Friday, 1 November 2013

K162 descriptions

In our wormhole corp(s), we have rules on bookmarks: never warp to a bookmark unless you plan on using it (or at least deliberately planning to reset it).

Sometimes, all we want is a route to empire space, so we have no plans on unravelling the chains.  This means we can occasionally ignore certain bookmarks because all we want is the fastest route to empire space.

Taken directly from the K162 Wormhole page
Description Origin System
Unknown parts of space C1, C2 or C3
Dangerous unknown parts of space C4 or C5
Deadly unknown parts of space C6
High security space Highsec system
Low security space Lowsec system
Null security space Nullsec system
For Foo corp members, if you find a K162 that you don't need to go down, at least note the description obtained by selecting the K162 and looking at it's info. Other corps may like to do the same

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  1. Yes, this is good advice - especially when it comes to opening static WH after re-spawn. But you can get more information out of a WH than just its class - see pjharvey's detailed WH color scheme:


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