Thursday, 14 November 2013

In praise of Warp Core Stabiliser fit Epithals, and their counters

I have been reading about some recent ... strong feelings towards warp core stabilisers, and about how evil they are.

You know, how an Epithal fully fit with them might actually survive a gank in wormhole space.

Or maybe how a they are a blight on faction warfare plexers.

Well I am a proud user of warp core stabilisers, on my Epithals.

I also want you to know that they are not the last word when it comes to surviving.  We have been caught by well setup warp disruption bubbles. 

The Interdictor or Heavy Interdictor is still our nemesis.  Sure, you might need to know where we are going; but there are clever hunters out there.  The interdictor currently has a warp speed of 9au/s; our Epithals travel at 4.5au/s.  If you guess where we are going, in the right ship, you have us well and truly caught.

But you want to run a covops cloak fit ship, and still want to catch us? Nothing stopping you fitting 3 Warp Scramblers on a Recon, Covops or or Stealth bomber ship.  A terrible fit you cry?  Well if that terrible fit catches us, and a 'proper' fit lets us go, maybe it's time to re-evaluate 'terrible' and 'proper'.

Previously, industrials had evasion tanking.  i.e. Don't be where the gankers were.  If caught then dead.  Now we (temporarily) appear to have choices.  I expect this to change in the future; whether due to small gangs, or 'terrible fit' covops cloak ships.  Now, in wormhole space (and I assume null), we are relying on hunters not having 4-5 points of warp disruption.  This too, shall pass.

I have not done faction war, but I know a certain corp member who is going to have a minor fit (*cough* DJ *cough*) when I say that Warp Core Stablisers are good for the game.  It means that hunters have to choose between maximum gank and maximum catch.

Now if you wanted to give industrials an option, how about a low module for fitting to industrials (and plexing frigates), when such a ship is hit with a point, both ships are disrupted and neuted for 30 +/- 10 seconds. Call it a warp core feeback module, and give it a 3 minute reload.  A standard fit for such a module might be DCU, Feedback,(edit) Buffer hull tank

For those that object, do you feel that only hunters should be able to pick fights?

I would be very interested in fitting such a module.

P.S. I appear to be both very 'chatty' today, a little more belligerent than normal.


  1. I agree. PvPers today get more and more lazy. "Why should I change my fit? Ban Stabbies!" "Why should I move? More Gatecamps!" Its sad. Stabbies are sometimes the only choice lowsec industrials have.

  2. I partially agree with you, but I still disagree about Faction warfare. Warp stabs break the spirit of plexing - the only way to counter them is to put together a well organized trap - and even then a smart player will know what to look for. As a result, FW goes from an interesting and entertaining stab at small scale PvP to an exercise in farming.

    But that said, I don't think it should change. As annoying as it is, that's life. It's the idea of large null-sec alliances jumping into FW for a few weeks to abuse the system and farm money that causes the problems, not stabs in general.

    1. Does "well-organized trap" in this case simply boil down to "if you see someone that you know fits stabs, go in with a triple scrammed ship?", or does that not work?

  3. Two days before I posted this, we had a killmail from a 3WCS/1DCU Epithal pilot that lost his ship and a customs office. It took a couple of days for the messages to go back and forth.

    I just got caught on xxx POCO. Warped there from safe. As soon as I land, I initiated warp to go to another safe and while I was moving stuff from POCO to ship a nemesis uncloaked, locked and pointed me. I had 3 stabs in but still could not warp away. I just sat there for about a minute after putting all the PI back in the POCO and then warped my pod off when ship was destroyed.


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