Monday, 11 January 2016

DoToo Foo for CSM 11

I am a wormhole PI bear, a nullsec market trader and the hunted. 

I belong to and help make the small group.  I have no love for the largest player groups.

I believe in the circle of gank.  The good PVP pilot will defeat the Ganker.  The good Ganker will catch the Evasion pilot, The good Evasion pilot will evade the PVP pilot.

Once on the CSM, I will encourage CCP to consider gameplay compatible with 'us'. ('They' will already be represented)

Eve is already one to the strongest 'market' games.  Real destruction leads to real construction.  I have some little things I would like to fix (Selling below buy orders, buying above sell orders for one)

For some controversy:
  • I think warp core stabs encourage hunter pilots to differentiate between being a PVPer or a ganker.
  • I think NPC's should do less, and players should do more (whether it is market seeding, or even player faction militia having the rights of NPC faction police)
  • I like the fragmentation of nullsec created by Fozzie Sov

I have a series of labeled posts for those interested in the CSM

My CSM thread is at


  1. Long time lurker here: I think you would be a great CSM member. However, how much time do you think you will be able to commit for CSM considering that you haven't been very active on this blog for a while now?

  2. My budget for time is 10 hours/week plus 2 weeks of annual leave.

    I have already resigned / cut back on other first life commitments. I also expect that there will be competing requirements between CSM duties and in game activities.

    I have found that I blog more when doing something new or challenging. CSM would definitely be both but ... I will also have to deal with Non Disclosure Agreements.


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