Monday, 28 July 2014

POS based taxation

As many of you know, I run an industry corporation where strangers are invited.  I do so for profit: both yours and mine, or at least that is the intention. I have set up both Customs Offices and POS, renting access in various ways.

One of the previous ways I paid for fuel was via a game enforced tax on research facilities, very similar to the NPC charges in stations. This disappeared when Cruis was released.

I, and a few others, 'expressed our concerns' on the forums and to CSM representatives, both during beta testing on Singularity, and since going live.  When seeking a changed position : Polite, Firm, Reasonable are all desirable attributes, especially if you are one of a few wanting a change.  (Loud, organised and hysterical also work, but you need to have 'public opinion' on your side  as Jita riots and the Real Id issue from that other game showed).

However after a few hints, both from the forums and from Sugar Kyle (who I have been shamelessly pestering lately), I had another look. Reading official Crius issues forum would not hurt either.

On the Research and Manufacturing UI, choose facilities, Corp owned Facilities.  Right click and Configure Facility, and set the Tax accordingly.

In line with NPC station taxes the corp charges are simply a percentage on top of the existing charges. That is in my example below, the charge with 0% is 27,075; with 5% is 28,429.  The 5% additional charge is paid into the corp master wallet.

0% Corp Tax

5% Corp Tax

The installation charge is current taken from the default corporate wallet for the pilot. 
Currently we are set up with :
  • One division for CEO/corporation
  • 5 divisions allocated to pilots and their alts, allocated to those that wish to pay the rent.
  • 1 division for 'communal' use. 
For research and manufacture, this communal use is still reasonably secure.  Put your blueprints and materials into the relevant facility.  Find out the cost, deposit that into the corp wallet and start job.  The job can only be delivered or cancelled by either the initiating pilot or a director/CEO.

CCP have good intentions that will pilot's to pay for industry out of their own wallet (*soon*), but pilots will still need access to a communal division for storage.

You can not see from the journal what pilot lodged a job.  The road to hell (and forum rages) is paved with good intentions.  For research and manufacture, this communal use is still reasonably secure.  If you have the patience (or possible the development skills and an API ), you can use the job history to tie the ISK payments to pilots.

Please note: all attached screenshots of any POS or blueprints listed are taken from Singularity, the test server. 


  1. Hello Foo, good read and you give me some hope. I am a new CEO of 12 weeks and have told all my guys we would set up an Indy/Research POS in high sec once Cruis was released and we did. But I can't set it so all the corp mates can use it, have been trying for days and only got the tax working but still it will not let people work.
    So have you time to make a blog on setting up your Indy POS. You say you invited strangers into your corporation to use POS. What jobs/roles did you have to give them? How did you stop them from taking any ISK in corp wallets ? or taking down POS and running off with it ? thanks for your time reading this and I hope you can help us. Sad CEO.

  2. I will post *soon* with settings; both for highsec and elsewhere (trivially different with one setting).

    In the meantime, way back machine cache of talocan setup your pos

    way back machine cache of talocan POS permissions


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