Friday 15 November 2013

Singularity CO bash

As of writing this post, I have couple of ships, on singularity; Avele V customs office,   doing a bash.  Friends, enemies welcome.  Over the next few days, I will be poking in ad out of Avele, mostly around downtime bashing AFK.

Well, I finally have my singularity installer working.

Log into wormhole space.  When the copy was taken, I was sitting in a battleship and battlecruiser, in wormhole space, without any probe launchers on those pilots.

So ... I self destruct; telling myself that it's only the backup server, and I can buy everything for 100ISK each.  And yes, that includes navy issue battleships.  Clones are still full price. But my isk is play isk on test.

Why am I bothering? Well I want to know now what will happen next week, in a disposable environment.

I expect Highsec battleships on extended afk bashes will become a familiar site over the next few months.

I can confirm that highsec interbus customs offices are 17%.  This, by itself, even with the reduced tax rates, means that for the first few weeks, there will be increased taxes for highsec PI pilots.  (Reminder to self; update corp advertisements).

I will put up a singularity customs office tomorrow.

Is it profitable to suicide gank glass cannon fit meta gun dominix?

1 comment:

  1. The Dominix no need to be glass cannon. You can put shield tank on it.


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