Friday, 12 February 2016

Cap stable interview and review

I have just listened to the Cap Stable review of my interview with them.

The review was at  ,  starting at 31:58 for my review.

The original interview is at

I was fine for the interview.  I did some of my homework, including listening to previous interviews from last year. I am an OK public speaker, though not as good as I should be given my training (an accredited coach for an public speaking organisation - Rostrum Australia).

I did have fun in the interview.

After the interview, I was shattered.  Some comments saying I did well.  Other comments saying not as well as I could have. I was too afraid to listen to my interview.

Listening to the CSM Watch review of interviews, I feel a lot better.  Thanks.

A couple of points that came up in the review. 

I do not have a large bloc behind me.  I will need you the reader of this blog to help get my name out there.  I will turn up to the opening of an envelope.  I will talk to any group, large or small.  Industry or PVP.

If you like my blog or even the odd post, please share it.  Hell, recognition is good, so even if you don't still share it.

In terms of talking to developers, yes, I will be able to talk their language. I have two first life 9-5 titles :  Senior Business Systems Analyst, and Release Manager, with previous titles of Analyst / Programmer.  I know how to talk to developers.  (With my current roles, they don't always like what I have to say, but that is a different conversation).

Anyway, thanks to the guys at Cap Stable.  If anyone would like to ping me, my contact details are here

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