Saturday, 24 October 2015

Citadel and Capital announcements during Eve-Vegas

Some notes from the Eve-Vegas announcements regarding Citadels, Capitals and Supercaps.

There will be dev blogs coming soon.


For this document: 'Confirmed' means that I have read it elsewhere before.

All prices are subject to market movements.  Based on today's input prices, hulls costs will be :
  • Medium Citadel - cost 600M
  • Large Citadel - 7B
  • Extra Large Citadel - 70B
Modules will be available in T1 and T2, between 5M and 1B.
Rigs will be how you balance between defense and industry.
  • Medium Citadel Rigs between 7 and 70m
  • Large Citadel Rigs between 90 and 1.1B
  • Extra Large Citadel Rigs between 1B and 23B.

Confirmed: You can have an alliance based wormhole market hub.

Confirmed: Citadels will be vulnerable per week 3 hours/6 hours/21 hours per week for the 3 sizes.

Confirmed : Citadels can be blown up by doing DPS, but there is a DPS cap so that they will still take at least 30 minutes on field.  (Other places have said that there will be reinforcement timers.)

Confirmed: A destroyed wormhole Citadel has a standard loot fairy.

Confirmed: You will be able to recover the majority of stuff in known space POS, with the exception of components to build the Citadels, and whatever is currently being built.

We will be getting an improved UI for controlling Citadels.  (Thank Bob). All anchored structures on overview. UI to say if you have docking rights, access to services.  We will be able to share corporation/alliance lists etc.  (My take is that blue lists will be easier to maintain).

You will be able to charge the public a fee for docking, but discounts for friends.

You will be able to have player owned tradehubs with lower taxes.

Capital Notes

Dreads are to be the 'in your face' weapons platform. 

Carriers are to project damage across the battlefield , with a revamped 'fighter squadron' mechanism.  Fighters for different roles: Structures, or subcaps or other fighter.  No shields/armor/hull per se, more a 'group of small ships that get exploded'.  Carriers lose their remote rep role.

New Force Auxiliary capitals to take on the remote repair/triage role.

Damage capitals can be fit to hit subcaps or other capitals/damage structures.

Capital fittings in Meta, Tech2, and faction variations, with new skills to match.

Capitals will all have fleet/ship/refitting services.  You will no longer be able to refit mid fight (weapons timer based).

Supercaps will be able to break up large opposing fleets in various new (and some probably over/under powered) ways.  I dont fly supercaps so ... less notes from me.

Other notes

A new minigame rewards ISK and sisters loyalty points for 'crowdsourcing' first world protein sequencing.

Thanks to Trinket's Friend for blogging the first link I found.

P.S. is another set of notes

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