Saturday, 13 February 2016

CSM Summit coming up

It covers the second summit of CSM X.

I wish to cover a few things from it.  (OK,  I seem incapable of few).

Brain in a box : This has been a bigger project than many players will realise, and has nearly had it's desired goal : nobody noticing.  However, I have heard reports of many more pilots piling into systems without soul crushing lag.  It also has laid the framework for on grid links which some will love and those with off grid boosters will probably hate.

Capital Ships: For those that think that CCP doesn't listen to complaints, please see the backflip on using carrier skills for both Force Auxilleries and existing Triage Carriers.

Project Discovery (the new science project). I have not done any of this.  I was reading some comments from those doing it in the test servers, and some concerns that it was more a test of getting the mob guesses quickly rather than the correct results.  I am sure that this can be tweaked by review later, and adjusting the rewards for those getting correct results rather than common results.

Nullsec and Sov.  While entosis links are a maligned mechanic, I still endorse a bit of trolling here and there.  Troll mechanics is what keeps the largest groups from claiming unused empty space.  Please allow trolling  (or ambit claims) on at least unused systems.

In regard to ship balance, fits and ships will come and go.  I am well aware that pilots train into the flavour of the day,  small nerf will make pilots grumpy, but as it is where their skills are in these ships, they will continue to be flown after small nerfs.

Players seem to love events and new content (eg Frostline).  These are worth continuing.  Seasonal events with even dropping only vanity items seem to be a popular event.  (I say this second hand as I have not flown many)

Wormholes are near and dear to my heart.  Citadels are coming, good.  They will drop loot when destroyed, also good.  Currently POS only provide contents killboard information (and maybe loot drops?) based on what is in SMA's and not on the contents of corp hangers, assembly and research arrays. This was hard earned knowledge due to an exceptionally expensive failure on my behalf.  Will citadels drop only ships, or will they also drop contents of personal hangers or corporate offices? 

What I am concerned about is reading that Citadels may not provide contract ability at first.  The ability to move items between pilots not currently in the same corp is important.  Currently I use freight containers sitting in the POS forcefield.  As contracts are not easy (or they would have already been done), are citadels replacing one set of 'legacy problems' with another set of problems.  Or are they really 'coming soon'?

I have already said that I feel Citadels dropping loot to be a good thing.  However, with wormhole citadels having both a shorter 'grind down' window, and dropping at least some loot (instead of magical fairies taking both time and ISK to whisk treasured possessions to safety), I would like to see some other offsets for users of citadels in wormhole space.

For the new player experience, I would like to ensure the ability (on singularity at least) to be able to run the new starter missions.  Maybe I can and don't know it.

I love the new Eve launcher.  Players are still having problems copying old settings to the new settings.  Also, at one point I could log into one account and have all 4 appear.  Since the recent purge I can not do so any more.  I don't know how I set it up before so can't repeat it.

Crest.  Steve had good results with the CREST market browser.  I can't repeat it, but that might be my PC's setup. has some things of concern.  I also think that pilots should be encouraged to use bug reports where there are errors.

Finally, I note who is attending and who is not.  Combined with known grumbling from various quarters and a change in staff from CCP, it ... appears that CSM X has not been a happy place.  Those that think that CSM is the tool of any given player group should take note.


  1. [12:12:47] Eliz Marbly > just want to tell u abt how to solve the eve launcher thingy
    [12:14:25] Eliz Marbly > C:\Users\Computer Name\AppData\Local\CCP\EVE\c_games_eve_tranquility
    [12:15:00] Eliz Marbly > this is ur previous launcher folder that contains ur 'setttings' folder
    [12:15:03] Garsk Foo > is it just a copy / paste to the new folder?
    [12:15:13] Eliz Marbly > yes
    [12:15:17] Eliz Marbly > but u need to rename it
    [12:15:26] Eliz Marbly > settings_default
    [12:16:47] Eliz Marbly > C:\Users\Computer Name\AppData\Local\CCP\EVE\c_games_eve_sharedcache_tq_tranquility
    this should be the path u should copy and rename it

  2. Phew I solved my posting problem :D
    To summarize what was mentioned above,
    The 'settings' folder in the previous launcher folder is where you should keep a backup in case Eve kills your UI or your switching computer.

    C:\Users\Computer Name\AppData\Local\CCP\EVE\c_games_eve_tranquility

    The folder should be copied to the new launcher folder which is:
    C:\Users\Computer Name\AppData\Local\CCP\EVE\c_games_eve_sharedcache_tq_tranquility

    Lastly this folder has to be renamed as 'settings_default' and it will retain the UI arrangements you previously made.

  3. Thanks Eliz (for both comment and in game contact)


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