Sunday, 28 February 2016

CSM Match is a website listing who the CSM candidates are going to be ( I think ).

I know that CCP passed my candidacy onto Eve match directly (a story in itself for another day)

So, I think there are 51 candidates for 14 positions.

Just cross referencing that list with Nosy Gamer's

I can not find Capri Sun Kraftfoods on CSM match though that campaign thread is still open.

Neither can I find a CSM match page for Rivver and her thread is still open.

Sapporo Jones is on CSM match however and I can't find his name on CSM wire yet

I have poked Nosy with this information to do as he sees fit.

Most pilots have added some information to CSM the match website.  To fill in all the details was more time consuming than I expected. Some 70 questions to answer, and most of them.  If a pilot has not answered any questions on CSM watch, I assume they are already very confident of their election result and may not need any more promotion by me either.

I am further behind in where I want to be for my own research on candidates (first life and eve life combining to create even less sleep opportunities), but do what you can with what you have.

I have moved some pilots from the previous post's consider list to a new 'not on CSM wire or CSM match' section.

In addition to Steve Ronuken I will also be endorsing Borat Gureen , and Joffy Alux-Gao ( ).  I will produce a 14 candidate list very soon, but wanted to call these 2 additional pilots out as I both respect their platforms (even if I do not 100% agree) and they have been kind enough to let me know I am on their recommended pilots list.

I expect my full list Tuesday or Wednesday downtime - later than it should be but I hear there is another downtime tomorrow when I would otherwise be on.


  1. Last year I got a 70% match with myself...
    Some questions are infuriatingly impossible to answer - in that from the 5 answers, none of them are even close to mine. What to do then? Click any answer and try and explain it? Kind of defeats the purpose.
    And how to answer the Dust 514 question?
    Eve Match has been informed of some problem questions...

  2. You are going to be in my list too. And i agree the questions are... interesting. But it is always the case with that type of things.

    60% is a high match here. And some are discovering some ... interesting results...


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