Tuesday, 18 December 2012

Lost my first Viator

I collect kill logs; well to be precise; Killed logs.  They are learning opportunities.  Sometimes I learn not to be so stupid.  Other times I learn not to be in the wrong spot at the wrong time.

Well last night just after downtime (I live in eastern Australia);
  • I was flying my viator.  Meh; players fly ships all of the time.  
  • I had a load of liquid ozone; not the type of thing you normally haul long distance in a cloaky hauler; but my ship needed to be moved and I may as well haul something.
  • I was alt tabbed. Stupid players fly gankable ships alt tabbed.  A Viator can no longer be scanned, so might just be ganked opportunistically.
  • Eve was *incredibly* laggy; I was doing PI and it was taking 30 seconds for a response from the server.
  • I alt tabbed back and woke up in my clone's home station. Mmm.  I was sure I didn't hear combat sounds.
  • There is no kill log?  Huh; how did I die?  Where did I die?
  • I have an up to date clone; I didn't die?
  • I have a full set of implants.  How did I get here?
  • Eve then goes down because of database issues. Mmm.
 I literally lost my first Viator; it is not on my personal assets; I can't look in the system that I lost it in (about 25 jumps away).  Not even an insurance payment; but I do get a nice shiny Velator.


Mmm.  I don't even have the benefit of a kill log to teach me the errors of my way. 
I have lodged a petition; but otherwise will have to 'pretend' I was killed by another ship; but was fortunate in keeping implants.

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