Monday 28 October 2013

It aint over till the lady sings

As readers of this blog know; we had our C1 wormhole invaded.  We organised for a successful defense. 

I am now prepared to announce what we paid for the defence.  0 ISK.

During the initial invasion, I announced to everyone we knew; and some we didn't, that we were being invaded.  I paid attention to what was on kill logs; and what we saw.  Names, Pilots, Ship types.  We found a "friendly" wormhole corp : Daktaklakpak. with their friends Cold Moon Destruction  (since closed I think?)

Daktak and Cold Moon came for the kills of shiny ships.

I did provide Daktak and Cold Moon ammunition.  Some players received more ammo than they consumed;  Others would have consumed more than they spent.  I considered the time spent in logistics and ISK spent in organising ammo well spent.  I would rather the players that can PVP do PVP, and the players that can do ferrying do the ferrying.

However one of our unwelcome guests did leave a scanner in our system, and ran a guerrilla action.  This was annoying.  It never stopped me from doing what I do; PI, industry, research.  Our guest did however crimp the playstyle of some of our member, and then we crimped it even further by putting in a "don't feed kills" policy.

Our solution; move those players that cared into another wormhole, and stop recruiting.  The stop recruiting bit was mildly annoying.

Well, two can play at the lurk as unwanted players in wormholes.  We started asking various corps that we knew had statics to our unwanted guests home wormhole type.  We stalked eve-kill looking for players that had recently lost ships in their home.

We used locator agents to track down their corp members; and noticed that many were highsec missioners. 

Lo and behold; our unwanted guests had their home c4 invaded; their T3's and capital ship destroyed; and were wardecced by 2 different corporations.

We had a hand in some, but not all of this. The enemy of my enemy may be my friend.  Or they may attempt to blow us out of the skies too.  Regardless, we have talked to the relevant parties.

We note with mild interest that our unwanted co-inhabitants have reduced by roughly 40%, with their previous CEO and diplomats moving to new ventures.  Our membership  is largely unchanged.

Without meaning to tempt fate, I think our recent C1 troubled times are over.  The problem with waiting for the lady to sing, is that sometimes you are not around to hear it.  It's not as if invaders will evemail you and say they have given up.  And I am not sure I would believe such an evemail even if I got one.

I don't fly T3's yet.  Given how much effort some players will go to get T3 kills, I am in no rush.  I am tempted to stick with solid, mildly boring ships and learn to fly them better.

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