Thursday, 12 June 2014

Eve Beta client - Windows edition

  • Copy your Eve folder to another folder
  • Point your Eve executable at Singularity
  • Go and explore
  • Leave a comment on the right forums when you have issues.

A large part of Crius has been applied to Singularity - the Eve Beta Tester server.

By installing the Beta client, you get to actually see what we might be getting ahead of the rest.  I occasionally look at Beta tests so I can get a 'knowledge' advantage ahead of those that don't.  It is one thing sometimes to read patch notes, it is another to get hands on experience.

The Beta client is good for players who :
  • Want 'early access' to new changes;
  • Want a place they can do 'crazy expensive stuff you would never do in live'.  Most things are available from NPC seeded markets at 100 ISK/unit;
  • Are patient with many many updates on a regular basis;
  • Want to play Eve while the primary server is down
The Beta client is bad for players who :
  • Have limited internet quota; There are a lot of big downloads.
  • Like a polished game; This is a test server
  • Want to keep accomplishments; The test server is often blown away with live data
  • Are scared of computers.  Seriously, lots are and that's OK. My changes are relatively simple, but I am very comfortable with the insides of PC's (both software and to a degree - hardware)

I run windows 8.1, with a slightly different default program files directory, but the same process occurs regardless of what version of Windows you run.  For Linux/Mac users, I don't have personal experience.

With the instructions below, if at any stage you are asked to show hidden folders, or asked to confirm with administrator privileges, to follow these instructions, you will need to show/confirm.  

Open Windows Explorer, and go to "%ProgramFiles(x86)%"

For most of you this will take you to C:\Program Files (x86).  I have a slightly different folder structure.

From here navigate to CCP.  You will have a folder named 'Eve'.

Copy this Eve folder and rename the folder to something you will remember : I use EveBeta but the name does not matter.

In your copied folder, you will find a file eve.exe.  You need to make a 'shortcut' to this file.  Again rename the shortcut to something memorable. 

To do this on Windows 8, you will highlight the eve.exe file and right click to Create shortcut.
If my memory serves me, in earlier versions of MS Windows you will 'Copy' then 'Paste Shortcut'; again with a right click.

You also need to add "/server:Singularity" to your shortcut target.  On your shortcut - right mouse click - Properties and edit the target. 

You can also copy this shortcut to your desktop.

The very first time you want to use the test server, expect to download a large patch.  In fact, every time you connect to the test server, expect to download patches, and be pleasantly surprised if you don't.

If you are a wormhole pilot; I have some sad news for you.  Your POS is gone on Singularity.  You might have been copied over while not in a scanning ship.  In which case this might mean exploding your pod.  It's OK, its only test.  ISK is not an issue.

If you find my instructions a little confusing (and that's OK), the Eve wiki has a similar set of instructions:

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