Monday, 15 February 2016

Are you a member of the 1 in 12?

I am reviewing CSM candidates at the moment, coming up with a first pass of recommendations. Some of the candidates are either among the 1 in 12, or someone close to them is.

I am talking about color blindness.  1 in 12 males can not see colours properly, the most common being red/green colour blind.

In Eve, we use colours to distinguish items.  The most common being a group being set red, or that we shoot red crosses.

Normal Vision
Usable but overheating will be hard

Normal vision was hard enough
Red Green Colour blind scanning

My son grew into red/green colour blindness . He can recall seeing differences as a pre-teen where it is now just another brown.

In your corp, full of mostly male players (as most corps are), 1 in 12 is colour blind.  If they are not, it is because they are no longer playing.  They generally won't bring it to your attention, there will just be some tasks in eve they do not like doing.

That said, we can all do what we can with what we have.

Nvidia graphic drivers allow colour rotation, or at least the last few we have in our household can. Nvidia Control Panel -> Display -> Adjust desktop color settings.

For the Red/Green colour blind you can rotate the red into blue which is much more visible to you. Eve will look weird, but more useable.  I know my son uses this to play some games where distinguishing between green and red is mandatory.

Default Hue

Hue @ 225 degrees. Taken with camera as it is only the display that has changed colour and not the underlying image an app that my son uses to good effect - allowing him to both 'rotate' colour spectrums and show others how it looks

I am not a graphic designer or a user interface specialist.  I also well know that a lot of assistance technology uses the same hooks as botting software.

I won't often talk about such things in public.  Maybe I should more.  I have already blogged about lack of contrasting colors in scanning, and there has been some improvement on the marking of signatures.  The scanning screenshot above is from a previous post.  Was the change driven even in part by my blog?  I don't know, nor does it matter.

Ideas like this do not require non-disclosure agreements, and as such can be asked for regardless of the season. For those wanting to push this a bit harder, why wait?  is the features and ideas thread is a suitable place to drum up support.  Contact an existing CSM rep ( if you don't already know one)

Edit: Re-embedded colour blind images

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  1. A friend of mine is red/green colourblind. It's always strange, talking about things that are normal to those of us that can see the colours and him having no idea what to look at.

    He doesn't play EvE, but I showed him Zkillboard once, forgotting about the colourblindness I told him that red were losses and green were kills on our end. He just went "I don't see any of those"



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