Tuesday 12 August 2014

2 quick notes : c4 dual statics singularity and eve connection issues

C4 second statics available

 Thanks to a reddit comment, the second statics for C4's are available on singularity.  I don't mind the idea of dual statics in concept, but then remembered the rumour that C4's might have one static going to shallow wormhole space (c1-3), and one going to deep wormhole space (c4-6).

Think of what pilot wants a C1 static.  What ships can fit in there, and the type of PVP trouble/fun they are likely to have.  Now think of what pilot might want a c5 or c6 static, what ships, and the type of PVP trouble/fun they are likely to have.

Now imagine you currently have a c1 static, and are now getting a c5 or c6 static.

I like the idea of wormhole space becoming more populated.  Just at this moment, I am not sure how this is going to work.  Oh well, there are new wormholes, and new skills to learn.

Eve is down.

Just in case you didn't notice.  Or if you didn't notice, then Eve is probably back up again.

Tranquility will be rebooted and placed in VIP mode at 12:20 while troubleshooting occurs. This is a third party networking issue, and we're working with our partners to resolve it. Please ensure your characters are out of harms way as soon as possible. We apologize for any inconvenience caused.



There is a large network outage affecting many players.  CCP decided this was unfair to those that could not connect, so have taken the server down into VIP mode.  Understandable, if somewhat inconvenient.
14:48: CCP Falcon explains VIP mode:

Would you consider it fair if you logged in after massive connection issues that lasted for hours for thousands of people only to find that your enemy could connect the whole time, and had reinforced or destroyed a huge chunk of your infrastructure?
Thought not, hence VIP.


  1. I live in a C4. I agree with Penny in liking the isolated character of the space; indeed I am in C4/C4 which is much more isolated than Penny's C4/C3. Sometimes we get C4b to C4c to C4d without any branching. But I have accepted that this is going to change. Scanning out is going to be much easier after Hyperion.

    When I first read the dual-static idea, I really hoped to get a C4/C4+C4. But in the dev blog Fozzie said you would not get two of the same kind of static. So, I guess next best for me would be C4/C3+C4. But I will be able to exploit any second static I get, for hunting and perhaps sites.

    My guess is we will gradually see PVP population move from C2s to C4s. You lose the easy way out, but with a C1-3, it's just two hops. Not bad. And you retain the dual static which PVPers like. I expect C4/C2+C4 to be particularly popular for PVPers. Guaranteed a way to kspace in two jumps, and at least five wspace systems.

  2. Just my 2 cents, our C4/C3 got a C4 as second. We got sort of lucky I guess.

  3. Connection problems were not CCP's fault. Some older routers in ISP's had a hard limit of 520,000 ports. The internet broke that limit on Tuesday. Therefore some ISP's couldn't connect to TQ whilst others (that routed through more modern hardware) could. eBay was down most of the day due to this.

  4. @Drackarn, agreed.

    From the looks of it, we will be having occasional repeats of this issue until some essential infrastructure is replace and/or properly upgraded


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