Thursday, 21 April 2016

Entosis work

Stabs as a write up of enstosis work in CFC space at .  I have a slightly different view.

I first flew entosis as part of a friendly land grant in Peregrin Falls, then in Tenal with Drone Walkers, and then attempting to defend that land grant.

I agree with Stab's that you really want 5 pilots in Entosis ships for a capture/defense event, and maybe a scout or two.  On top of this having a defense fleet nearby is a nice bonus but not necessary.

Either as an attacker or as a defender, make them commit to every node.  A single entosis griffon makes them attend.  As a defender, every minute you spend entossing you have a multiplier effect on them.

In my opinion, the reason that Drone walkers took Tenal so quickly the CFC simply did not show up.  People may have a shot at sewerfleet/swordfleet, but they slow down the advance.  Nothing fell as quickly as Tenal did.

An Entosis blackbird (or griffin), says bring friends or go home.  Or it should at least.  Instead, 20 AFK entosis nodes on that boat.

Eventually, we lost that space in Peregrin Falls (not everything goes Walker's way), but ... I kept the fighting 'over there' instead of at home.  We only had 4 pilots on to defend that station, and yes I would have preferred more.  We did tie up 40 pilots running around trying to pin us down.  More importantly the fighting was kept out there for another 4 days rather than at home.  4 Days is a lot of time to move things.

Peregrin falls and Oasa are not Tenal where CFC alliances evaporated without the ability to move goods.

I wanted our nullsec group to have the space in Peregrin Falls.  Not having it bothers me.  Our killboard is so red, it can be used as afood warmer.  We have too much bulky stuff to move quickly, and rumours of a huge volume of tritanium and P1 planetary interaction goo.

Good news though, all the P2 is safe.  The tech 2 ships, the modules, the compressed minerals, the middle value stuff are all moved.  Not as far as I would like, but good enough.  I have a trading alt in with my low value goo sitting in station.

Drone Walkers have Tenal.  CFC ... have parts of lowsec, at least until they form against Voltron.

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