Monday 11 February 2013

The industrial is dead. Long live the Iteron Mark V.

Currently there are different 'best' industrials depending on how much skill you want to learn. 
  • Racial Industrial 1-3 : Bestower (Amarr)
  • Racial Industrial 4 : Mammoth (Minmatar)
  • Racial Industrial 5 : Iteron Mark V (Gallente)
This wiki page has a good page showing the different cargo sizes. I don't get quite the cargo sizes suggested as I also include defensive modules on most of my industrials.

For those of us that have far too many PI alts with too few skillpoints; we currently have interesting choices to make : Learn Amarr Industrial for now; Minmatar Industrial for a little later; or Gallente Industrial for off in the never never (that is : when will I get time to learn another month of training skill on that 3rd pilot?).  Even I feel the pain of not training my primary toon on an account, and I am not combat oriented.  This choice currently matters.

Below is a copy/paste from the recent dev blog.

  • All ship skill requirements reduced from 1-5 to 1. We want to overhaul Industrials roles as part of the Tiericide initiative and this is the first step in that direction. Watch out for more details when they are ready for player feedback.
  • Racial Frigate skill requirement removed from the Industrial skill

Now aside from a standard caveat (i.e. watch out for more details), my interpretation is that after teiricide (maybe the 'summer' expansion):
  • Learn Gallente Industrial 1 but if you are really keen maybe learn it to 3 (for the quick additional 10% cargo space); 
  • Reprocess your Badgers, Mammoths and Bestowers (and other T1 industrials) into scrap and put their BPO's away until the next major revamp.  
  • Start researching your extra copies of the Iteron Mark V BPO now.

Of course I read this dev blog just after I put the Badger, Mammoth and Bestower BPO's into material research for quite a while.

DoToo (my first pilot) will be jealous of all the under-skilled pilots flying his class of ship.  My PI alts that are dreaming of one day flying an Iteron Mark V will love it.

As someone still struggling where to allocate skill points; even though it will make my alt's life easier; I am not sure I approve.  A good game has interesting choices.  This change, if it goes in as planned, makes those choices less interesting.


  1. Somehow I don't think CCP will fail to notice how much better the Mark V will be than any other industrial.

    Consequently I'd imagine there'll be some changes to the other industrials coming around the same time.

    Sort of like how they handled mining ships, I expect CCP to make each transport good for different purposes. One might be the king of cargo capacity, another faster and more agile, another with terrific tank or built in warp stab capability.

    1. I reckon that you are correct and they do to the indies what they did with the mining ships.

      The only difference is that unlike most ships classes, the diffident races have diffident numbers of industrial ships. It will be interesting to see how Gallente's five ships stack up verses Amarr's two for instance.

  2. The dev blog implies at least two stages in the process:

    1) Skill requirements reset to Racial Industrial I for all haulers. Then as you say Itty Vs will be king.

    2) Indy tiericide. Which may even. after they think about it a bit, be moved up to happen simultaneously but almost certainly will be within a few months, 6 months max. When Indy tiericide happens, if it follows other ship tiericide:
    - ships in the class will all become viable. For example we could see each race having a fast hauler, a capacious hauler and a tanky hauler. There shouldn't be a clear winning race.
    - most ships in the class will cost more minerals to build, bringing them into line with the most expensive ship. At this stage I think you'll regret it if you reprocess your Badgers.

    1. I think stabs has it nailed down. Just to add I think the blueprints of some of the redundant Iteron line may get upgraded. eg A Iteron IV BPO becomes an Iteron V BPO. So you may profit buying the 'redundant' BPOs but at this moment it is a pure guess.


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