Friday, 22 November 2013

So, you want to set up in a wormhole?

A wormhole has the following characteristics that you look at:

  • Class of wormhole.
  • Wormhole effects.
  • Class of static(s).
  • Planetary Interaction.
  • Current Occupants.
The bigger the class of wormhole; the bigger the ships that fit (c1 is BC and below; c2-4 is Battleship; c5/6 is Capital); and the more ships that can fit in.  Site difficulty matches as well.

Wormhole effects determine how well your ship performs.  Black Holes are disliked by site runners (penalties to almost everything useful - apart from speed), Cataclysmic variables lend them selves to remote repair instead of self repair; and there are other possible effects.  The higher the class, the more profound the effects.  NPC's are not affected by wormhole effects.

The class of static is important for two reasons.
  • You will want access to markets (or icefields if you want to mine your own) to bring in ice products for POS fuel if nothing else.  A direct highsec, then c1 to c3 all make this easier; but then you get more day trippers based on the same rules.   Our C1 with highsec static has far more visitors than our higher class wormholes.
  • Your static is an obvious place of alternative activity.  PVP groups might like a c2 with null/c5 statics;  A well equipped PVE group might like a C5 or C6 with a C3 or C4 static for solo/dual box solo play.
Planetary interaction is a source of ISK by itself.  If you make your own PI for fuel blocks, then it reduces the required hauling for fuel.

Current occupants are also important.  Whether it is a previous corporation with cheap (or expensive) customs offices; or a currently active tower for those PVP inclined, or even a clean system.  All these things change your first interaction with your new environment.

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