Saturday 23 November 2013

Goon defense of POCO's in Perimeter

The Goons own customs offices in Perimeter.  They are wardecced by D A R K Homeworld.  Many of the customs offices are re-inforced.  Perimeter is 1 jump from Jita.

It looks like RVB are coming to the Goons defence, as assistance against D A R K. (from viewing the war in-game).  Rumour has it that Goons and RVB are forming a cartel, and now it looks like mutual assistance pact.

I am an observer, not a participant (at least not yet anyway).

I missed one CO repair effort.

The second had a lot of suspect repairers on field; with opportunistic ganking of those ships.  A few went down.

 The third CO had only one ship with a suspect flag.  Given the number of ships on field, the single suspect lasted seconds.  A few more ships were involved.

1 comment:

  1. And people said I was crazy when I said Goons would be involved in trying to take over high sec COCOs (C for Corporation because with Wardecs involved they aren't really Player assets).


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