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Corp permissions for POS managment

This is the second post in a series on POS. The first post was a POS Introduction.

This post is talking about corporation role permissions required for a POS as of mid 2014.  With any luck whatsoever, it will be made obsolete in the next few releases but ... those of us that manage POS have been praying for a POS/corp role revamp for a long time.  POS permissions themselves will be another post; this one will be long enough.

Some of these images will be too small to read everything.  Click on them for more better images.

There are many ways of setting up Corporation permissions. This is how I do it, others may vary. 
Some of the steps below are not strictly necessary. I have probably missed something.  For those with experience, feel free to provide commentary (especially where I have done dumb things).  For those with questions; ask.

My goals are to have 6-7 players in a corp (unlimited alts) all using corporation fixed assets.  Additional 'casual' pilots are also welcome with limited functionality.

My attitude towards security is if in doubt, don't grant permissions.  I grant permissions where I deem it beneficial to the operation of the corp.  This sometimes means that I have denied too many permissions and need to search what else needs to be granted.  It also means (hopefully) that I won't have a POS stolen out from under us.

Some screen shots have too much information and/or are too small.  Click on any of them when required to see more detail.


Allocate all your shares to your CEO.

Corporation Wallet -> Shares -> Owned By Corp.
Right click and Give Shares to the appropriate pilot.

Division Names

We rename our divisions; both the names and the wallet divisions.  Generally, if I grant access to a storage division, I will also grant access to the equivalent wallet.

Corporation -> Home -> Details -> Division

Depending on how quickly you do all the permissions and whether you log out and back in again, some of the screens you look at might use the old division names rather than your new ones.

Rename titles

Titles are not required; but are one of the few corporation management ease of life tools.  Make a template of permissions and give either one player or a group of players a title.  By the time you have set up permissions, you will never want to do so again.

Firstly, from Corporation -> Members -> Title Management, click on some of the Untitled 1 - Untitled 15 and change their names to something. Call them whatever you want, but ... you will get confused if you use the generic names.

Create 7 titles for assigning to the 7 divisions.  (How to assign a title to a division is shown below). You can create other titles for other common roles in your corporation.

As examples of what I have set up in this corporation:

  • The Foo title is an alternative to director that I can remove permissions from.  I find it a good habit to not even give myself full permissions all the time.
  • The Member title is an easy way to grant common permissions where it makes sense.
  • Established members may get the Veteran title, who may be given additional roles as needed.

Don't worry too much about what roles I have checked here; we will come back to this screen shot later.  Again, if the screen is too small, click on it to see more details.

Edit Member

From Corporation; Members, choose a pilot and Edit Member.

Grant a title

Any title you grant can be seen on the pilots public character sheet.  While I don't like leaking information, I also want to set alts of the same player (or type of player) up with the same permission.  This is one place I will sacrifice security for convenience.


Communications officer : Grants permission to look after corporation chat, and can delete Corporation bookmarks.  (Tidying up stale corp bookmarks is required in wormholes).

Config Starbase Equipment: Caution. This role is nearly as dangerous as director; that is, only grant to those you trust explicitly.  You can generally dismantle POS with this permission.

Starbase Defense Operator: Caution. Allows the recipient to shoot POS guns.  This too, is not a role to grant to unsupervised strangers.  Some corporations recommend using POS guns to blow up your own arrays to deny enemies kill mails and loot.  This risk is offset by a POS gunner being a very easy skill for alts and newbies to learn yet be very valuable in even the most difficult of sieges.

Station Service

With the most recent round of industrial changes in Crius, there is very little reason to deny corp members access to your research and industry modules.

We allow Factory Manger, Rent Factory Facility and Rent Research Facility to everyone.


One of the most boring clickfests in Eve is setting up the following tabs.   We match 7 titles to the seven divisions to allow pilots with that title to withdraw ISK from the relevant divisional wallet.

Hanger Access (Headquarters, Based at, Other)

Similarly, the titles we created for divisions are ticked for both Query and Take.  We do not distinguish between Headquarters (where your Corporation Officially calls Home), Based At (we have never used this), and Other.  Some station based corporations might be able make better use of these distinctions, not so much for POS based corporations.

We set up Headquarters, Based at and Other identically.

Container Access (Headquarters, Based at, Other)

Container Access is very similar to to Hanger Access, but this time with only take permission being required.  Again we set the 3 of these up identically.  Tired of your clickfest yet?

Check your settings

This is all the screens I use for setting up corp roles.  Unless you are far more methodical than I am, you will have made a mistake.  Fortunately there is a summary screen you can check with.  Edit your pilot again, and check the Role Summary.  Have you granted the permissions you think you should have?

Further reading

Here are fairly mundane links with reasonable descriptions
Information about corporation shares
Here are a couple of links that should serve as a wake up call to those that want to give too many permissions.


#include <std.disclaimer>  I have taken care and tried to get this correct.  Maybe I have misunderstood some setting, or my directions are not clear.  Get an alt or a trusted pilot and try to do 'bad things' with these settings; possibly on the test server.

If you have set up industry corporations before, and spot any shortcomings/mistakes, please leave a comment.

If you are setting up industry corporations and have questions, please leave a comment or lurk in our FooPub chat channel.


  1. Aah, the joys of setting up permissions for other members to use your POS but not have access to everything. Took me a while to figure out the whole of it. This guide will definately be helpfull for those who need it!
    Nice one! ^^

  2. Yes, ist a real joy to set up the permissions.... try hard to Keep calm. This guide is much better then the most ones i could find and the best is, it's not outdated... up to now. It really helps be because i now know that i cant set up the permissions for our POS because i have not the Option choice for "Hangar Access (others)".... can anybody help me where i can activate it?

  3. @Anonymous: sometime *soon* I will do the same as this for the POS screens; but that might still be a couple of weeks.

    By others; what are you trying to achieve? Corp members? Alliance Members? or those outside of corp.

    If outside of corp, you are restricted to anchoring containers (freight, secure etc) inside the POS, giving the pos password to friends.

    If inside the corp, I set up the various arrays you want members to access to have 'Corporation' on 'view', 'take' and for the SMA 'use'.

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