunters have to choose between maximum gank and maximum catch.

Now if you wanted to give industrials an option, how about a low module for fitting to industrials (and plexing frigates), when such a ship is hit with a point, both ships are disrupted and neuted for 30 +/- 10 seconds. Call it a warp core feeback module, and give it a 3 minute reload.  A standard fit for such a module might be DCU, Feedback,(edit) Buffer hull tank

For those that object, do you feel that only hunters should be able to pick fights?

I would be very interested in fitting such a module.

P.S. I appear to be both very 'chatty' today, a little more belligerent than normal.

Wednesday 13 November 2013

Crystal Ball gazing : Rubicon

This is a speculative post, with all the risks and rewards inherited in that.  Let the industrialist beware.

The higher up the list, the more confident I am that I know what I am talking about.  Conversely, by the time we get to the bottom of this list, the more likely you are to find speculative waffle.

Lets look at what we know about rubicon features

Highsec customs offices.

Lots of semi at keyboard battleships and steath bombers; going mental bashing out customs offices.  Large T1 ammo consumed. SB torps consumed.

Lots of players with experience in structure bashes; and much less likely to want to take part in the future bashes because of this.

Demand for Customs office gantries and then the upgrades needed.  Somewhat countered by a large stockpile already gathered.  Has more been stockpiled than will be needed?  I don't know.

New higher NPC tax initially, eventually countered by pilots learning the new Customs code expertise skill.

A drop in taxable values by 20% for basic, 11% for advanced.  For P1 items easily found in highsec PI (Biofuels, bacteria), this will almost entirely end up being passed on.  For P1, highsec limited items (industrial fibers, chiral structures), this will make no difference.

For highsec manufactured P4 (Integrity response drones), were roughly 10% of the cost, and about 1/2 of the profit.  With more highsec barren/temperate planets being used for manufacture, will have a dropped price even further.

Pirate corps will own some customs offices.  Highsec industrialists beware; Pirates can see who, where and when expensive PI transport is performed.  There will be more highsec ganks on epithals holding 100m +.

Short term : Increased demand; increased supply via stockpiles.
Long term : Demand to return to before the announcement of Rubicon. Probable decreased highsec taxes. Probable increased highsec supply. 

Sisters of eve ships

Lots of ground out sisters of eve LP turned into sisters ships.  Lots of demand for ships.  I will be buying several frigates for lowskill scanning alts

A temporary peak in demand for covops cloaks. Probably a demand for more sister launchers and probes.

Lots and lots more covops visitors to wormhole, lowsec and null. 

Warp changes

Lots of pilots will be trying out small fast ships.  They will be 'fun'.  Also moving pods into different parts of eve just got a lot faster, assuming you wrap your pod in a suitably small ship.  Should be a small spike in the buying of frigates of most varieties.

For WH based planet gooers; it is more important than ever that you always warp to customs office via a safespot, and never travel directly from customs office to customs office. 


I expect these will see a lot of use in wormhole space, and potentially low/null systems where either (A) there are no stations, or (B) players have been locked out of stations.

We have used both small POS and Orca's as refitting services before.  This will be a lot more convenient and cheaper.  I expect to see quite a few of these around.

Tractor Units

I would not want to be a tractor beam manufacturer.  Sell your stock and blueprints for whatever you can get for it.  Consider reprocessing.


An improved cloak and sisters core scanner probe is not what everyone would think about with interceptors.

We will have  a few of these on hand in case of another wormhole blockade.  One favourite trick of WH evictions is to control wormholes and prevent the locals escaping by setting up bubbles on the gates.  Now this can be somewhat overcome by covops frigates, but covops frigs can be decloaked inside a bubble (but not by the bubble). 

Racial Frigate 5
Evasive Maneuvering 5
CPU Management 4
Interceptors 1
Hull Upgrades 1
Cloaking 3
Astrometrics 4
Astrometric Acquisition 3
Astrometric Pinpointing 3
Astrometric Rangefinding 3
Total time: 32 days on a newbie pilot, no implants or remaps

For bonus points: a covert ops frigate for
Electronics Upgrades 5
Covert Ops 1
Cloaking 4
Total Time 49 days on a newbie pilot (including the interceptor), no implants or remaps

Isis ship guide and certificate overview.  

Some players that could know better, will use this.  I use the existing certificate system to guide skill choices.  I also have trouble recognising what a ship is; this should help.

SMA changes

Ship maintenance arrays can drop ships again.  This makes Foo a sad panda; as we are far more likely to receive an eviction attempt than make one.  For the record; nothing to see in our SMA; just a fleet of warp core stabbed Epithals.  Please move along.

Fortunately for us, there is going to be so much structure bashing with highsec customs offices, that everyone is going to be worn out from bashing until the next expansion comes along.  (That is; you feel like bashing something?  Look - just over there in highsec, there is a gold rush happening - you know you want to beat up on those wicked interbus customs offices ... and look, they don't even have warp core stabs fit)


Some new interest simply because they changed.  And maybe the bastion mode will make them appear overpowered for a while (in which case there will be a huge interest).

Siphon units

I assume that the aim of this is to encourage POS owners to pay attention to their systems.  I just hope it means that Wormhole gas reactions become profitable again.  (No; not terribly interested in a system full of double reaction towers)

Ghost sites

Ghost sites appear to be interesting; the ability to source new implants.  One day I will run some more sites and see if I am up for fast DPS races.   Or then again, maybe I have another PI planet to update.

Electronic Attack Ships

Umm buffs mean more of these get bought, flown and sold?  Who flies ewar frigates anyway?  I thought frigates were for their scanning bonuses?  Nothing to see here??  ( I did say that the further down the list, the more speculative waffle)

Cynosural Inhibitor

Umm.  I give up.  You don't see many of these dcinosaur things in wormholes.

Maybe I am starting to get a hang of parts of this game I spend too long playing.  I am actually in a position to consider patch notes, and understand what some of them might mean.

Fly well.  I hope to not see you in those sister cloaky ships; and that is because you entered someone else's wormhole, rather than just the new covops cloak you can now use.

Tuesday 12 November 2013

Highsec POCO cartels

Normally, as a consumer, I am anti-cartels.

However the Greedy Goblin is considering a cartel for Highsec Poco's come Rubicon.

As we run more than one wormhole PI based corp, in more than one wormhole, highsec customs offices are a threat, both to our members, and to the corp incomes. Our income derives from a mix of POS space rental, and a choice of either monthly fixed rent or PI tax; as well as a buying program.

My best guess is 5% long term drop from reduced taxes (both base costs and skill based), with significant volatility until then.  I expect prices to rise post Rubicon both from additional demand, as well as initially higher NPC and Player based taxes, with the tax take falling as pilots gain skills to reduce NPC tax, and player corps drop prices to become competitive with each other.

Higher taxes on highsec customs offices is good for our corporations.  Cartels would be interested in keeping taxes high.  I have some advice to those considering such an endeavor.

Consider the order of priority of planets to obtain.

You are planning to control all the planets in highsec?  Really? Do you know how long that will take?

Even if you "only" manage to control temperate planets in the main hub regions, you could maintain a (highsec) monopoly on Industrial Fibers.

Similarly Lava planets for Silicon

While on the surface, it appears that owning Gas would be a control on Oxidizing Compounds, or Barren for manufacture, there are a lot of Gas and Barren worlds in Eve. has a list of planets to target.

Cartel Defection

In game theory, there will be 'defectors' from any cartel.  I see the most common defection will be granting select players cheaper tax rates based on standing.  This will be invisible to most of the cartel; though alliance diplomats might be able to check various customs offices tax rates by setting alts to various standings (from deep red to deep blue).

Defection of extraction based planets is somewhat limited; as extraction PI has diminishing returns with too many pilots.

There are no diminishing returns on manufacturing PI.

Bashing NPC customs offices

People get tired after hours and you miss significant damage done from forgetting to reload ammunition.  Drone + Laser glass cannon boats are best for POCO bashing.  That said if you currently have T2 large blasters but only skills for T1 small lasers, you work with what you have.

A glass cannon boat is fit for maximum DPS, with tanks only an afterthought.  Of course, pay at least some attention if you see a large spike in local.

Energy Collision rigs, Energy  Burst Aerators, Heat sinks, Drone damage amplifiers, Cap rechargers (until you are cap stable), and of course pulse lasers.  Be aware that not all boats can field a full set of highest DPS meta lasers, you may wish to fit slightly lower DPS guns that have much easier fitting requirements.

For lasers, faction crystals are cheap and reduce the time taken for a bash, and don't need reloading often, but may not last an entire bash (depending on fleet size). 

Ungroup guns.  On recent bashes, I noticed that not all of my faction crystals were burning out at the same time.  Just because you lose one gun should not mean you need to lose others.

Watch your fleet members, especially those that are ammo based.  Target them if you see their guns go quiet.  Most industrialists startle amusingly when targeted.  I sometimes still startle when I target others.

During the initial land grab, be aware that others are grabbing land too.

Ninja POCO's.

Do you want to really upset someone?   When you see a large bash occurring, keep a cloaked large industrial or Orca with customs office gantries and upgrades in storage.

When you see an attacking force destroy an interbus customs office, drop yours before they drop theirs.  It takes only a few seconds before you have a fully upgraded customs office, requiring a reinforcement timer to destroy.

I believe anyone using this tactic will be immediately wardecced, but some corporations would enjoy someone else paying for their highsec wardecs.

Wednesday 6 November 2013

Too many Industrials.

One of the Foo wormhole corps lives in a C2 wormhole.  (i.e. we have more than one; and we are recruiting for our C1)

We do a lot of PI.  We also have a self-sufficient (or 'bring your own everything') mentality.

This is causing us issues, as in how many empty Industrials does it take to fill an SMA?  80.  Well actually less than that, because you also have PVE fit ships, PVP fit ships, scanning ships etc.  So lets say you only allow 50% of the SMA for industrials.  Is 40 is still too many?

Well, the thing with PI alts, is that some of them have really poor ship skills.  Do you really need to give your 3rd pilot Hull Upgrades 4, Shield Upgrades 4, Tactical Shield Manipulation 4, Cloaking 3 etc?  No?  Well T2 equipment is out for that alt then; T1 Meta's will do.

But on your "main"?  Well that pod is worth wrapping with all those nice T2 modules.

All pilots want a spare Epithal for their goo.  We are getting better at avoiding ganking. Some of this is extra WCS, others is *always* fly to a safe or 200k off POCO (or both) bookmarks before picking up goo.  But ganks still happen.  (and ... some players have been know to fall asleep at a POCO)

Other pilots want a Miasmos for their gas or ore. Some want an max fit industrial for emergency evac or simply to bring in more command centers.

So, with 6 spare industrials per player; and lets say that we try to fit 7 players per corp; makes ... 42 Industrials.  But ... we have space for 40.

In our C2 corp, We are solving by communal ownership and standardised fits  (With a hundred goblins all crying out in terror).
* Players are allowed 2 private fit Industrial in the SMA at any given time, but expecting average of 1 each  Planed total of 7 industrials.
* A standardised base skills fit Max Hauler, PI hauler, (and soon Ore/Gas hauler).  Planed total of 6 industrials.
* A max skills fit Max Hauler, PI hauler, (and soon Ore/Gas hauler).  Planned total of 6 industirals
* The most popular variant of some of these ships. Planned total of 4 industrials.

This still leaves us with 23 industrials, but has freed up just over 20% of our SMA for what should be more interesting uses.  Our players are also still welcome to use their share of the LSAA space for ship storage, and of course log off in their ship of choice.

Surplus (empty) haulers will be kept in offline storage.  Our offline storage is 'secure', requiring no CPU/Powergrid, but also requiring someone with elevated permissions to withdraw from.  At the moment, this is an offline LSAA (large ship assembly array); but might be changed to an SMA later.  The offline SMA has the advantage of being available even if the POS is re-inforced; has the disadvantage of attracting additional attention, especially as SMA's will drop ships again come Rubicon*.  Mind you, I am not sure that an offline LSAA is any better in that regard.  Some days I wish those things could be scanned.

We acknowledge that standardising our fits will not be best for any given pilot.  The alternative is making us a more attractive target by lessening our defences to increase online storage for more ships. 

For those pilots that want their special sauce fits; with the exception of rigs, you can borrow one of the base skill ships and re-fit it as needed, providing you put it back the way you found it.

* sob sob; I am supportive of other corp's POS being bashed for their ships. PVP types breaking things means there is a need for replacement ships... Just leave mine alone.

Friday 1 November 2013

K162 descriptions

In our wormhole corp(s), we have rules on bookmarks: never warp to a bookmark unless you plan on using it (or at least deliberately planning to reset it).

Sometimes, all we want is a route to empire space, so we have no plans on unravelling the chains.  This means we can occasionally ignore certain bookmarks because all we want is the fastest route to empire space.

Taken directly from the K162 Wormhole page
Description Origin System
Unknown parts of space C1, C2 or C3
Dangerous unknown parts of space C4 or C5
Deadly unknown parts of space C6
High security space Highsec system
Low security space Lowsec system
Null security space Nullsec system
For Foo corp members, if you find a K162 that you don't need to go down, at least note the description obtained by selecting the K162 and looking at it's info. Other corps may like to do the same