Saturday, 29 December 2012

Lost then Found

A long time ago, in a system far far away, I lost a Viator. 

No; Not blown up.  Not stolen, not even 'where did I put my keys' kinda lost; This is a 'the database gods are out to get you' kind of lost.

One moment I was alt-tabbed to another screen; a few jumps in on 30 jump route on autopilot, next moment the world froze and rebooted; and I woke up in my clone's station near my end point.  Some players would suggest this is a less than brilliant idea - I can accept that.

So, what are the first thing to do? 
  • Update your clone.  It was still updated i.e. plenty of skillpoints left in it.  
  • Buy new implants - still have a full set.  
  • What killed me?  No kill mail. 
  • Was I dreaming? - look at inventory for ship.  Not there.
  • I will get an insurance payment at least?  Nothing in my journal.
  • Whine on the forums; blog about it; raise a petition.
I am very confused.  It is Christmas so I don't expect a quick response.

I do get a Christmas day email:

Insurance Contract Expired
From: Secure Commerce Commission
Sent: 2012.12.25 22:29

Dear valued customer,

The insurance contract between yourself and SCC for the insurance of the ship XXXXXXX issued at Friday, September 7, 2012 00:39 has expired. Please purchase a new insurance as quickly as possible to protect your investment.

The Secure Commerce Commission,

So, my ship didn't blow up, mmm.  Still no response on my petition; this finally came on the 27th.

I am used to providing information for bug reports as part of my first life duties.  I provided clues about the time (between downtime and restart), my type of ship (Viator), that it was rigged and what I was carrying.

However,  I was asked to provide :
  • Location of last sighting or interaction (down to the moon if possible)
  • Name of the ship (I had forgotten this but the insurance mail reminded me)
  • Rough time of the event.  (Yes the GM could have worked it out; but he is busy and I am the one wanting ship + cargo back).
After providing the above to the best of my recollection (and a bit of re-reading of notes - such as they are); I was informed as to what system my ship was in.  After further (mailed) discussion; I am off to scan it down.

Now, I am a wormhole resident; you think that I can scan something down?  Mmm.  In a wormhole things don't move much.  In an active highsec system; they move a lot.

The trick to find a stationary ship amongst 20 moving ones:
  • Scan once, write down all ship signatures.
  • Wait a couple of minutes.
  • Leaving probes in exactly the same spot; scan again.
  • Any signatures that are the same are potentially static ships.
 Finally; after buying sister scanning equipment - that I didn't need as I found the sig earlier but didn't realise it.

It was an interesting easter egg hunt.

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  1. Nice one, against all odes you went hunt for it and you found it, nicely done.


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