Tuesday, 3 February 2015

Changing PI prices

I am a moderately happy PI farmer.

I have been sitting on stacks of PI scattered around highsec stations as various wormholes allow.  This is generally not something I would consider smart, but events have favoured me.

The following graphs PI prices over the last 3 months, taken from http://eve-marketdata.com

Industrial Fibers

Broadcast Node

High-tech Transimtters

Many PI products are showing a roughly 20% price increase since mid to late December.

I can think of 2 contributing factors to the upward pricing that occurred at this time: the jump (freighter) nerf limiting goods from nullsec; and the change to how google docs based price importing works breaking many spreadsheets.

I am somewhat pleasantly surprised as I expected  the lower costs in highsec with player owned customs offices enabling lower PI costs in highsec to counter this, but the graphs above (derived from prices in game) reflect reality rather than expectations.

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  1. With the industry changes I would also posit a greater consumption in PI. The removal of the standings requirements means that more POS can be anchored. (Robotics, Enriched Uranium and Mechanicals Parts) Additionally the changes to stations have the queues removed means more invention. I would be curious to see if market volume in available low-end tech2 has corresponding increased with the ease of access into Industry. Which would account for increase consumption and demand for PI materials.


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