Sunday, 26 October 2014

Hal 9000

In 2001: A Space Odyssey, the computer controlling the ship, HAL 9000, does everything in it's power to keep a secret it has been told to keep.

The humans would find that task impossible, so it did the only logical thing.

Given some settings on my POS, it did the only logical thing.

A tip for new players and old: Ensure your that the alt pilot's corporations are friendly for your POS's shoot on site settings.  Pilot settings are not good enough.

I am not the first pilot to do this.  I won't be the last.

At least I know that my tower shoots pilots from neutral corporations.


  1. Yea... Back when HBHI was sharing a C2 with H.E.L.P.e.R., different corps, same Alliance, Sov's POS had a better killboard than me... on me. Actually kilt me once with an effin Lrg POS in my hold... sheesh.

  2. Careful.

    Next thing you know your POS will trigger a nuclear holocaust then send an army of terminators to wipe out humanity.

  3. No MWD+Cloak trick on your Epithal?
    If you don't even put a T2 cloak on your ship, why do you wonder why the tower fired at at weakly fitted ship!

  4. had an out of alliance experience with a blue POS, that had my character set blue... Rorqual died in a fire, got reimbursed as it was blue on blue, POS mechanics are still borked. Always fly out in a noob ship first ;)

  5. @Anon Nov 10. Cloak + MWD is useful for gates and wormhole entrances, but not at either POS or POCO.

    And I know exactly why the tower fired at me. I stuffed up corp settings.


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