Saturday, 11 January 2014

Day 1 in a Foo Corp.

When you join a Foo corp, you will receive a lot of information.

We have rules for ship naming, rules for bookmarks, rules for opening wormholes, recommendations for picking up PI.  You are expected to at least scan these rules, and preferably read it.  All of our guides are working drafts, subject to change and out of date.  They still are there to keep us all alive.  If you think the rules should be finished, I am happy to look at a copy of the documents with your draft changes.

We will ensure you have an initial bookmark to get into our system.  I can not guarantee that this bookmark will be close to where you are.  You are expected to bring a scanner into the system. 

Our definitions of close and far seem to be different to most highsec pilots.  Our definitions range are something like :
  • Close : 10 Jumps.
  • Medium : 25 Jumps.
  • Long : 40 Jumps.
  • Desperate : 80 Jumps (I have flown desperate; under wardec and in lowsec)
You will know how to scan (or at least how to fake it until you make it).

Wormholes do not have stations.  We have Player Owned Structures (POS) instead. 

At our POS you have personal storage in an Personal Hanger Array (PHA), and access to our Ship Maintenance Array (SMA).

Unpacking ships : Depending on circumstances (which can be influenced by spending ISK with the Foo corp), you may have access to a Large Ship Assembly Array (LSAA) that you can use to unpack ships.  If you do not have personal access to a LSAA, let Foo or another corp member know and we can unpack ships for you.  This will be at our (early) convenience, but might not be straight away.  NPC stations are not far away, maybe you can fly to one of them, unpack there and shuttle ships in and pods out.

Large T1 haulers can be used to bring additional ships.  A max expanded Iteron can carry a packed scanning frigate and an Epithal.  On a second trip, you can also bring in Command Centers for PI.

There is no market apart from what pilots make.  If you want it, you may need to haul it, or pay for someone to haul it for you.

Wormhole space is dangerous space.  In my opinion, less dangerous than lowsec.  Anyone that sees you that is not blue will most likely try to shoot you.  We do not generally shoot Epithals seen at our customs offices.

Our POS shoots neutral pilots.  It will shoot out of corp alts unless you clear it with me first.  Our POS has killed more friendlies than hostiles, both in ISK and in number of ships.  This will not change except on certain operations.

Out of corp pilots, and pilots on roams may use Mobile Depots to refit with.  See above about POS shooting neutral pilots and seeing Foo first.

Wormhole PI is profitable.  For what PI to make : Look at a combination of how good the resources are and the current prices.  Good Prices and Good availability.  Pricing spreadsheet ; rows 2-16 are what you should first look at for pricing.

We will not hold your hand and tell you what to do.  You are very welcome to form your own groups and do your own thing.  We will answer questions.  We will expect you do some of your own research.

We try to keep your stuff safe.  So far, we have been successful at this.  This is not a guarantee.

As a rule, we do not replace ships or supply them.  Fly what you can afford to lose. 

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