Saturday, 23 April 2016

Drone Walkers Recruitment

Greetings and salutations!

I'm  Achaeus Amellion CEO of  Requiem Eternal and member of the Drone Walkers and I have an offer for you.

Let's look at what you do right now. You pay rent. BILLIONS of isk per month. To play the game. You spend your ingame money to make money.

What do you get for that? Systems to play in. Do you get defense? Do they protect your systems? Do they fight for you? No. They do not.

What happens, if you can't make a payment? Well they'll be bros and give you credit right? Wrong. They'll be lenient, but they expect that money on the next payment. If you don't pay? You get kicked, with all your assets locked up.

For the billions of isk you spend, are you getting access to all of the moons in the system?  No. You're not. They're keeping the moons, and collecting money FROM YOU, to help THEM keep their space safe.

Are you free? No. You're nothing but a slave. You work the fields, and they profit.


Why should you make isk, only to hand it someone else?

Why should you pay isk, to someone who doesn't defend you?


Drone Walkers has conquered the region of Tenal, and has a large amount of space in Cobalt Edge and Oasa already.

The war for the Drone Lands is underway.

Join us, and help us win.

If you join up with us, you can rat in Tenal, mine in Tenal, and not pay a single month's rent.



We are a coalition of former pvp alliances from the Drone Federation. We decided we were going to fight the CFC, whether we lost our space or not. THEN, the manager of the dronelands gathered us together, and talked to XIX, and they gave us PERMISSION to fight. We would NOT BE LOSING OUR SPACE for fighting the CFC. There was only one stipulation. We were told that when the CFC Won the War, we could not ask XIX for help to protect our space for them.We were told that whatever we conquered... We could decide what would happen.

So we decided, we would make Tenal a place to live, RENT FREE. Where NEIGHBORS, PROTECT NEIGHBORS. We would use R64 moons, to pay ihub bills, and purchase upgrades, all around the region.

They found out about this, and were PISSED. They wanted to consider Tenal part of their "Renter Empire." They wanted those R64s for themselves. Then the CFC started getting it's ass KICKED. They thought we would get broken on the CFC, and we'd be weaker and easier for them to manage. Then they saw how many people we were fielding in fleets. The manager of the dronelands, got us MONEY to fight the CFC. We didn't ask for it, but hey, isk is isk right?

Then the XIX Rentershitlords put out a statement, saying we were breaking the NIP. (CFC invaded Cobalt Edge two years ago, HELLO?!) They said we were taking isk, to break NIP. (Their manager is the one who gave it to us.) They said we broke an agreement by holding R64 moons. (They didn't fight for Tenal, why should they get them?)

Why do you align with this group? They're the worst! Come join us! Have a say in your future. Don't pay rent to the machine!

If you are interested in joining, please send me a mail or join this channel:  01100110 01110010 01100101 01100101

Regards, Achaeus Amellion

This is a mail I received from Achaeus to keep us informed.  If you are interested, evemail Achaeus Amellion or DoToo Foo

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