Tuesday, 5 April 2016

Do you want a place in nullsec?

With the Casino War / World War Bee happening, there is nullsec space to be taken.

http://evemaps.dotlan.net/sovereignty/campaigns/upcoming shows 331 timers vulnerable systems.   https://timerboard.net/ is struggling to keep up.

If you look at dotlan, border Imperium alliances are under reinforcement, and anti Imperium space is not (or at least not too much).  As of this post (and things are changing rapidly ) the regions with more than 10 timers are

Under the current war, even small gangs can dogpile in.  Have a look at the current map, find a place just behind the lines, and have at it..

Bonus points if you dogpile into a constellation over from a timer that is currently being fought over. The special of the day is grr goon, but if you are so inclined, the denizens of nullsec are all busy so choose the target of your choice

This is the first war under Fozzie/Aegis sov, and many players have not taken entosis systems before.  http://wiki.eveuniversity.org/Sovereignty_Mechanics_(Aegis/Fozziesov) is a more detaied read.

The too long, didn't read (it all) version of Aegis mechanics:

  • Put an entosis link (highslot) onto a hull (not interceptor - wont fit, not capital - takes too long), and strontium clathrates in the hull - fuel.

Optional pre-work.

  • Look up Find a vulnerable Outpost (think nullsec station), Infrastructure hub ('IHub'  - expensive system upgrades), or territorial claim unit ('TCU' - flag waving plus limited intel), that is 'vulnerable'.
  • If the system is too well used (has an Active Defense Multiplier or ADM) above 3, AFK cloak, roam, or otherwise harass the locals.  The attacker's goal in this phase is to stop the defenders from ratting or mining as much as possible.

Initial stage

  • Apply the Entosis link for one cycle (warmup) and then 10 minutes times the 'Activity Defense multiplier'  - 10 minutes for an unused system, 60 minutes for a well lived in system.  Don't lose your hull, don't have someone else apply an entosis link.  
  • You are 'pointed' while your entosis link is up, and you can't receive remote repairs.
  • If you succeed come back in a couple of days.
Using dotlan to work out the numbers. http://evemaps.dotlan.net/system/MZPH-W

This system has TCU that will need to be entosised for 37 minutes with an entosis link I or 34 minutes with an entosis link 2 to become vulnerable (32 minutes plus a warm up cycle).  Each cycle uses 1 strontium clathrates (5 minutes tech 1, 2 minutes tech 2).

The Infrastructure Hub has already fallen to the 'initial stage'.  

Round two

This time you have to play 'whack a mole' with nodes in the constellation.  Our example target system has the constellation as listed in http://evemaps.dotlan.net/map/Tenal/O-EOI9

There will be 5 nodes active at any time.  Attackers capture 10 nodes with no defenders? Then the defenders TCU (400m) or IHUB (starting at 600m) is destroyed, or the Outpost (a trader's fortune) is put into freeport.  The defenders take 10 minutes plus warmup cycle per node to defend.  The attackers take the adjusted time (between 10 minutes and 60 minutes plus warmup cycle) to capture.

Stations Round three

While an outpost is in freeport mode, anyone can use it.  Another vulnerability window and the station can be captured.  The would be station owners corp has to capture 20 nodes.  (Rumour has it that one corp has to do all, and we listened to rumour).  The good news is that these nodes are only 10 minutes (plus warmup each).

TCU/Ihub round three

If there are no TCU's in sov nullsec, launch a TCU, give it 2 entosis cycles, and you have your own banner in space (plus warning if anyone drops a POS in system ?)

If there are no infrastructure hubs in sov nullsec, you can drop an ihub and do the same.

Hopefully coming soon are posts about how you can use wormholes to invade your choice of nullsec system, or what alliances are recruiting (hint ... lots and lots, including ours.)  Out in nullsec, I am looking for small PVP groups with a ratting / mining bent, or ratting / mining groups willing to bear arms (and an update of my recruiting page is required)


  1. Can confirm Al3xander is a great place to be - especially right now that the war is heating up nearby.

  2. Do I want a place in null? Not particularly, no matter how much CCP wants me there. The solution is obvious.

  3. How do the allies know what neutral not to shoot? If I go in as a neutral, chances are that all those NBSI-Pawlows will blow my ship up.

    1. The basic rule of thumb is don't shoot any non-Goon neuts. If you follow that, which it seems everyone is so far, you'll be just fine. But do shoot Goons and their allies, always.


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