Wednesday 24 February 2016

CSM candidate investigation part 1

Like almost everyone out there, I know about me and my group, and far less about others.  I am further behind in this than I would like to be, and I am running as a candidate.

With the CSM voting, in order to make the best I can of my vote, I would like to have 13 other candidates I would like to endorse (because I obviously am going to recommend myself for first spot).

Initially I want a site to make life easier for me. has done a lot of the work.  It is missing some pilots and updates, and that is entirely OK. My research will also miss pilots as well.

If you want me to consider a candidate sooner than later, leave a comment, or as always, evemail DoToo Foo.

I have a blacklist approach to the candidates

  • Do not obviously target smaller organisations for not bending the knee.  Indiscriminate targeting is OK.  Deliberately taking territory for own use is also OK. Large block candidates will already be well represented.
  • Do not be a 'joke candidate'.  Reform agendas are ok.  Having a bit of fun is OK, but I want candidates to work for how they think Eve should be

Then I have a whitelist.
  • Be both passionate and intelligent about how you want Eve to look.  I do not need to agree with the view point ( I like warp core stabs but will support gankers and PVP candidates )

I am looking for something to show some effort. lists some CSM resources.  I want to see that a candidate is somewhere out there.

I will have made mistakes below, and surely have missed or mis-categorised someone.  I need to cross reference the CSM wire list to the candidate list.

This is a living document, and will change as I do my investigation. 


To be advised
If you use any third party apps, Evemon, Pyfa, Eve Central, Pirates little helper, Tripwire, siggy, then you want Steve on the CSM.

Worth a second look

I need to cut this list down soon.

Diana Olympos
Phoebe Freeport Republic.
Lone wolf / small group hunter ?
Maybe. Not on Eve Match.
Lowsec, endorsed by Eveoganda.
Asking for a chance to survive a gank.  Wants tutorials to include dscan skills.
Solo PVPer
Faction warfare
c5 pilot is good
PL ... not so much.  Hard Knocks has been accused of being a renter empire.  I need to investigate more.
Circle of two ... I need to do more research

Pass on these - Large bloc

Northern Army is a self described NCDot sister corp and a large coalition.

Pandemic Legion.
PL, but also therabois / small gang PVP.  CSM XI rep so some continuity.  Almost made it to the second look list says Northern Coalition.
EN24 editor, and I know the effort that goes into it (I was part of it for a while).  Still Pandemic Legion
While not an official large bloc candidate, his candidacy post encourages you to be a member of a large bloc
Mittani Editor
Pandemic Legion

Insufficient effort

Where is the link to more information?  I have no links to more information.

Just no

Trolls not required

Locked threads.
Has asked for his candidacy thread to be locked.
Has withdrawn his candidacy

Edit: crossed out a couple of players no longer appearing on csm wire or eve match.
CSM wire has no information.
Wormhole, merc contracts, NPSI, public fleets in WSpace.  Previous candidate re-running.


  1. I was hoping that CCP would have already released the official list of candidates so I wouldn't be doing wasted work. They still haven't released it.

    1. Your list helps. Some of the locked threads and withdrawn candidates may also help.

      However you probably know who is on csm watch. Maybe work there first.

    2. To update : i'm not in PFR anymore.

      And it is Diana OlympOs.

  2. I wouldn't pass on Apothne. Do some research about the guy. He's incredibly knowledgeable and passionate about Eve. I've learned so much from reading things that he's written.

    The top of my list is usually reserved for wormhole candidates, but Apothne will be on my candidate list somewhere without a doubt.


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