Wednesday, 6 November 2013

Too many Industrials.

One of the Foo wormhole corps lives in a C2 wormhole.  (i.e. we have more than one; and we are recruiting for our C1)

We do a lot of PI.  We also have a self-sufficient (or 'bring your own everything') mentality.

This is causing us issues, as in how many empty Industrials does it take to fill an SMA?  80.  Well actually less than that, because you also have PVE fit ships, PVP fit ships, scanning ships etc.  So lets say you only allow 50% of the SMA for industrials.  Is 40 is still too many?

Well, the thing with PI alts, is that some of them have really poor ship skills.  Do you really need to give your 3rd pilot Hull Upgrades 4, Shield Upgrades 4, Tactical Shield Manipulation 4, Cloaking 3 etc?  No?  Well T2 equipment is out for that alt then; T1 Meta's will do.

But on your "main"?  Well that pod is worth wrapping with all those nice T2 modules.

All pilots want a spare Epithal for their goo.  We are getting better at avoiding ganking. Some of this is extra WCS, others is *always* fly to a safe or 200k off POCO (or both) bookmarks before picking up goo.  But ganks still happen.  (and ... some players have been know to fall asleep at a POCO)

Other pilots want a Miasmos for their gas or ore. Some want an max fit industrial for emergency evac or simply to bring in more command centers.

So, with 6 spare industrials per player; and lets say that we try to fit 7 players per corp; makes ... 42 Industrials.  But ... we have space for 40.

In our C2 corp, We are solving by communal ownership and standardised fits  (With a hundred goblins all crying out in terror).
* Players are allowed 2 private fit Industrial in the SMA at any given time, but expecting average of 1 each  Planed total of 7 industrials.
* A standardised base skills fit Max Hauler, PI hauler, (and soon Ore/Gas hauler).  Planed total of 6 industrials.
* A max skills fit Max Hauler, PI hauler, (and soon Ore/Gas hauler).  Planned total of 6 industirals
* The most popular variant of some of these ships. Planned total of 4 industrials.

This still leaves us with 23 industrials, but has freed up just over 20% of our SMA for what should be more interesting uses.  Our players are also still welcome to use their share of the LSAA space for ship storage, and of course log off in their ship of choice.

Surplus (empty) haulers will be kept in offline storage.  Our offline storage is 'secure', requiring no CPU/Powergrid, but also requiring someone with elevated permissions to withdraw from.  At the moment, this is an offline LSAA (large ship assembly array); but might be changed to an SMA later.  The offline SMA has the advantage of being available even if the POS is re-inforced; has the disadvantage of attracting additional attention, especially as SMA's will drop ships again come Rubicon*.  Mind you, I am not sure that an offline LSAA is any better in that regard.  Some days I wish those things could be scanned.

We acknowledge that standardising our fits will not be best for any given pilot.  The alternative is making us a more attractive target by lessening our defences to increase online storage for more ships. 

For those pilots that want their special sauce fits; with the exception of rigs, you can borrow one of the base skill ships and re-fit it as needed, providing you put it back the way you found it.

* sob sob; I am supportive of other corp's POS being bashed for their ships. PVP types breaking things means there is a need for replacement ships... Just leave mine alone.


  1. I have no idea about corp income and it would eat into profits anyway but perhaps the solution is raising another POS? That would allow anchoring of another SMA (needed to refit)/LSAA (needed for bulk storage)/PHA. (needed for private storage of nonship stuff.)
    Good to remember that SMA are the only ones accesible when the POS is reinforced. I tend to log off in my best combat ship anyway.

    Another policy could be to store any cheap ship you don't mind others borrowing in the SMA, anything you don't want to share is stored in a personal LSAA division and dragged to the SMA before boarding and switching ships.
    Combat ships needed when reinforced have to be kept in the SMA.

  2. I don't charge enough to justify a second POS. A large costs about 600M per month to run. Anything smaller is an invitation to unwanted visitors.

    In the C1 I have experimented with a reaction tower but ... am unhappy with the results

  3. I understand your frustration with a reaction tower. I currently run a reaction tower in my hole and doing the maths after accounting for fuel and such there are only 2 reactions that have a positive ROI and after about a week of reactions it is about 30m (ish) in profit, which is better than nothing considering it is all AFK work.

  4. Hard to compete with a nullsec sov holder that has 25% reduction in POS fuel costs. That's your profit margin right there.
    Without an alliance to defend your POS you need at least some online defenses at all times. And of course they can mine their own moons instead of having to buy and import everything.


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