Saturday, 6 February 2016

Skill packet costs

Skill packet costs are announced.

1 empty packet : 999 Aurum (1 plex == 3.5 empty packets)
5 empty packets : 4499 Aurum (1 plex == 3.89 empty packets)
10 empty packets : 7999 Aurum ( 1 plex == 4.38 skill packets)

(30 days gametime == 1 Plex == 30 days multi character training == 3500 Aurum )

A skill packet will hold 500,000 skillpoints consumed.

Looking at the 'best case', +5 learning implants, best remap, I calculate 2700 skillpoints per hour, with a plex being 'worth' at most 1,944,000 skillpoints, though this is slowly over the month and not 'upfront' like an injector.  This pilot could fill 3.89 packets per month.

On the other hand, with the worst possible attributes, no implants, I calculate 1530 skillpoints per hour, or 1,101,600 skillpoints.  This pilot can fill 2.20 packets per month.  Even more relevant, this type of pilot may be better buying skill injectors than multi pilot training.

Those looking to give their main a boost regardless of cost will consume skill injectors.

For those looking to give low skill alts a boost and are in no particular rush, it will become a decision between stopping their main training, purchasing a plex/multi pilot training certificate, and purchasing skill packets.   Trading, industry and cyno alts often fall into this bucket.

What we do not know is how many pilots are willing to pay Plex to give up part of themselves (in the form of now useless historical training).  There are plenty of pilots who have now useless 'industrial' skills on the PVP mains, but these pilots are broke.  There are pilots who have surplus isk on their trading accounts, but they will have to sink a the cost of a month game time plus skillpoints give some up to a month of game time in training.

As a side note, I am astounded that pilots are currently unable to sacrifice their PI skills.  I have no intention of selling any skillpoints on any pilots (alt, main, useful, or temporarily useless).

I think the following pilots will be interested in skillpoints.

  • Those that want a boost on their main, and are prepared to pay (probably first life cash) for diminished return.
  • New alts wanted now and not later.  Things that spring to mind
    • Cyno alts : 1 packet for Cyno 3, 4 packets for Cyno 5 
    • Defensive scanner alts (Astero, cloak, scanning mids) : 1 packet
    • Offensive scanner (as above, expanded probe launcher, covert cloak, coprocessor 2) : 2 packets
    • Gnosis booster (T1 boosts) (6 tech 1 links @ with 2 relevant specialist 4): 7 packets.
    • T1 fit cruiser for a single skill packet.  This includes a gankalyst.
The other thing with skill boosters, is they are based on a lot of waste.  Several redditors are not amused.  I think this is not unintentional.

There is no easy way to align aurum purchase needs with aurum packages.  Aurum can be bought for cash in packages of 900, 1,950, 4,035, 40,600 and 21,200 bundles, or 3,500 for a plex.  This means if you want to purchase a 5 packet bundle, you will need to buy 2 different aurum packages and will have left over Aurum.

The same applies to many skill bundles.  A cyno 5 package on a new alt costs 3.2 packages - you either need to be patient with 3 packages, or splurge on the 4th.  Eve skills are generally based around based maths, 500k is just short of the 512k you will want for a lot of skills. That said, I don't think you will actually care that much as a consumer because you will have other skills to consume any spare skillpoints.

In summary, skill packets will cost at least the equivalent of subscription costs, plus the seller's fee to offset the lost skillpoints.  Many (but not all) uses of these will better solved with multi pilot training certificates.  For pilots requiring large amounts of training the existing character bazaar is likely a cheaper option.

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