Wednesday, 20 January 2016

CCP Update Jan 2016

CCP have just announced an update at

Skill trading is coming.

As shown by the recent Blood Raider event, many players love the idea of faster skills.   I have also read that CCP are committed to this.  The current proposal is for the diminishing returns is not going to be as sharp a falloff for the better skilled pilot.

My feedback to CCP would be to consider a few things.
  • The bonus should be provided in the form of a blood raider style skill boost rather than a one off injection.
  • I would prefer that future skillpoints forgone is more valuable that existing skillpoints reprocessed.  That is, the 'seller' of these packets applying skill training to a new packet is my preferred method.
  • You should not be able to unlearn starter skills.  

Other feedback I had that has already been addressed.
  • You will not be able to unlearn required per-requisites for other skills a pilot currently has.

Some like this idea.  Others loathe it. For me, Eve is not about instant gratification.  It is something we towards, and when that magic moment comes (different moments for different players), it is all the more sweeter because of it.  I like that skill training takes time.  How much time?  There I see room for flexibility.

My proposals are there to keep those training mistakes, those regretted choices with our characters forever, while still keeping the ability for that player to get that chance to get up to speed faster than they currently do.

Citadels are coming soon

I have a love / hate relationship with POS.  For me, citadels can't come soon enough.

For those that like getting their name on in game monuments, citadels provide an opportunity, as per

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