Monday, 7 March 2016

Singularity : POS ship repackaging coming soon.

I have just been on singularity test server because of the recent patch notes (Release on Tuesday, March 8th, 2016)

  • Starbases can now repackage the same type of items as Stations.
This means I can, in my POS, assemble then repackage a ship.  Given the surplus T1 hulls I tend to collect in the corp POS, this will help. 

We still can not assemble a T3 cruiser in space.  Citadels are coming soon.

You will be able to get battleship hulls out of a C1 wormhole (repackage in POS and put the hull into a DST)
  • Change distribution of Minerals and items from Planetary Interaction (PI) of all structure components.

I have not been following closely enough, but this will cause a spike in PI demand.  My crystal ball based on the highsec POCO replacements a while ago suggests a short lived and muted spike but still worth watching.

  • Add 20 units of Strontium to manufacturing requirements all fuel block types.
  • Changed name of fuel block and blueprints from racial to isotype type
Just things to watch for but nothing too serious

Added 4 new Structure skills to the market under the category Structure Management:
  • Structure Defensive Systems
    Basic operation of structure defensive modules. 2% reduction in capacitor consumption of all structure defensive modules per level.
    Prereqs: Mechanics 1, shield ops 1
  • Structure Electronic Systems
    Basic operation of structure electronic modules. 2% reduction in capacitor consumption of all structure electronic modules per level.
  • Prereqs: CPU management 1
  • Structure Engineering Systems
    Basic operation of structure engineering modules. 2% reduction in capacitor consumption of all structure engineering modules per level.
    PreReqs: Power Grid Management 1
  • Structure Missile Systems
    Basic operation of structure missile launchers. 2% bonus to all structure missile damage per level.
    PreReqs: Drones 1, Missile Launcher Operation 1
Skills are Charisma/Willpower with a 2x training multiplier.

The old starbase defense management skill will end up going away once POS are removed, but a few 2x skills are going to take its place on citadels.  It will mean some cross training but pilots no longer need anchoring 4 as a prerequisite.

Ship repacking in POS.  Thank you CCP.


  1. About the addition of Stront to fuel blocks being nothing to worry about...

    Currently, using Hi-Sec Glacial Mass, 10,000 blocks will give you enough Liquid Ozone for 2,000 runs == 80,000 Minmatar Fuel blocks.

    After the change we'll also need 20 x 2,000 units of Stront -- requiring the refining of 40,000 blocks of Glacial Mass.

    It would appear that, for Hi-Sec production at least, the bottle-neck has not only moved but it has got *much* narrower. Witness the tripling of the price of stront over the last month, since the announcement of the requirement change.

    At current prices we're looking at 3.5% increase in fuel block price -- much more if Stront supply doesn't keep up with demand. Nice for those with stockpiles, maybe not so good for people rushing to try out the new space huts in a couple of months...

    Or do you think that there's a large, previously unwanted, hoard of Stront out there somewhere which will plug the gap?

    1. I think it is intended. With the mention of a mining command destroyer in the CSM summit minutes, it would not surprise me if this is to address the lack of value from dangerously mining within shattered wormholes. Currently they have one significant ice field. But what is the point when it can be done safely in high-sec or relatively safe within sov-null? By making stront rare and valuable, players now need to struggle for resources. Taking the risk to obtain rare resources provides reward. capre glacies - seize the ice!

      The only thing missing from this scenario would be a low-mass hauler for the logistics.

    2. Would agree, Easy, if said ice has far higher proportions of stront than usual. I'm all for "regionality" of resources and the increased variety, trade, shipping and general ships-in-space that brings.

      I'm more worried about Fuel Block supply being throttled just as everyone needs more to cope with the upcoming structure changes, and how that'll hit player take-up of said structures.

      "Needs more" is a big assumption on my part, but I'm going by the first wave of proposed changes -- anyone who currently runs a POS doing refining and manufacturing, for example, will suddenly need a POS (manu) and a new structure (ref).

  2. I have started a post to write on what I think will happen with stront. But yes, I think there are large stockpiles of stront that no-one was bothered moving.

    And ... no patch today after all. CCP thought that not introducing bugs was more important. Good call.


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