Monday 16 December 2013

PI one month into Rubicon

I knew that Rubicon would change pricing.  There was a strong possibility of more highsec manufacture concentrated on a few planets, and the masses might withdraw from extraction.

Before Rubicon, Bacteria, and Biofuels were on our 'always import' lists, at a cost of roughly 80 isk/unit.  Most items made from Bacteria were worth manufacturing.

Bacteria pricing month to 15 Dec 2013
Since Rubicon, that has changed.  Bacteria are now in the top 5 of the 15 PI mats, and very worth considering to extract.

I have a spreadsheet, with prices based on eve central. Please feel free to make your own copies of this and tweak it.  It has several pages of interest.
  • Prices
  • Manufacture. This assumes a pure import/export. POCO tax rate is set at B1 and is set to our corp's default tax rate.
  • MakeImport . This page assumes you are extracting 1 P1 item, and pairing it with imported materials.
It is influenced by and based in part on Wkye Mossari's PI spreadsheet.  I do not know if he has one updated with Rubicon prices (I went looking and could not find it).

As shown on the MakeImport page on the spreadsheet, even if I turn tax of entirely if you are extracting and initially manufacturing Bacteria, consider stopping at bacteria unless you are making Test Cultures.  Even then, the last time I remember making test cultures, it was very easy to saturate the market.

Tax Rate0%

Bacteria BasedLevelAve Sell%EarningsEarnings Per UnitImportUnit2ImportAmt2
Nanites P26,027.06-2%-123.22Reactive Metals 40
Viral Agent P26,663.81-14%-905.05Biomass 40
Fertilizer P26,924.02-4%-297.22Proteins 40
Test Cultures P28,080.6626%2,083.06Water40

I can only guess as to the future of customs offices; PVP corps seem more interested in muscling in on Industrialist's customs offices than actually owning any; with the possible (and somewhat bizzare) exception of the (previous?) Goon and RVB alliance.

What I do know is that some of us are overproducing some items and actively destroying value.  I include myself in 'us'; or at least I was until I produced this spreadsheet.

I don't like to tell players what to make.  Your circumstances are not mine.  Numbers come out different depending on what space you are in, your tax rate and whether you are doing daily resets or fortnightly resets or anything in between.

What I can recommend is having another look at your planets.  At the risk of mentioning PI 101, re-consider :
  • Your planet/customs office selection
  • How much you can extract of each raw resource.
  • Your tax rate and prices of P1
  • Manufacturing to improve the value at each step

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