Tuesday 2 December 2014

Small POS in a C4 and other activities

With the wormhole changes a couple of months ago, we largely moved out of our C4 wormhole, and I have been occasionally making half hearted attempts to sell it. 

I did however pull down our large tower and put up a small tower instead.  An SMA, CHA and defences to have a holding pilot look after it.

I was mildly curious to know how long it would take until someone paid attention.  The answer is 8 weeks.

I was scanning an exit (as I had an interested buyer), and as is my standard practice, landed 100k of the entrance.  Good thing too, as there was a command ship on the wormhole.  Rechecking Dscan finds 3 interdiction ships (2 destroyers, 1 cruiser).  Mmmm.  Maybe not today.  Head to a safe spot and cloak up.

Off to do some other chores, and come back a little later.  This time, 4 marauders on the POS and I am getting notifications about damaged ECM mods.  I am somewhat confused.  Marauders can be ECM immune, but whatever rocks their boat.

With this particular POS however, I am remarkably unstressed.  I look at my division in the CHA.  A few prototype cloaks, T1 scanning equipment and a few cargohold extenders.  Easy, load them up into my ship and offline the CHA to unanchor it. Umm.  No.... there is something still in there.

Van had more scanning probes and some unassembled shuttles.  Ok.  Online, loot (bother - shuttles are too large - change to an Itty 5 instead of my Epithal). Finally offline and unanchor the CHA.  Scoop it up, why not.

Now I want to unanchor the SMA. Mmm.  A lot of ships in there.  About 20 velators, and 30 shuttles.  Ok.  Eject, eject, eject ..... A couple more Itty 5's epithals and heaven forbid, a catalyst.  Yup. 

I break a cardinal wormhole rule.  I talk in local, leaking way too much information about my intentions but ...screenshot my empty SMA and post to local.

Worthy loot for the mighty incoming storm
Now take the SMA down and put it into my cargo.

I am a POS gunner so target a Golem and try some pew pew ... Umm. Try is the right term.  I managed to get one of the Golems to 1/2 shield.  Still, at least now they will keep 1/2 an eye on their ships.

One thing to watch.  There is a current bug on the management window.  The Control Tower Manager window does not show the current shield %.  I discovered this when trying to adjust shield hardeners to match the damage profile.  Oh well, I should have done this well before.  Next time.

The hostiles were giving updates on a semi-regular basis, letting me know the actual shield %.  On this manager, it never shifted below 65%.  A reinforced tower @ 65% shields is not a screenshot I expected to get.  I have lodged a ticket.

Tongue in cheek, I asked for a remote rep module to repair the ECM modules so I can take the tower down later.  They brought one in and left it in a container.  I picked it up and have it in my cargo, and paid them for the equipment.

I have been quiet on the blog, but still very much caught up in game.  I am still doing WH PI (with real towers).  There are several 3/4 finished posts that I need to polish off. 

The other place I am looking at is Cobalt Edge.  This is null renter space 50 jumps from highsec.  It has acceptable PI (but not great), but an abysmal market.  I am trying to rectify some of that.  A scouted wormhole route for a DST is a wonderful thing.

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