Saturday, 16 April 2016

War fire sales

Just a short note.

If there is war near you, you have docking rights and an exit to 'safe' (whatever that is - maybe a thera wormhole?) , then now is the time to pick up fire sales.

Lots of people being evicted, and looking to recover anything from their isk.

Me?  I have been making sure I can remote trade on my pilots for those items I can't move.  Visibility, Marketting, Tycoon, and an astero with a covert ops are all useful skills.  I don't need to be in station to trade, (though there are things owners can do to be painful).

A little bit of diplomacy would not go astray either.  Just because your alliance is red with someone, does not mean that is the only way to move things.  Black Frog Freight (business is booming), even public freighter contracts with collateral will all help.

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