Tuesday 1 March 2016

Probably final recommendation for CSMXI

Finally I have my recommendation list.
The easiest way to use my recommendation list is to log into https://community.eveonline.com

Then click  this sorted list of candidates

If you have done this in order, you will get my recommendations at the top of your list.

This list contains:
  • DoToo Foo,
  • Steve Ronuken,
  • Lorelei Ierendi,
  • Erika Mizune,
  • Diana Olympos,
  • Joffy aulx-gao,
  • Borat Guereen,
  • Tora Bushido,
  • Niko Lorenzio,
  • Commander Aze,
  • Viceran Phaedra,
  • Brodit,
  • Apothne,
  • Petrified
I encourage you to vote once for every active eve account that you have.

I have updated yesterday's post with my final 4 recommendations.

If you want to do some of your own research, look at the last couple of posts and look at http://foo-eve.blogspot.com.au/p/csm-xi.html for a list of resources I have used.

Vote early.
Vote often.

Edit: I have changed one of my lower ranked recommendations due to a reach out from some other wormhole residents.


  1. I'd place Steve below Lorelai,and remove Aze, who's probably going to join GSF on the new CSM panel ala Corbexx.

    Others I disagree with in part, but it's a good list. Best of luck Foo, I hope you can get your Russian guys to vote for you!

  2. Thanks for the vote of confidence. Much appreciated.


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